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Dere Kamp

Welcome to Dere Kamp, formerly known as “The Back 40,” where you can set up your tent when you need space a little further away from the sound camps. Not only did this space get a new name this year, but it also got an updated look, with a lot more space available to make a home away from home for the week. You can check out a video walkthrough and daydream about what your tent might look like in some of the newly cleared areas.

This additional camping area is located north of Greeters and is a short walk (less than 1/4 mile) from the Center Camp area along the pedestrian-only path through the Pines area.

  • Dere Kamp includes both theme camp spaces and open camping
  • Moderate daytime music and ultra-quiet generators are welcome
  • No general vehicle camping without a permit indicating medical need
  • There is designated space in Dere Kamp available for limited RV camping
  • Dere Kamp has porto-potties, water supply, and a call box for emergencies


Dere Kamp is possible because of a shared understanding by campers who opt into this space.  The Lakes of Fire Leads have developed the following community rules for the space. These are meant to be clear, fair, and specific in managing noise levels.

  • Generators
    • Ultra-quiet generators only
    • Rating must be 55dB or lower at ¼ load, as shown in the operating manual or sales literature
    • The burden is on participants to demonstrate their generator dB rating
    • Non-compliant generators will be asked to shut down or leave
    • Baffle boxes are mandatory to operate a generator, even an ultra-quiet one
  • Sound systems
    • In general, sound is a privilege and not a right in the Dere Kamp
    • Sound should not be distinctly audible in neighboring camps in the Dere Kamp, especially at night
    • Talk to your neighbors and follow the spirit rather than the letter of the law!
    • If asked to turn your music down, the expectation is that campers will do so
    • No subwoofers allowed at all
  • Fire and flame effects
    • Raised burn barrels and raised fire pits are permitted. No on-ground fires or burn rings
    • Fires must be attended at all times
    • Fire art will be at the discretion of FAST. In general, flame effects will be allowed if they are quiet or silent
    • Poofers and other high-decibel flame effects are not allowed – they’re loud!
    • Gas grills and cooking stoves are permitted

Placement Process

The Placement team will work with theme camps that opt into the Dere Kamp; theme camps with a daytime focus are encouraged. Significant open camping space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. As with all of Lakes of Fire, car camping is not allowed without a permit.

Lead Support

Some Lakes of Fire Leads camping in the Dere Kamp will once again be serving as “Mayors.”  Their role will be to help answer questions, act as additional contacts for safety, and moderate conversations if participants choose to involve them.