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Honoriums Grants 2024

Slime Corp Cubicle

Mitchell Hoffman
Slime Dogs have gone Corporate! Enjoy our interactive slimy cubicle with working top of the line technology, including our top of the slime Windows 95 PC with custom games and surprises. Read our files for more information on our pyramid shaped corporate structure, and slime your way to the middle. Complete with desk (micro dioramas in drawers), games, custom slime and hot dog related software, and NSFW antics. Decorate your own slime accessories from our corporate swag folder. Slime is for closers!

Illumiloti Ignisis

Boris Kostov
Illumiloti Ignisis (ilu-mi-lo-ti ig-ni-sis) Consisting of a group of lotus flowers, this installation floats on the surface of the water. The lotus, deeply rooted in Eastern cultures, symbolizes peace, purity and calmness. The installation embodies these concepts with its form and slow shift of lights through the color spectrum. The three larger flowers emit flames from the center representing a release of energy. The composition with the three large and six smaller flowers, illuminate the surface of the water creating a beautiful and captivating experience for the audience.

Celestial Guardian

Jeremy Besemer
Large fire sculpture built from steel with accents in copper and brass, Inspired by the Artists travels to Southeast Asia.

Big Papa

Lauren Robinson
Large interactive fiberglass & foam potato, much bigger than an average Russet. Inspired to make people laugh, create whimsy and
spectacle. Big Papa is an exercise in having fun and being outrageous.


Heather Jerome
A 7′ tall steel can’delabra, Sea’Star’Splosion will have the appearance of an underwater coral ecosystem and as a beacon and blessing of Love and Light upon the community.

The Gifting Cheese

Ashley Brown
The Gifting Cheese is meant to be an inclusive way for the people of LoF to participate in the principal
of gifting. Take a gift, leave a gift! Inspired by the “The Giving Tree,” by including the principle of gifting.

Palmas de Fuego

Carlos Vallejo Duran



The Palmas de Fuego art piece is made up of two 12 feet tall palm trees. Each tree is made up of 7 fronds with a pooling flame static effect under each frond. The flames create ambient lighting and warmth, setting the mood for anything from dancing to cuddling. Featuring a rope and pulley system hanging from each of the trees you will get a large whistling fireball with every pull of the rope

Do androids dream of electric kittens?

Sarah Davitt
Do androids dream of electric kittens? The Steel Tigerlillies – a women-led sculpture gang in
Milwaukee made this cat, reflecting the dreams we have for each other.

Lakes of Fire Entrance sign

Victoria Primeau & Hoyle Anderson
The Lakes of Fire Entrance sign, A Tentacley arms wrap around letters and hold a fishbowl of curious creatures. This is a whimsical and imaginative piece meant to inspire the imagination!