Beginning in 2015 Ticketing became an independent department from Gate. Ticketing is currently lead by Foxy and Jorge, two longtime Lakes of Fire leads with backgrounds in Lakes of Fire’s Gate operations and past ticketing systems.

Ticketing’s primary responsibilities are;

  • scouring the Earth for ticket vendors that meet our organization’s principles and objectives
  • managing the selected ticketing system to ensure optimal stability and ease of use
  • resolving ticket purchase issues with involved parties to our ability and policies
  • communication and education of current ticket policies

In 2016 Ticketing’s goals are;

  • growing our crew of volunteers to improve the overall purchase, troubleshooting, and arrival experience
  • continued development of 2015’s ticketing system
  • answering everyone’s questions before they’re asked 🙂

Thank you, the reader, for your interest both in Ticketing and Lakes of Fire in general. It is our sincere hope to see you around the lake in 2016. Please reach out to us with any questions you have about the ticketing process. <3