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Picture hundreds of smiles painted across faces, hearts warmed by shared experiences, and a community pulsating with purpose. This isn’t magic; it’s the annual Lakes of Fire event, fueled by the boundless energy and dedication of volunteers like you. From the meticulous planning of leads charting the course to the smiling faces greeting every participant, every role plays a vital part in weaving this unforgettable tapestry.

Without you, this vibrant tapestry wouldn’t exist. Your time, passion, and talent – each thread strengthens the fabric of our mission, creating a ripple effect of impact that stretches far beyond the event itself. But the story doesn’t end here. We’re searching for leaders and visionaries who want to steer the ship. Do you have ideas bubbling over? Strategies waiting to be unleashed? Then step forward, fill out our leadership interest form, and join the leadership crafting the event. Together, let’s weave an even brighter tapestry, leaving a lasting impression on hearts and minds for years to come.