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You like fire?…silly question! You play with, build with and maybe even perform with fire?..better question! You know how to or want to learn to do it safely–then join our team! Cause we LOVE to play with ALL things fire, safely of course.  The F.A.S.T is the overall manager of ALL THINGS FIRE at Lakes of Fire.  From fire dancers, to burn barrels, to the effigy, wee effigies and flame effects, we are the team.

The F.A.S.T team has several different areas within our department. Please click on the links below to be taken to the departmental area that matches to your love of fire.  These sub-pages include valuable information that is necessary to bringing any kind of fire to Lakes of Fire.

  • Fire Dancers – You love the feel of heat on you while you shake your booty.  At Lakes of Fire, fire performers are welcome to join the the honored Conclave performers to dance for everyone before the Effigy Burns on Saturday night. F.A.S.T. additionally teaches an extensive fire dancer safety training, which is good for new and seasoned fire performers and their friends who want to safety them.  Please visit our Fire Spinning and Conclave page for more information.
  • Flame Effects are a fiery tradition that entertains the crowd during the event with their beautiful pieces of metal artwork and fiery poofs. Please visit our Flame Effects page for more information.
  • Burn Barrels and Campfires – ah how we all love sitting or standing around a blazing warm fire, maybe roasting marshmallows at S’moregasim, listening to music from one of the amazing sound camps at Lakes of Fire or maybe you are enjoying some smoked meat from the dcbbq.  Regardless, if you are interested in creating a campfire or burn barrel at Lakes of Fire, please go to our Burn Barrel and Campfires page to learn more about created and sharing these beautiful pieces of fiery artwork and what is allowed to be burned inside of them.
  • Wee Effigy Project and Small Effigies – Not everyone wants to build a HUGE effigy, so at Lakes of Fire we have created space for smaller effigies to be created and burned. Please visit our special page dedicated to all the Wee and Small Effigies to learn more.

All fire projects and fire performances need to be registered.  The F.A.S.T team needs to know about all the little details so our fire permit can continue to be accurate and we can keep burning all the things.  Please visit the Key Dates and Registration Form page to register your fire art or performances.

If you have any questions, please email fast@lakesoffire.org