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Tickets for Lakes of Fire 2024 are not yet on sale. We will have more to share about getting your hands on a ticket in the new year.


Some important things to remember:

  1. Tickets may not be resold for more than the original purchase price ($180 for a full-price ticket, or the discounted price if applicable)
  2. The seller should transfer the ticket to the buyer before payment
  3. The buyer should send funds to seller after accepting the ticket
  4. Once accepted, the transferred ticket may not be retransferred for 48 hours
  5. New ticket holders may purchase additional tickets for minors under 18

To transfer a ticket, the ticket holder should log in to their volunteeripate account and select “Ticket Transfer” from the dropdown menu. Enter the recipient’s email address and click the green button that says “Free Transfer”.

The recipient will receive an email with a link to claim the ticket. The recipient does not need to have a pre-existing account with volunteeripate to receive a transfer email, but must create an account to accept the transfer. The recipient has 72 hours to claim the ticket, or the transfer will be canceled and ownership will revert to the ticket holder.

Please claim the ticket before sending payment to someone you don’t know. If a seller tries to pressure you into sending payment first, there is a good chance they are a scammer. Please report them to the ticketing team by emailing tickets@lakesoffire.org.

Initiating a transfer will automatically cancel any volunteer shifts associated with the ticket, even if the transfer is not accepted. Once the transfer is accepted, the ticket may not be transferred again for 48 hours from the time of acceptance.

A full-price ticket to Lakes of Fire in 2023 is $180.


UPDATECheck out the Volunteeripate How-Tos page for tips with early entry, name changes, and more.
In 2023, GLEA has switched over to volunteer.lakesoffire.org as our ticket platform, AKA Volunteeripate.
What does Volunteeripate do for you? Plenty. Volunteeripate tracks your volunteer hours and handles the ticket lottery. You’ll use Volunteeripate to pay for your ticket and receive your ticket. And, as the name implies, ticket-holders will be able to browse for shifts and sign up with your favorite departments.
We’re excited for the efficiencies provided by our new system. All you need to enter the ticket lottery – or receive your volunteer ticket offer – is to set up an account and complete the registration steps below.

(Hit a snag? Contact us and we’ll help.)


  1. Go to https://volunteer.lakesoffire.org

  2. Create your account if you haven’t already. If you volunteered in 2022, please register using the same email address as you did with SignUp.com. We carried over your volunteer hours based on your SignUp.com address.
  3. You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire. Answer the questionnaire, click “Continue” and you will continue to the “Legal” section.

  4. In the “Legal” section you must agree to the event waiver by checking the boxes next to each section. Then, scroll to the bottom and click the green button to continue.

  5. Your registration is complete. You are now on Volunteeripate and you are registered for the ticket lottery. Congrats! The screen will look like this.

  6. Now that you’re in, you can verify your hours. The green button in the upper left is the main menu. Open it and you can see all the parts of Volunteeripate. Straight away, click on Your Dashboard.

    If you volunteered in 2022, this is where you verify your hours. Look under “Previous Hours” and you should see your total volunteer hours as a single number: the total across all departments, pre-, mid-, and post-burn – all of them for that year. If you’re having trouble verifying your hours or they don’t look right, reach out to volunteers@lakesoffire.org. They can get you sorted.
  7. Check your ticket status. If you don’t have a ticket offer yet, you will see this message when you log in: “You are registered for any upcoming ticket lottery drawings. If you win a ticket through the lottery, an email will be sent to your registered email.” We will be sending out offers in small batches until all available tickets have been purchased. So keep an eye on your email. You never know when your offer might come in.
    Please feel free to explore Volunteeripate prior to getting your offer but you can’t sign up for any shifts until you have purchased a ticket. Once you do get your offer…
  8. Purchase your ticket. If you have a ticket offer when you log in, you will see the message “You have a ticket offer! Click here to buy your ticket”. Click the link to go to the checkout process. You will be able to register any minors, buy their tickets, and consider a donation as part of your checkout. Ticket offers are good until 12:59 CST on the 16th day after you received your offer.


If you have a child or minor family member to bring to Lakes of Fire, you will handle all the registration and ticketing for them on Volunteeripate. No more Minor Registration Form. After you receive a ticket offer for yourself, you will have a chance to purchase tickets for your minors in Step 2 of the checkout. That step is where we collect information from you, the legal guardian, about your minors:

  • First and last name (Required)
  • Date of birth (Required)
  • Camping location (Required)
  • Your phone number (Required)
  • The minor’s phone number (Optional)
  • A photograph of the child (Optional)
  • Notes with any added information about them you would like to provide (Optional)

Who sees this information? And how long is it stored? Good question. These are the registration instructions you’ll see on Volunteeripate’s Minor Registration step during ticket checkout:

“All information provided regarding minors is stored securely and can only be accessed by event organizers. This information will only be accessed by Gate at check-in and if you report your child missing during the event. All information regarding minors will be purged from the system after the event.
“A minor only needs to be registered once by a legal guardian. Should you wish to add another legal guardian to your registered minor please visit the Your Dashboard link in the menu after completing your ticket registration to add additional legal guardians.”


… BurnerTickets.com? Or SignUp.com?

They’re still there! We appreciate them for their years of work on our behalf and wish them well. Over the years, GLEA’s information needs have grown enough to support an in-house volunteer and ticket management platform.

… Lottery Groups?

Volunteeripate does not currently support lottery groups.

…Volunteer ticket offers?

We still offer volunteers tickets for 8+ hours and a half price ticket offer for 16+ hours. That information can be found here.

… the Low Income Ticketing/Discount Ticket program?

It’s the Need Based Ticket program now. You can learn about it on the Need Based Ticket Program page.

… the Directed Theme Camp Ticketing program?

It still exists too. Go on over to the Directed Theme Camp Tickets program to learn more.

… the Minor Registration Form?

This has been brought into Volunteeripate. Please see the Tickets for Minors section for more information.

… the Sound Install/Camp Form?

That form now lives in Volunteeripate.

… Medical Necessity, RV, & Infrastructure Vehicle Registration Application Form?

This has been brought into Volunteeripate. After you receive a ticket offer, you can find the “Medical Necessity Vehicle Permit” and “RVs, Trucks and Trailers” applications under Main Menu > Permits & Applications.