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Rangers are participants who volunteer their time to act as guardians of the event. We are LoF’s mobile “Eyes & Ears”. As such, Rangers are often the first to respond in emergency situations and can call in additional resources via radio as necessary. We roam the event helping others to solve their own problems, mediating disputes as they may arise, and ensuring the “relative” safety of all participants. Rangers can be found at all hours walking throughout the grounds interacting with others while making sure to enjoy themselves as well.

If you can “keep your cool” in a variety of situations, love to help, and enjoy maintaining the status quo – then sign up to be a LoF Ranger!


New to Rangering? Complete your in-person training BEFORE the Burn or, if you’re signing up for a shift after Thursday July 18, we have one onsite training that day at noon behind Ranger HQ. 

The Ranger 2024 training schedule is below.

Are you a seasoned Ranger? Come to in-person training or choose a virtual option. See “Virtual Ranger Training” below.

Once you decide, email rangers@lakesoffire.org to sign up.


  • Detroit – Saturday May 18 @ 12EST
  • Detroit – Sunday June 9 @ 12EST
  • Chicago – Saturday May 4 @ 12CST
  • Chicago – Sunday June 9 @ 12CST
  • Lucky Lake – TBD
  • Luck Lake – Thursday July 18 @12EST (Behind Ranger HQ)

In-Person Emerald Training

Only experienced and returning Rangers may take this on-site training.

  • Lucky Lake – TBD


Only experienced and returning Rangers with at least 2 years of experience may take virtual training.

Virtual Ranger Training

  • May 15th, 7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern
  • June 13th, 7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern


Virtual Khaki Training (required for all Khakis & Khaki Shadows & fulfills yearly training commitment)

  • May 22rd, 7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern
  • June 6TH, 7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern


Virtual Emerald Training (required for all Emeralds & fulfills yearly training requirements)

  • May 29th, 7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern
  • June 25th, 1 PM Central/2 PM Eastern


Virtual Burn Perimeter Training (not a ranger training but for folks who sign up just for burn perimeter)

  • June 26th, 7 PM Central/8 PM Eastern


As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to rangers@lakesoffire.org for general ranger questions or emerald_rangers@lakesoffire.org for questions pertaining to Emerald rangers.