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The Effigy is the pinnacle of the event and the largest sculpture at Lakes of Fire. The Effigy represents the community effort to build something bigger than ourselves. It’s a place to play, reflect, relax and more. It’s burned in a jubilant celebration on Saturday night, the final night of the event.

The Lakes of Fire Effigy now has a long history under its belt. Each year, a new design with a new build crew is chosen. Please check out the previous effigies (on the right!) to see the rich culture of Lakes of Fire.


So you wanna build an effigy? WOOHOO, do it, rock it, own it!

Please visit our very detailed Effigy Information and Build Application Page. These pages include all the info you will need if you want to submit a design to build an effigy a Lakes of Fire. If you have questions, please email effigy@lakesoffire.org

Want to learn more about the members and purpose of The Effigy Council? Please visit our Effigy Council page.