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The Keeper

The Keeper Position Description

The Keeper Overview

  • Primarily responsible for acquisition, distribution and storage of commonly and bulk purchased items. 
  • Works with departments to make sure that their needs for common supplies are met and works with a team of volunteers to distribute supplies. 
  • Gets the best pricing through bulk purchasing and pricing research.

Finance Team Overview

The Finance Team plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and well-being of Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc.The Finance Team meets monthly and year-round. They are ultimately responsible for a wide range of duties, encompassing oversight, planning, and risk management. Below are some of the teams key responsibilities:


Oversight and Monitoring

  • Reviewing and approving the annual ORG budget: This involves carefully examining proposed expenditures and revenue sources, ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission and strategic plan.

  • Monitoring financial performance: The committee regularly reviews QuickBooks online, financial statements and other reports to track spending against the budget, identify any variances, and assess overall financial health of the organization.

  • Overseeing financial reporting: They ensure the accuracy and completeness of financial reports, including the Form 990 required for the IRS.

  • Safeguarding assets: Implementing and maintaining proper internal controls and accounting policies to protect the organization’s assets from fraud, waste, and abuse.

Planning and Strategic Management

  • Developing long-term financial plans: The committee helps develop realistic and sustainable financial plans for the future, considering factors like fundraising options, program expansion, and in some cases, potential risks.

  • Identifying and managing financial risks: They proactively identify and assess potential financial risks like economic downturns or funding shortfalls, and develop strategies to mitigate those risks.

  • Overseeing investments: If applicable, the committee may oversee or contribute to investment decisions, ensuring they align with the organization’s mission and financial goals.

Additional Responsibilities


  • Providing guidance and support: The committee serves as a resource and advisor to all departments, the board of directors and management on financial matters.

  • Reviewing and approving major financial transactions: This could include department  purchases, significant equipment acquisition, and more.

  • Staying informed about relevant regulations: Maintaining awareness of any changes in accounting standards, tax laws, or other regulations that might impact the organization’s finances.

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