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We love the volunteering spirit at Lakes of Fire! This event couldn’t happen without your dedication to it and a big part of that is volunteering.  So right now, before we go any further, THANK YOU!

Before you can volunteer at Lakes of Fire this year, you need to register with Volunteeripate and get a ticket.  See the Ticketing Process page for full instructions.

Once you have your ticket you will be able to browse shifts with your favorite teams and get the volunteer role(s) of your dreams.

Want a sneak peek of the volunteer options at Lakes of Fire?  Check out our Volunteer Opportunities page!

If you have any specific questions about volunteering at Lakes of Fire that you cannot find an answer to on all of our glorious Volunteer pages on this website (seriously, so much info we’ve provided there!) then feel free to contact the Volunteer Dream Team, at volunteers@lakesoffire.org.