Volunteeripate How-Tos

Now that we’re getting closer to Lakes of Fire 2023: Garden of Wonder, more features of Volunteeripate, our new ticketing and volunteer system at volunteer.lakesoffire.org, are coming online. Here we’ll keep you up to speed on how to use it for more than showing your ticket at Gate.


Update Your Name

Your first and last name in Volunteeripate must match your government-issued photo ID that you bring to Gate. That’s how Gate volunteers verify that you and your ticket are a match. (Do I really have to use the name on my government ID?)

If you need to change your Volunteeripate name to match your government ID, here’s how you do it:
1. Find this button on your dashboard. Once you click this and begin the name change process you must complete it. Volunteeripate won’t give you access to any other screens until this process is done.

2. Enter the first and last name that appear on your government-issued ID.

3. Sign the waiver again with your updated name.

4. All done! Your name is changed.

Note: You can only change your name once. The intention is to allow everyone to fix any accidental misspellings or bad imported values in the database. If you need to change your name again, you must contact us at info@lakesoffire.org for admin support.


Update Your Birthday

If your birthday is not accurate, email us at info@lakesoffire.org for admin support.


Grant Directed Tickets/Early Entry for your Theme Camp

Are you a Theme Camp lead holding some directed tickets? Congrats!

When you’re ready to hand them out, go to Volunteeripate’s main menu and choose User Directed Tickets. Simply add the Volunteeripate account emails of your camp mates to send their directed tickets with Early Entry.


Pick your Early Entry +1

We expect – and encourage! – our community to rideshare to get to Lucky Lake. If you have Early Entry, you can extend that to one more person who’s riding with you. This person is your EE+1.

How do you extend them your Early Entry date? Easy! Scroll down on your Dashboard to find the email entry box.


Change your Early Entry +1

What if you need to change your EE+1? As of 2023, this is not something you can do yourself. Email us at info@lakesoffire.org to get admin support for this change.