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There are a limited amount of campfire rings and sites at LoF. Please NEVER move a campfire ring, if you have one on your campsite you are welcome to use it. Only burn materials that are non-toxic and burnable (sorry your bottle, can, cigarette wrapper are NOT safe to burn). Campfires must ALWAYS! be watched and attended. At the end of the event, your campfire site must be cleaned out. If it is not, beware, you will get recognized on the MOOP map as having a moopy camp.


Fire rings or fire on the ground is NOT allowed, but elevated burn barrels are allowed.

FAST requests that all fire, other than cooking stoves, be placed on the road/path side of your camp and not put in the middle of your camp with tents and such surrounding the your fire piece.

We request, as always, that any open fire (flame effect or burn barrel) have a fire extinguisher in close proximity to the fire in case of an emergency. But please, not right next to the fire.


NO fire is allowed in open camping except for small propane cook stoves.


Those beautiful, custom made burn barrels that keep you warm at night or maybe you make the perfect s’more.  We love burn barrels at Lakes of Fire but they must always be attended, you can only burn materials that are non-toxic and burnable and they must be far away from tents. Please review the list of prohibited burning items located here. All burn barrels must be placed on bricks to make sure we do not leave a burn scar on the land.  Please leave time at the end of the event for the burn barrel to cool along with the ashe’s inside.  Ash is moop both while it’s burning and when it’s time to take the barrel home.  Pack it in and Pack it ALL out.  Oh and don’t forget to file the edges of the steel down on your awesome design. Fingers are important.

New for 2016: Burn Barrels do NOT need to be registered.  Our Fire Night Patrol will make sure that they placed in the proper area and are continually being watched by someone at your camp.  We look forward to see the artwork you have created!

If you have questions, contact F.A.S.T. BEFORE you burn: FAST@LAKESOFFIRE.ORG

Thank you,