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Lakes of Fire respects the needs and regulations of the communities surrounding the event. Some of your music may travel beyond our perimeter and into these communities. Therefore, we must limit high-powered sounds to reasonable hours. Basic sound rules are listed below, but please note that they may be subject to change before or during the event. Excessive sound is the single most likely reason that law enforcement officers will visit Lakes of Fire.

  • The Sound Squad (Rangers, Organizers, and Sound Team Volunteers) may ask you to turn your volume down, or completely off. Honor these requests.
  • All sound equipment 100 watts or larger must be registered and permitted prior to the event as a Lakes of Fire theme camp.

If you are bringing lower powered sound equipment or musical instruments, please check with the Gate or Placement volunteers for information on where to set up your camp. Ask for a Placement or Sound Squad assistance in placement.

Sound Permits will be distributed at check-in and must be posted at all times near your camp/projects sound board. Infractions will be logged against permits by the Sound Squad, and a third infraction will result in a temporary suspension of permit (and system shutdown) for the day.

Setup and Early Entry: Certain volunteer teams and theme camps may have early entry. As we have not taken full possession of the land and will be co-existing with other campsite customers, please respect Lucky Lakes sound policy and limit music to boom box levels prior to gates opening at noon on Wednesday. Exceptions for testing equipment during setup is permitted, with the expectation you be courteous, and comply with the sound team/board’s direction. Violating the sound policy pre event may not only jeopardize your sound permit, but your ability to obtain early entry in future years as well.

Measurement will be done by a handheld meter w/ C weighting. We tested several apps at the 2014 event, and found SPLnFFT for iOS to be extremely accurate. The sound squad highly recommends you use this app to manage your own sound to keep infractions minimized.

The Sound Squad will be monitoring and working with sound camps throughout the event. Failure to comply with their requests will be grounds for removal. If the police arrive with noise complaints, they may be directed toward camps that are violating sound policies. Please protect the safety and success of Lakes of Fire by complying with all sound restrictions when they are in effect.

Deadlines and registration forms for the sound installations and camps are all located on the Volunteeripate Permits page.