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ADA & Mobility

Have questions about mobility and ADA support at Lakes of Fire?  Contact us at mobility@lakesoffire.org.


We are proud that Lakes of Fire is a relatively accessible burn and are focused on improving the experience for participants with mobility challenges.  We intend to address:

  • Expanded shuttles with later hours
  • A list of volunteer opportunities for participants with mobility issues
  • Increased awareness for the community to engage and support
  • Increased access to large port-o-potties
  • Assistance with set-up and tear down

We ask burners to self-identify and contact us for mobility assistance once they have their ticket. A volunteer team will be available to assist them. If you have mobility issues for any reason whatsoever, we’re looking to help you.  If you want to help your fellow community members, we invite you to volunteer with us.  We’d love to welcome you aboard!


Mobility Assistance will:

  • Put you on our shuttle radar
  • Give you a flag to notify shuttles that you’d like a ride
  • Check in on you to see if you need to get anywhere (How about Ice? Or firewood? Showers? The Effigy? Your volunteer shift?)

The Handjob Crew will:

  • Help set up your personal camping gear
  • Help you tear it down

The “application” is just an opt-in: we don’t need to know why you’re asking for assistance, because it’s none of our business.


We noticed last year that folks were reluctant to sign up and ask for help.

“Well, I’m only three months pregnant, there’s someone who is 5 months pregnant”
“Well, I’m only five months pregnant, there’s someone who broke a toe”
“Well, I only broke a toe, there’s someone who twisted an ankle”,
“Well, I only sprained my ankle, there’s someone walking with a cane”,
“Well, I only walk with a cane, there’s someone on crutches”,
“Well, I’m only on crutches, there’s someone in a wheelchair”,
“Well, my chronic illness isn’t SO bad, there’s someone with cancer”,
“Well, my cancer is in remission, there’s someone else who has it worse.”

Just because someone might have it worse, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve help, and we want to help you have the best burn experience, without judgment.


To promote inclusivity and access for all, Lakes of Fire permits animals qualifying as “Service Animals” as defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) to accompany a person with a disability.

All other animals, including pets and emotional support animals, are prohibited and will be turned away at the Gate without admission.

If a participant wishes to bring a qualifying ADA Service Animal to Lakes of Fire, we ask that you contact ADAanimals@lakesoffire.org to pre-register your animal so that we can best accommodate your circumstances and simplify the entry process.

We urge you to pre-register your animal to ensure timely Gate approval.