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Lakes of Fire has primitive camping, porta-potties, potable water, and that’s it. Rely on yourself for your survival.

Lucky Lake Campground also includes a freshwater, no-wake, no-gas-motor lake with over a mile of shoreline; catch and release fishing; but no lifeguards, so be well aware that you swim at your own risk.

Lucky Lake’s 180 acre site is also equipped with several trails and dirt roads. Bikes are welcome, but be aware: mountain bikes or those with thicker, toothed tires will get around Lucky Lake’s sandy trails and pasture more easily than road bikes.

Lakes of Fire’s site is privately owned and operated by our friend and trusted partner. Comply with state and local laws, and reasonable requests that your organizers, your hosts, or their employees make of you. Failure to do so will be grounds for your removal from Lakes of Fire.