• infobot@lakesoffire.org

Digital What Where When

This volunteer-built application is available offline during the event and is updated in real-time from the web portal.

The web address for each year is unique to that year and you can find this year’s Digital WWW at 2024.lakesoffire.org 

Included in this application are the following amazing features:

  • Pinch to Zoom Map
  • Ability to search by day or type of event
  • Create your own agenda by favoriting events
  • Search all of the funded art that is around the Lake
  • Find where that one camp with that weird name is or just find out what a camp is all about
  • Links to all of the important stuff on the home page-these are external links but this way you don’t have to remember the URLs.
We have created videos for both iOS and Android phones to help walk you through the basics of the applications.  If you still have questions reach out to info@lakesoffire.org or come to the Info_Bot desk at the FunctionJunction when you are at the event.