Art Grants

Greetings creative participants! Looking for funds to fuel your dreams? Art grants are available from GLEA to help in the process, please see below for details!  These funds are a direct result of participant’s ticket prices to keep Lakes of Fire awesome!


With immense pride, G.L.E.A. Inc. / Lakes of Fire announces this year’s art grant cycle. This will be the fourth year of the program and it continues to grow thanks to our community support!

On behalf of the organizing team and future funded artists, thank you Lakes of Fire community for your incredible support! It truly is your participation that has made this program possible, and it is quite literally your money that will be funding these grants.

There will be one grant cycle this year for $35,000 in potential grant money available. To be considered for an art grant, submissions will begin on 01/18/18 and be due by 2/18/18 1:00am EST.  This year money has been set aside to getting our sparks more involved with art projects, so if you have a youth burner (under 18) with an awesome idea, please submit!

The art grant application is open, all art grant submissions will be responded to as  they are received. If you do not get a response within 72 hours please contact the art grant team to ensure we received your submission! 

Interested artists should check out our art grant policies and Frequently Asked Questions.

Please take a look at a sample application to understand what our expectations are.


2017 Art Grant Recipients:

Ask First!
By Honeysuckle
Hot or cold? Fire or ice? Yes or no? Ask First signs remind us that enthusiastic consent strengthens our community connections. If you want a burning hot experience, don’t get cold feet — just Ask First!

Bike-powered Fire Tornado
By Bikes N’ Brew

Our fun and interactive art installation encapsulates the spirit of bike lovers, technical minded people, and the 10 burner principles that helped found our camp. We hope all will enjoy these creative works of art and join us in celebrating life, love, and happiness.

Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival
By Hells Carnies

Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival is an interactive, fire-based, musical and performance-based experience, complete with fiery carnival games, flaming ping pong, burning popcorn and hellacious cotton candy! Day or night, we have something fun to do – stop on by the midway, blow bubbles, have ra-men noodles, check out how it all works. You should come and play!

Cave of the Aurora
By Jamie Burdeski

A mysterious iceberg juts up from the forest. Those that dare to come closer find themselves magically transported high into the Arctic sky, amidst one of nature’s most enchanting spectacles.

By Alia Midoun
Awarded: $480.00

In the beginning, there was only fire and ice. The gods would clamor and roar over libations, enjoying the wild dance of elements before their eyes. But in the dawn of humanity, the supreme saw the dangers in their game and banished ice by day and fire by night. This was their decree.

The Compliment Lounge
By Lounge Lizards

A relaxing, caring space where burners can select positive reinforcement from our extensive menu of compliments.

By Thor
Awarded: $3,500.00

A 17 foot tall realistic, colossal female nude figure encounters a colossal stag with flaming antlers. High strength concrete over a steel armature.

The Ice Temple and Fire Dome
By The Kelvinian Accord
Awarded: $1,800.00

As we burn, we are reflecting on both the transience and joyous expression of life and creativity itself; with each burst of fiery play, we should have an opportunity for cool reflection. To that end, we present two floating experiences, the Ice Temple and the Fire Dome: one a place of quiet contemplation, and one a point of interactive play and social connection; each have secrets for you to discover.

The Flaming Photobooth
By James Villalpando
Awarded: $750.00

The Flaming Photobooth: Come one, come all to the hottest photobooth you’ve ever seen. Set the night on fire and capture a flaming photo every night!

Heavy Meta – Mutant Vehicle
By Heavy Meta Collective
Awarded: $3,500.00

Heavy Meta is a 30′ long, terrifying metal dragon with interactive flame, sound, light and kinetic components. Clad entirely in hand-cut, hand-welded sheet metal, the mechanical beast is the physical manifestation of the Leviathan, and may just haunt your dreams.

Just the Tip…Too
By The Flurries
Awarded: $1,000.00

Just The Tip too: For it’s 4th voyage on Lake Lucky, the Island of Hammocks will be transforming, yet again! Come play, slide and chill on this icy playground and discover there is much more to discover beyond the tip.

Lakes of Fire Theatre Department
By Lakes of Fire Theatre Department
Awarded: $1,000.00

Lakes of Fire Theater Department is a traveling band of minstrels with a dynamic list of musical theatre acts, beautiful sets, and a need for a chorus! We look forward to entertaining you.

Mailbox to the Future
By Bodega
Awarded: $90.00

Mailbox to the Future -Ever communicate with the future version of yourself? Now you can! Send a postcard to your future self. Be creative. The future you will receive said postcard 11 months from the time of the mailing.

Mama Boodles’ Spunyun Hut and Nesting Hexayurt
By Mama Boodles’ Ice Fairies
Awarded: $500.00

Just a normal looking hexayurt, that hides a wondrous secret. Enter, and let Mama Boodles show you how deep the layers of reality go…

Mindful Fireflies
By Carl Hill-Popper
Awarded: $500.00

A swarm of fireflies has descended on Lucky Lake. They are attuned to your thoughts. A calm mind can soothe them. A focused mind can unite them.

MoVeS (MASSive Viberotic Swing)
By Zorbitron
Awarded: $1200.00

Modular suspended pendulum audio-reactive vibrating swing-bed and multi-sensual audio/visual/tactile environment.

The Mysterious Locked Chest Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
By Cult of the Jade Emu
Awarded: $600.00

Snow Miser and Heat Miser heard about this year’s LOF theme and entered into a agreement to seal away their powers within two mysterious locked chests. Choose your side and work with your team to release either the power of extreme heat, or frosty chill! Only one side will be victorious!

Nero’s Candle
By League of Troubled Souls
Awarded: $3,500.00

The League of Troubled Souls presents Nero’s Candle: a work that aims to weaponize hope while reveling in the inevitable twilight of civilization. We are surprised we’ve been invited back.

Pewter Tutor
By Sean Hages
Awarded: $155.00

Pewter Tutor is an introductory metal casting workshop. We will learn simple techniques and use them to make a small pewter object.

Poofer Tag
By Reflected Fire
Awarded: $450.00

Have you ever wanted to face your friends in a duel of fire? Now you can! Come check out the Poofer Tag game for target practice, dueling action and an all out battle. Tag your friend and set off the flame effect to win!

The Rainbow Bridge
By Valhalla
Awarded: $1,000.00

The Rainbow Bridge is an interactive sound and light experience where your dance steps make the magic. A 21’ long dance surface, each tread of the bridge produces its own music note and colored light for a toe-tapping, piano-playing experience fun for the whole family!

By A.J. Gapsevic and Laura Bienz
Awarded: $400.00

Resotron is a musical instrument of great horror and beauty! Its purpose is to inspire people to come bang, scratch, grind, and pluck away at to create musical timbres unlike any other conventional musical instrument.

Sky Chess
By Pocket
Awarded: $200.00

You and your opponent are titans. Isolated upon a tower, above the little pawns wandering around the lake; you become locked in a classic struggle of logic and cunning.

Spire and Ice
By Illuminaughty
Awarded: $3,000.00

Spire and Ice is an expression of technology and steel. It is a cryptic sculpture with strong interactive light and propane elements

Sub Rosa
By Jewel
Awarded: $570.00

At Sub Rosa, latin for “under the rose” and the Roman phrase for secret meetings, find a moment of peace in the vortices to either tell your deepest secret or meditate quietly.

The Captain’s Quarters
By Captain Blood
Awarded: $600.00

A mobile interactive performance cart, meant to entertain and engage via puppetry, magic, storytelling and other forms of fantastical feats.

Closet Fort Kingdom
By Knights of Nonsense
Awarded: $350.00

We’re hosting a family entertainment show that imparts the message that inside all of us is a magical being that only we can let out to explore the world. It’s about supporting creative radical self-expression and radical inclusion as well as participation and immediacy. Come see our show during the event and stop by for our open mic offerings

Pyro Sonica
By Good Vibe Tribe
Awarded: $555.00

A flame effect that responds and dances to the tone of the music and sounds. This is a demonstration of cymatics which is the display of sound frequency waves and sound pressure in a fire format.

The G String
By Precious
Awarded: $900.00

A sexy sacred scientific sine wave phenomenon.

Fire and Ice Kaleidoscope
By The Super Awesome Good Time Happy Worshipers of Brigit
Awarded: $775.00

The Fire and Ice Kaleidoscope is a tantalizing visual experience.  Prepare your senses, and take a peek through one of three Kaleidoscopes stations that surround the fire and ice flame effect.  Fire fills the brazier while light reflects an icy chill at its center.

Fire and Ice: Communal Puzzle
By Shortbread
Awarded: $731.89

Follow the puzzle pieces to a special location. Spend some time (if only a moment) helping to (re)construct a representation of this year’s theme. Come alone or bring a friend, everyone is welcome at the Communal Puzzle.


For more information about art grants from previous years, check out our Art Grants History!