The Effigy


The Effigy at Lakes of Fire is the pinnacle of the event. It is the first and largest sculpture at Lakes of Fire. Built by a wonderful crew of volunteers, the Effigy represents the community effort to build something bigger than ourselves. It’s a place to play, reflect, relax and more. It’s burned in a jubilant celebration on Saturday night, the final night of the event.

The Lakes of Fire Effigy now has a long history under its belt. Please check out the previous effigies (on the right!) to see the rich culture of Lakes of Fire.

The future looks bright for the Lakes of Fire Effigy Project and the process of sharing project leadership with a new community member each year. This tradition will burn into the future creating more and more combinations of communal effort, just like the first Beta year that started it all.

2018’s Effigy: BedDAZZLE!

BEDdazzle logo2018 is a milestone year for Lakes of Fire as this will be our 10th anniversary. It seems appropriate that this year’s theme is Bedtime Stories as with nine years in the books, Lakes of Fire is quite a story in itself. With that in mind, the BEDdazzle team is deeply honored to have our design chosen for this year’s effigy.

The effigy belongs to our community and we want to involve our community as much as possible in its assembly. In short, we want your help. So, if you have some hands and sometimes, we would love for you to join our team and help make this effigy possible.

The more the merrier. No matter whether you can only participate in building for a day here in Chicago, on-site at Lucky Lake or can be there weekly and watch this idea take life, every person, every hand means so much in the process of building this structure. Please, we invite you to be a part of this year’s effigy, the BEDazzle.

Email us at BEDdazzleeffigy2018@gmail.com and get involved!

So you wanna build an effigy? WOOHOO, do it, rock it, own it!

Please visit our very detailed Effigy Build Application Page. These pages include all the info you will need if you want to submit a design to build an effigy a Lakes of Fire.

Want to learn more about the members and purpose of The Effigy Council? Please visit our Effigy Council page.

If you have questions, please email effigy@lakesoffire.org