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unpacked van - Photo: Skennedy

Directed Tickets for theme camps have returned to Lakes of Fire in 2024.  We are offering up to 10% of total available tickets (230).  As with Lakes of Fire 2023, the eligible recipients include both large and  small theme camps, with no minimum number required.  We will continue to encourage and reward interactivity, creativity, and scope.  If you’d like to participate, start planning now to bring your A+ game!

As with 2023, theme camp applications for directed tickets must be submitted before the ticket lottery.  The application must include a roster of the core members of the theme camp.  Each person on the camp roster must also register for the LOF ticket lottery with the same name and email address listed in the camp roster.  Successful applications will receive guaranteed directed tickets for some or all of the individuals listed on the camp roster.  Individuals who receive a directed ticket offer are not further eligible to participate in the lottery. Registered applicants for directed tickets who do not receive a directed ticket offer will remain in the lottery.

Submit your creative inspirations for the most amazing and coolest theme camp Lakes of Fire has ever seen by filling out the Directed Theme Camp Ticket application after it opens. The form is also on the Key Dates and Forms page.

Applications will again be evaluated by a jury of three LOF department leads, plus two additional community members.  Interested participants can apply to be a community juror as soon as the application opens. That application is also be on the Key Dates and Forms page.

As with prior years, we will be closely monitoring this program to ensure it promotes a better Lakes of Fire.

Please contact ticketing@lakesoffire.org if you have any questions.

Please note: All theme camps must still fill out the Theme Camp Placement form when that becomes available.  This application is not a substitute for that form.