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We maintain a quick, clean, and organized flow of traffic into and out of the event – in addition to actually directing and maintaining the parking lots – all with minor to moderate levels of harassment and tomfoolery at no extra charge! Volunteering for Parking is an easy, fun way to help make sure every incoming vehicle gets a good heckling to counterbalance those bubbly Greeters, noseprints on its windows, and chalk drawings of arguable propriety on its windshield. And safely parked or something.
Everybody gets a chance to unload their vehicles at their campsite, but EVERYBODY comes back out and gets parked in the parking lot. The lot is staffed during the day and well-lit and patrolled at night. Sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot is not permitted.
Lakes of Fire is primarily a tent-camping event. Car camping is a VERY limited accommodation made for those VERY few with a legitimate medical necessity. If you have a legitimate medical necessity and wish to camp in your car, you must request a Legitimate Medical Necessity for On-site Parking (LMNOP) permit from the Parking Department. Please visit Key Dates and Registration Forms for details. Car campers are expected to cover or decorate their car to the best of their ability, in the spirit of Communal Effort and Decommodification. This is not a Mutant Vehicle permit. You may not drive your vehicle once the event begins. ANY VEHICLE PARKED INSIDE THE EVENT (i.e. past Greeters) WITHOUT PROPER PERMISSION IS SUBJECT TO BEING TOWED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE AND THE OWNER/DRIVER MAY BE EJECTED.
All Campers and Recreational Vehicles must APPLY for a vehicle permit, located on Key Dates and Registration Forms. Neither Parking nor Placement reserves space for RVs, and there is no designated area at Lakes of Fire for RV camping. An RV is either part of a theme camp or must attempt to find space in Open Camping- Lakes of Fire makes absolutely no guarantees that your RV will have enough space to park. It should be assumed that no hookups of any kind will be available unless you are part of a theme camp which makes arrangements for it. RV generators are subject to noise restrictions- users are required to baffle generators appropriately or to turn them off . The Chill Zone and Quiet Zone are not currently not open to RV camping.

Any cargo vehicle necessary for theme camp infrastructure must APPLY for a vehicle permit, located on Key Dates and Registration Forms. As part of a theme camp, it is expected that the vehicle will be integrated, decorated, or otherwise hidden from view. Only dedicated cargo vehicles are eligible for this permit- the average roadgoing cars, trucks, and vans do not qualify, will not be registered, and must be parked in the lot.