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What is DPW? We are the stewards of the event grounds. We pride ourselves on WORKING HARD, PLAYING HARD, and GETTING THE JOB DONE no matter what. DPW is responsible for transporting, setting up, and tearing down event infrastructure; managing offsite-storage, potable water, and the portos; building and maintaining all our signage, lighting, and barriers; and boots-on-the-ground support for all the event departments, the effigy crew, theme camps, and individual participants as appropriate. We keep the event running smoothly by keeping an eye on the nuts and bolts.

DPW soldiers are the first on site and the last to leave. With the major focus being on set up and tear down, we work pre- and post-event. During the event, our duties include traffic control, deliveries, refueling departmental generators, repairing structures, and offering general support to participants and theme camps (upon request).

Want first-hand experience with how much hard work goes into Lakes of Fire? Interested in the intricate details of on-site event production? We’re looking for HARD WORKERS regardless of your existing skill-set. Do you like to paint? Work with power tools? Cook for a platoon? Whether you’re a master mechanic or a rank amateur, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty (when you’re not in the kitchen, anyway), we can use you. We’re ready for anything and we roll with the punches. We’re a tight crew and we’ve got each other’s backs. Motivation, teamwork, quick thinking, persistence, and good problem solving skills are absolute musts. If this sounds good to you, DPW is the place to be!