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Lakes of Fire’s WhatWhereWhen event guide is a labor of love that’s assembled by the info_bot team, with content created by you. We accept submissions for events that you or your theme camp intend to make happen during Lakes of Fire.

We gather info about Theme Camps, Mutant Vehicles, and Art Grants as well as an abbreviated Survival Guide and roll that together, and make a limited-run printed guide available throughout the event.

In order to keep waste to a minimum, we only print around half of the total population, so if you want to be SURE to get a print version, either show up early or print one yourself!

Q: How do I submit an event?

A: Log in to whatwherewhen.lakesoffire.org between when tickets go on sale and the form closes in May. You can use your Facebook or Google profile.  (Other than your name and an individual token, we do not record any information from your profile. This is just a unique identifier.)

Q: I made a mistake!  How do I change my event’s description/date/title/location?

A: Just log in the same way you did when you submitted the event – click on your event and change whatever you need.

Q: What events are accepted?

A: We have a few rules for events:

  • It has to be legal – legal federally, in the state, and the county. If it looks illegal, we won’t print it.
  • It has to be decommodified. If you’re giving away necklaces, that’s awesome, but selling/buying things or promoting a business are never cool.
  • Please don’t submit test events.
  • Copyright infringement. Enough said.
  • Duplicates. If multiple people submit the same event for the same date and time, we will delete them. It is possible that we may make an assumption that is incorrect, however room is very tight in our printed guide so make sure to check with others in your theme camp before submitting events.

Q: My really long event description got truncated, what gives?

While your description is, we’re sure, very clever, we need to conserve space for the print guide.  Line breaks will not translate, and we will use our best judgment on trimming long events so they still make sense. If you don’t want our fingers on your event description, be concise!

Q: Can I view other events online?

Yes! You can use whatwherewhen.lakesoffire.org to view things other burners have submitted and even favorite events to create a printable list of only the things you want to check out.  Just click the heart next to an event!

Q: Do you have an online app?

A: We do not have an official app, however sometimes attendees take our freely-available XML from the online event system and create an app!  You are welcome to do this.