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Hello Fire Spinners and Fire Safeties!

F.A.S.T. (Fire Art Safety Team) is hard at work getting all fire performances and fire art in compliance for the officials so we can all do what we do best — play with fire!

In order to do that, we are creating a very detailed Burn Plan. No matter where or how you spin fire during the event, be sure to follow the basic fire safety rules for Lakes Of Fire.

Please read the following as they are items that pertain to all Fire Performers and Safeties;


Our agreement with the Township says that all fire on the grounds–including fire spinning tools– will be safe and legal. Not sure how to do that?  Consider attending one of our Fire Safety Trainings.

Important things to remember:

  2. ALWAYS have a fire safety with you who is prepped with a wet towel and/or fire extinguisher on hand.
  3. NEVER leave unattended fuel on the ground. Always be sure to close and store it away safely.
  4. DO NOT extinguish your fire tool in the water.  No tools are permitted in the water at Lucky Lakes at any time…we do not wish to contaminate Lucky Lake with fuel.
  5. DO NOT spin fire near tents or the pinewoods; the dried needles are very flammable and the land owner politely requests that we not set his woods on fire!

Once again, stay SAFE, SANE & SOBER! If you have any doubts about that – don’t do it!


Please bring along your favorite fire tools and, as always, your own safety equipment! A Fire Safety with a large, damp cotton towel is required to be standing by for anyone fire spinning at Lakes of Fire. We also recommend that all Fire Artists bring their own fire extinguisher & medical kit. The more we are all prepared, the safer our community will be.

We advise attending fire spinners to only use standard white gas (naphtha) and/or lamp oil. Do not use a breakable glass container to dip your tools! A resealable metal paint can is best. Please do not spin off fuel anywhere in the campgrounds! Bring a few zip-lock bags. Also consider getting a pair of nomex fire resistant gloves – they can be very helpful

All necessary safety equipment will be provided to Fire Safeties that participate in Conclave.


Fire Safeties are those who support Fire Spinners (and the entire community), by being attentive, aware and ready to act in case something goes wrong.  Safeties act as the eyes, ears and extra pair of hands to the performer.  They watch for outside hazards the performer may not see, and must be ready to jump in and extinguish any fire that grows beyond the performer’s control. They also get front row seats for Conclave!

The more Fire Safeties that we have, the more Fire Spinners can perform, and the safer we will all be over-all. We prefer to have people who have been a Fire Safety prior to the event, but if you have never been a Safety before and would like to learn more, we invite you to attend the Fire Safety Trainings.

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe!


Two Fire Safety Orientations are held at Lakes Of FIre every year.  It is mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in Conclave to attend one of these orientations. However, we encourage anyone curious about fire safety in general to attend.

Fire Safety Orientations are held Thursday & Friday at 4pm at F.A.S.T. HQ.  Conclave participants that have attended an Orientation (both spinners & safeties) will then receive their Conclave laminates at the check-in meeting 2 hours prior to the burn on Saturday night. Be sure to check in with us, as you will not be allowed into the fire circle on burn night without a laminate.

Note: If you have already attended in the past, you do not need to attend again to participate in Conclave.


Fire spinners have the unique opportunity to participate in the Lakes of Fire Conclave procession around the Effigy on Saturday night before the big burn! Dozens of fire spinners perform together in front of thousands of LoF attendees, warming the night for the festivities to come by sharing their spirit & light! As all fire art should be, Conclave is run in a safe, sane, sober and legal manner.

Those who wish to participate in Conclave are required to fill out an online application and attend a Fire Safety Orientation and follow the guidelines set by the Fire Arts Safety Team. Please bear in mind that the exact location and size of the Effigy that Conclave performs around changes every year. While this might not necessarily affect the Fire Artists of Conclave, it does ultimately determine what type of performances will be permitted within the perimeter. As the event date approaches, details about Conclave will be shared via email with all registered applicants.

If you wish to submit a choreographed performance proposal or choose your group ahead of time, please do so and let us know!  Be sure to note who you wish to be grouped with in your application, and send us as many details of your performance piece as possible via email.

Conclave participants must register. Please visit our Key Dates and Registration Form page for deadlines and links to Conclave registration.

For questions about Conclave or Fire Spinning, please write to the LOF Conclave Team at – CONCLAVE@LAKESOFFIRE.ORG

If you have questions, contact F.A.S.T. BEFORE you burn: FAST@LAKESOFFIRE.ORG

Thank you,