Lakes of Fire: Summerween Art

As has been tradition for the past five years, we wanted a cover for the WhatWhereWhen (SUBMIT YOUR EVENTS!) that incorporates our logo and matches our theme this year: Summerween.

We asked Cabbie to get creative and lean in to the creepy-cute absurdity that is Summerween, and we think he knocked it out of the park. THANK YOU CABBIE!

You are welcome to use this art for any gifts or further art you intend to create for bringing to LoF – like with our actual logo, do not use it for commercial purposes or in a way that confuses others about your relationship to LoF.

 See you soon!

Lakes Letter – April 11th, 2019

TOPICS: Art Grant and Honorarium Recipients | Key Dates and Forms | Wee Effigy Application Open | Volunteering Update

Art Grant and Honorarium Recipients

Congratulations to this year’s Art Grants and Art Honorarium recipients!  We set aside $35,000 for Art Grants in 2019, and now you can behold the full list of recipients for yourself.  A big thanks to everyone who applied.

And another huge thanks to our over fifteen Art Honorarium recipients for 2019!  Check out these descriptions by the artists of pieces coming from near and far for your viewing, listening, and playing pleasure.

Key Dates and Forms

See the Key Dates and Forms page for a complete list of those things.  Coming up soon:

    • Theme Camp Registration closes April 15th
    • Art Project Registration closes May 1st, if you’re bringing art that requires placement
    • Flame Effect Registration closes May 1st
    • Mutant Vehicle Registration closes May 1st
    • Fire Dancer and Conclave Form opens May 2nd

Wee Effigy Application Open

An extra special shout-out for Wee Effigy Applications!  The form is open – if you want to bring a lil extra bit to burn at the effigy, fill in your application today.

Volunteering Update

What a turnout.  The Lakes of Fire leads have received hundreds of volunteers for 2019.  Thank you for such a huge response! We have been diligently working through all our contact lists, with the goal of following up with everyone who expressed interest.  If you haven’t received any contact yet, sit tight and you should hear from us in the coming weeks.

You can also expect another round of volunteer calls soon, especially in these areas:

  • Rangers (Training events are coming up in Chicago!)
  • LNT
  • Perimeter Ninjas
  • FAST for the Effigy

New Policies in 2019

There are multiple changes coming to Lakes of Fire this year.  We will continue to link to them in the New Policies section of each news blast as they are announced. Sign up now for the Lakes Letter if you want these updates in your inbox.

    • Tickets (excluding LIT) are transferable this year!
    • We do not anticipate a fire sale for 2019
    • See the Ticketing Process Page for more

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WTF, Fool’s Spring.  Why.  I need a fix to tide me over ’til Summerween.  Maybe one of those coffin-shaped pool floaties will fit in the bathtub…






Directed Theme Camp Tickets Announcement

On behalf of the 2019 Directed Ticket Theme Camp Jury and all the Leads at Lakes of Fire, we would like to announce the results of the Directed Theme Camp ticketing process. The following camps have been selected to receive directed core member tickets to SUMMERWEEN!

In alphabetical order:

  • Ark of Orenda
  • Bermuda Triangle Travel Bureau
  • Burnlesque Presents
  • Camp Dirtie Hippie
  • Camp Early Retirement
  • Camp Pleasure
  • Can’ehdian Mounties
  • Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival
  • Copycats Costume camp
  • Experimental Family Tree
  • Garden of Recycled Dreams
  • Gypsy Wolves
  • Let’s Be Frank
  • Odditorium
  • One More Thing!
  • Recess
  • SafeT Camp
  • Sorr’eh Bar
  • Syncytium
  • The Closet Fort Kingdom
  • The Consortium of Indigent Mythological Creatures and Imaginary Bunnies
  • The Funky Tiki Teahut
  • The Phase
  • The Secret Gentlemen’s Club
  • Thumper
  • Valhalla
  • Videogasm

We thank our two community volunteers who served as jury members, together with departmental representatives of Placement, LNT, and Sound.

This year, 220 Directed Theme Camp Tickets were available. To allot them, we considered 561 ticket requests from 73 Theme Camp Applications. We were able to fulfill about 40% of the directed ticket demand in 2019. Scoring was very close and not an easy process.

If your Theme Camp was not selected for directed tickets this year, you can certainly still be a theme camp! The Theme Camp Registration Form is currently open, and we look forward to seeing all the wonderful theme camps this SUMMERWEEN!

-The Ticketing Department, on behalf of the 2019 Directed Theme Camp Ticket Jury


Lakes Letter – March 2, 2019

TOPICS: Ticket Lottery Begins | Key Forms Open on March 2nd | New Policies in 2019

Ticket Lottery Begins

That’s right – emails will be going out soon. You can read the full announcement on our site. Some key highlights below: 

Lottery sales will begin Saturday, at Noon Central Time on March 2 2019.  Registrants must be logged in to https://burnertickets.com/lakes-of-fire-lottery-registration/ to check their lottery status and waitlist position.  All registrants selected in the lottery have only 72 HOURS to purchase their ticket.  Don’t delay in buying your ticket!

E-mail notifications regarding ticket purchasing opportunities will not go out instantly at Noon, Central Time, March 2nd, but we expect the first 1000 or so to go out in a few hours.


Pre-Lottery Announcement

Greetings, Lakes of Fire Community!

Thank you for registering for your 2019 SUMMERWEEN Lakes of Fire Tickets!

The Lottery will start tomorrow, March 2, 2019!

Important Information:

  • If you secured a Volunteer Ticket (thank you!), you are not in the lottery.
  • Lottery sales will begin Saturday, at Noon Central Time. There’s no need to start hammering the server at midnight.
  • All registrants selected in the lottery have only THREE DAYS to purchase their ticket.
    Registrants must be logged in to https://burnertickets.com/ to check their lottery status and waitlist position.
  • All registrants selected in the lottery have only 72 HOURS to purchase their ticket.
  • When logged in to Burner Tickets, registrants can check their lottery status by navigating to https://burnertickets.com/lakes-of-fire-lottery-registration/
  • Once the lottery goes live, Burner Tickets will show your lottery position, and display your purchase link (if applicable).
  • All registrants selected in the lottery have only 4320 MINUTES to purchase their ticket.
  • E-mail notifications regarding ticket purchasing opportunities will not go out instantly at Noon, Central Time, March 2nd, but we expect the first 1000 or so to go out in a few hours.
  • All registrants selected in the lottery have only THREE DAYS, which is 72 HOURS, which is 4320 MINUTES to purchase their ticket.
  • DO NOT DELAY BUYING YOUR TICKET. Unpurchased tickets will be offered to the next person in line automagically, and you can’t get it back.
  • Tickets are transferable (with only a few exceptions). When logged in to Burner Tickets, click on “My Events/Transfers”. Click on the “Transfer” button to begin the process.
  • The Ticketing Team cannot alter space/time (we’ve tried). If you miss your purchasing opportunity, we will be unable to put you back in the lottery, but you can still be transferred a ticket.
  • Answers to frequent questions can be found here: http://lakesoffire.org/ticketing/
  • TICKETS@LAKESOFFIRE.ORG is the best way to contact us.
  • Low Income Tickets is a separate and parallel process – to get a LIT, you must BOTH be selected through their application process AND be offered a regular ticket through the lottery. You should be receiving an email from Low Income Tickets, if you applied previously, by the time of the drawing.

May fortune favor you in the lottery,


Lakes Letter – February 15, 2019

TOPICS: New Chill and Quiet Zones | Survival Guide and Vehicle Policy Updates | Call for Art Grants and Honoraria | Afterburn Report | New Policies in 2019

New Chill and Quiet Zones

Photo: Skennedy

We’re quite excited to share some big news!  The Lakes of Fire Board and Leads have worked with our excellent hosts at Lucky Lake to add space to the event.

Two more camping areas will be available this year in a new space north of Pines Road: the Chill Zone and the Quiet Zone.

Interested?  Check out the map and read more about what these spaces have to offer.  If you feel so inclined, take the survey to tell us what you think.


2019 Ticket Registration Details

Lakes of Fire 2019 ticket lottery registration is upon us!  Here are some handy instructions.

Lottery registration opens on February 2nd, 2019 at noon (Central time) and closes on February 23rd, 2019 at midnight (Central time).  Ticket offer emails will start on March 2, 2019, and will continue until all tickets are sold.

Things to Remember

  • To register for the Lakes of Fire ticket lottery, you need to create an account at burnertickets.com and log in.  If you share a computer with others, make sure you are logged into your own burnertickets account.  See Creating an Account with Burnertickets.com below for step by step instructions.
  • After you create your account, you will have the ability to register for all kinds of burns!  The rest of our instructions apply to how to register for the Lakes of Fire ticket lottery in particular.
  • Do not register for the lottery more than once.  We have multiple processes for detecting duplicate registrations, and we have removed people from the lottery in the past for attempts to register more than once.
  • You can register for the lottery individually, or join a group with your friends, family, etc.!  (see instructions below)
  • volunteer gratitude purchase program, NOT through the process below. Those tickets must be purchased by February 23rd, 2019!

Creating an Account with Burnertickets.com

To register for the Lakes of Fire lottery, you must first either log in to Burnertickets.com with Facebook or create a user account with our ticket provider.  Creating an account with BurnerTickets does not register you for the ticket lottery; after these steps, you have to register for Lakes of Fire as an individual or with a group

You may wish to disable ad-blockers while working with burnertickets.com.

To create your Burnertickets.com account (You can log in with Facebook to skip these account creation steps):

  1. Go to the Login page for Burnertickets.com.
  2. At the bottom of the page, Click Register.
  3. On the Register page, enter your email and a username and continue.
  4. You will receive an email from BurnerTickets.  Click the confirmation link in the email.
  5. The confirmation link will open a page to create a password.  Enter a password and continue.
  6. Success!  You now have your BurnerTickets account!
  7. Go back to the Login page and test your new username and password.
  8. You can now register for the lottery with the lottery registration link.

Individual Registration for the Lottery

  • To register individually, go to BurnerTickets.com/lakes-of-fire-2019/.
  • Click on Register/View Lottery Registration.
  • Select “INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION”.  (If you plan to join a group, do not register as an individual first!  You cannot join a lottery group later if you register as an individual.)

Creating a Lottery Group

Lottery grouping is useful for couples, families, groups of friends, theme camps, and other groups who wish to attend Lakes of Fire together.  Registering as part of a group means that the entire group will get an offer, or not – it’s “all or nothing”. However, each person will still receive their ticket offer individually via email, and must buy their own ticket.

Only one person per group should register with “CREATE & JOIN A GROUP.  If multiple people create groups, even with the same or similar names, they will be placed in different groups and will not receive ticket offers together.

To register as a group:

  1. Choose someone in your group to create the group.  That person should click on the lottery registration link and then select “CREATE & JOIN A GROUP” on the first page.
  2. The group creator will receive a code that others can use to join the group.  The group creator can then send (text, email, etc) the group code to anyone who wants to join that group.

Joining a Group

  • Everyone who wants to join a group must select “JOIN A GROUP” on the first page of registering for the lottery, and enter the group code given to them by the person who created the group.

Only one person per group should register with “CREATE & JOIN A GROUP.  If multiple people create groups, even with the same or similar names, they will be placed in different groups and will not receive ticket offers together.

Please direct questions to tickets@lakesoffire.org.  We will update the Ticketing FAQ with common questions as we work with the new system.

To register for the lottery, start here: BurnerTickets.com/lakes-of-fire-2019/

As a reminder, once an email offer is sent, the recipient will have 72 hours to purchase their ticket.  This is shorter than prior years, so do not delay purchasing your ticket!

Lakes Letter – January 15, 2019

TOPICS: Last Call for Effigy Submissions | Apply for an Art Grant! | Ticket Dates Reminder | Welcome Our New Board! | New Policies in 2019

Last Call for Effigy Submissions

Photo: christopher moellerEffigy Council is still accepting proposals, but only until January 15th.  That’s tomorrow!  My, how time flies.

If your imagination sparks to life at the thought of contributing to our Effigy in 2019, then check out the details and submit your application.

Deadline tomorrow!

Don’t walk!  (Put down the scissors first, we don’t want an art disaster.)


Lakes Letter – December 20, 2018

TOPICS: Ticketing Details for 2019 | Apply for Theme Camp tickets | Apply for a Low Income Ticket!

Ticketing Details for 2019

Wristbands - Photo: SkennedyYour Lakes of Fire ticketing team is pleased to announce that ticket sales and lottery registration will begin in January 2019!  We will be using a new ticketing provider (BurnerTickets.com), and we will provide additional details closer to the start of volunteer sales and lottery registration.

Volunteer ticket sales are expected to begin on January 19 and must be purchased by February 23.  Please see our Volunteer Ticketing page for more information!

Registration for the ticket lottery is expected to begin on February 2, 2019, and to remain open until February 23, 2019 (at 23:59:59 central time).  The lottery will include a “grouping” feature to allow families, theme camps, etc. to enter the lottery together.

Lottery ticket offers and Directed Ticket sales (see below) are expected to start on March 2, 2019.  The purchase window for lottery ticket offers will be significantly shorter this year – recipients will have three (3) days after receiving an offer to purchase a ticket, rather than one week.  We expect that this will speed up the lottery process significantly.

Regular price tickets will be $116 and half-price tickets will be $58 including all fees.  Once sold, tickets will generally be non-refundable but now are transferable.  Because tickets will not be constantly returned to Lakes of Fire, a separate Fire Sale for 2019 is unlikely.

Please see our Ticketing Process page for more details, and sign up for news via our Lakes Letter (if you aren’t already) so you don’t miss further announcements!


Lakes Letter – November 12, 2018

TOPICS: Lakes of Fire 2019 Theme and Date Chosen | Effigy Search | Board Of Directors Seeks Volunteers

Lakes of Fire 2019 Theme and Date Chosen

Your votes have spoken! This year, we had 492 unique votes on the final 5 theme ideas submitted through our survey. Based on your votes, our 2019 theme is:


Summerween won both the best “ranked score” and the most First place votes (almost twice as many as the next entry, The Four Seasons).  Thanks to everyone who voted this year – we hope you’re prepping your skeletons in bermuda shorts!

We are also excited to announce that Lakes of Fire 2019 will be held Wednesday June 12 – Sunday June 16, 2019!

Theme, prices, ticketing criteria, and further details will come out as soon as we have them nailed down.


Lakes Letter – October 24, 2018

TOPICS: Vote for Next Year’s Theme | Our Board of Directors Need YOU!

Vote for Next Year’s Theme

Photo: Katie ForbesBack in August, we asked you for ideas for Lakes’ 2019 theme.  We received hundreds of suggestions, many of them wildly imaginative! After poring over the theme suggestions, the Lakes Leads narrowed down the list to five, as we do each year.

Now it’s time for the most important part of the process – your vote!

Your voice is essential. We’d love to see a hearty, positive debate as people decide what to vote for, so please share this with your attending friends, and let us all know why your selection is most appropriate for 2019. We want to see what ideas you brainstorm for how to turn your favorite theme into reality!

Please also respect your attendees and support our Communal Effort by not attempting to game the voting process – doing so may have consequences.
Our choices are:

  • All Roads Lead Home
  • A World in Decay
  • Summerween (Halloween in Summer)
  • The Four Elements
  • Waking Dream


PASSWORD: lakesofthemes

Voting will close on Nov 6, at 11:59 pm EST


Lakes Letter – August 9, 2018

TOPICS: Gratitude | Lakes of Fire 2018 Survey | Suggest a Theme for 2019 | Photos from Bedtime Stories | Volunteer Time Sheets


We at Info_bot want to thank you for creating an incredible experience for all of us!

Whether you spent the last six months building an elaborate bar top or you strapped on the construction-paper monster mask you made in the car on the way up, you made this burn special and unique.

Thank you!


Lakes Letter – June 7, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Welcome to Lakes of Fire! | Ticketing Basics | What’s Happening This Year | What to Bring and What Not to Bring | Lucky Lake Weather | The 10 Principles | Driving and Tent Safety

Welcome to Lakes of Fire!

Firebreathing Devil - Photo: Christopher MoellerTake a deep breath, we’re here for you!  Read this blast, read the Survival Guide and the WhatWhereWhen event guide (linked below) for starters.  Our best advice is to come without a lot of expectations – Lakes is different from festivals, different from other burns like Burning Man, and will even be different from last year.

Remember that you aren’t a consumer or voyeur – you are a fellow creator of this experience, and everyone you meet is, too. As long as you respect the consent of others, you are welcome here, and you get to choose when, where, and how you decide to participate.


WhatWhereWhen Guide for 2018

2018 whatwherewhen coverThe WhatWhereWhen is now available! Your tireless Info_bot team has worked literally around the clock to provide you with delicious information. Please take a look at our WWW guide for all the details on what’s happening very soon at Lucky Lake. As always, we only print around 1,000 black-and-white copies to reduce waste, so you’ll want to get yours early at the Greeters and the Nexus areas. Share with your mates!

Alternately, you’re welcome to download your own copy for viewing or printing. We recommend you save the file to your device and view it with Adobe Reader or another app.

Additionally, you can use our online WWW site to highlight your favorite events (click the heart!), show only those events in a print-friendly format, and make your own schedule!

You can also try the iOS app created by an independent volunteer, Reuben – he’s told us he’ll be updating the schedule with this year’s content, and hopes to make a hybrid app for iOS and Android next year. Just search for Lakes of Fire! (more…)

Lakes Letter – May 31, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Fire Sale Details | Parking Permits Closing Early | Operation: Trash Dump

Fire Sale Details

Lakes Of Fire will sell all remaining event tickets in a Fire Sale beginning Saturday, June 2, 2018, at 12:00 noon (Eastern time) / 11:00am (Central time).  The Fire Sale will end on Tuesday June 12, 2018, at 6:00pm (Eastern time) / 5:00pm (Central time).

The Lakes of Fire 2018 Fire Sale will be through Brown Paper Tickets.

All tickets sold through the Fire Sale are Will-Call only and are non-refundable.  Each participant purchasing a ticket must provide their legal name and date of birth, as shown on a government-issued ID, at the time of purchase.  Every participant must bring their government-issued ID to the Gate to enter Lakes Of Fire.  No tickets are available for purchase at the Gate, and persons who are not on the Will-Call list will be refused entry.

Registration with the main Lakes Of Fire ticketing system is not required to purchase tickets through the Fire Sale.  Up to two tickets may be purchased per transaction (this will allow a couple to purchase two Fire Sale tickets together, if tickets are available).  Each person must enter their full legal name and DOB at the time of purchase; tickets cannot be purchased and assigned later.

Please note that your status in the main ticketing system will not be updated to reflect purchases made through the Fire Sale, but your name and details will still be on the Will Call list used at Gate for your entry.  Make sure (double check! triple check!) that your name and birthday are entered correctly, because this will have to match your ID at Gate!

Refunds for tickets purchased in the main ticketing system will remain available until Tuesday, June 12, at 12:00 noon (Eastern time) / 11:00am (Central time). Tickets submitted for a refund will be placed into the Fire Sale as soon as practical. Refunds are no longer guaranteed, so the later you ask for a refund, the greater the risk that your ticket will not be re-purchased and you will not receive a refund. Refund dollars will be processed AFTER Lakes of Fire. Tickets purchased in the Fire Sale are not refundable.

Fire Sale


Ticket Window Closing Soon!

All ticket offers made from today forward will expire at 11:59:59PM on May 31 (Central Time).

After that time, no further wait list offers will be made.

As always, check the date on your offer email, as that will be the date associated with *your* offer (as we sometimes run into problems tweaking the system for a potential Fire Sale.)

If you need to REFUND, please log into the ticketing system, click on the “Ticketing Sales” tab, and click the REFUND button. There is a bug in the ticketing system that impacts people who purchased a ticket with a code (theme camp directed tickets, volunteers, etc.) so if you are in this category please email tickets@lakesoffire.org and we will work with you directly.

If you get an offer and don’t want to accept it, *please* take the 22 seconds to log in and click “no thanks” so the next person in line can come home to Lakes of Fire!

Ticket Purchase Windows Reducing

Photo: Leslie Bolin

The current window to purchase a ticket when it is offered to you is six (6) days.

As of 11:59PM EST of May 9th, we’re going to shorten that to five (5) days for future offers.  Once the deadline for guaranteed refunds passes (5/18), we expect a further reduction in the purchase window.

This ticket purchase window reduction will allow more tickets to cycle through the wait list.

Lakes Letter – April 30, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Goodbye, Larry Harvey | Last Day for Some Forms | DMV | WWW’s New Features | Ticketing Update

Goodbye, Larry Harvey

Larry Harvey - Photo by AkatimrWith heavy hearts, The Lakes of Fire organization would Like to share a message with you from Burning Man CEO, Marian Goodell, regarding Larry Harvey passing on 4/28.

He inspired a global community and with his passing into the Fire eternal, may we all be the inspiration for the next chapter beyond.


I have very sad news to share with all of you. Larry Harvey passed away at 8:24am PST this morning. He passed peacefully, with his family at his side.

We resolutely held out for a miracle. If there was anyone tenacious, strong-willed and stubborn enough to come back from this challenge, it was Larry. Your outpouring of love, support, and prayers was felt deeply by his family and friends as we each spent time at Larry’s bedside 24/7 these past three weeks. I truly believe Larry felt your thoughts, healing energy and prayers. I know I did. The love sent to him filled more than his room in the hospital — it overflowed onto each of us at his bedside.

Larry was never one for labels. He didn’t fit a mold; he broke it with the way he lived his life. He was 100% authentic to his core. For all of us who knew or worked with him, he was a landscape gardener, a philosopher, a visionary, a wit, a writer, an inspiration, an instigator, a mentor, and at one point a taxi driver and a bike messenger. He was always a passionate advocate for our culture and the principles that emanate from the Burning Man experience in the Black Rock Desert.

As he told one of us recently, Larry liked to create “scenes” that made people consider the world in a new way. He was extraordinarily successful at doing just that.

The Burning Man Project has lost our original Founder. He liked to joke and say “finders, flounders, founders, a little bit of all of those… at our best we are finders.” The culture has lost a great leader and inspiring mind. He adeptly interpreted the manifestation of what became a movement. I have lost a dear friend who I’ve known, loved, and worked beside for nearly 22 years. The loss of his presence in our daily lives will be felt for years, but because of the spirit of who he is, we will never truly be without him.

We have begun a meditation vigil to help guide Larry on his journey through Monday morning, and invite you to join. Please feel free to participate from wherever you are. We also encourage those in San Francisco to visit Baker Beach, the original home of Burning Man, to honor and celebrate Larry this weekend.
If you would like to share your photos, stories, and videos, you can post them on larry.burningman.org. You can also send your thoughts to TheHat@burningman.org which will also be shared directly with Larry’s family.
Stuart Mangrum, a dear friend of Larry’s for 25 years, has written a tribute to Larry. You can read it on the Burning Man Journal. And Larry’s brother Stewart Harvey has shared a photo essay of Larry’s life, which is also on the Burning Man Journal.

Larry would be the first to say this isn’t an ending, but the start of a new chapter, and we all have a hand in where we go from here.

With love,


Lakes Letter – April 13, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Low Income Tickets | Theme Camp/Sound Deadlines | Wee Effigies

Low Income Tickets

The Lakes of Fire Low Income Ticket Program is now open for 2018! There are 50 tickets available this year to award to qualified applicants.

LIT participants must still receive a ticket through the regular ticket system.  Please review our Low Income Tickets page for complete details.

The application window will close at 11:59PM EDT on Monday, April 30th.

We will notify all applicants with the decision to grant a LIT ticket or not, along with instructions to claim the ticket after the application window closes.

If you’re ready to apply, Please fill out the LIT Application. Any questions can be directed to lowincometickets@lakesoffire.org.


Tips from fellow burners on Facebook

Photo by Katie ForbesOur Facebook community is a huge, active community full of participants with great ideas on how to make your burn experience better through their own research and more than a little trial and error.

There have been a ton of really helpful posts just this month:

If you have a question you think we at Info_bot can answer, please email us and we’ll do our best, but many questions about the experience of going to Lakes of Fire are best answered by the thousands of burners who have gone before, so step on in and ask.

Lakes Letter – March 2, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Ticketing Update | Effigy Announcement | All the Forms!

Ticketing Update


Check out these numbers!

  • Lakes of Fire received over 3,700 registrations in time for the random drawing this year.
  • There have been over 600 returning volunteer tickets purchased (and we’ll need many more, so don’t forget to sign up!)
  • This year, we have a population cap of 2,200, which includes withholdings for Directed Theme Camp Tickets, Art Grants and Honoraria, and other departmental needs.
  • 220 tickets have been offered to theme camps via the Directed Theme Camp sales jury process
  • Tickets this year are $100, plus a service fee we pass on.
  • 1,955 people are currently on the waitlist. People on the waitlist will receive a ticket offer after either someone declines to purchase within their ticket window (currently 7 days from offer), or someone returns a ticket they’ve purchased for a refund, or after a department relinquishes tickets reserved but not used.
  • The next major movement of the wait list is expected March 6th, so keep an eye on your email or log in to check your number around then.


Lakes Letter – January 30, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Registration and Ticket Details

Registration and Ticket Details

Photo: Sam JonesIt’s time to register for your ticket to Lakes of Fire 2018: Bedtime Stories!
There are 2200 total tickets this year – in order to get one, you MUST register, whether you qualify for a Volunteer Appreciation ticket or not.

Registration is now open, and will continue until Feb 23 at 11:59 pm; shortly after that (February 26th), people will be randomly chosen and emailed a ticket offer for 2018. Registration opens again afterward, and anyone who did not register before the drawing will be placed at the end of the waitlist.

Those who volunteered for 8 or more hours in 2017 do not have to wait for the drawing to buy a ticket in 2018. Volunteer appreciation email notifications and volunteer ticket sales will begin on Monday Jan 29th, and close on Feb 23rd. (more…)

Lakes Letter – January 17, 2018

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Directed Theme Camp Ticket Sales | Art Grants for 2018! | Afterburn Report and Financial Statement | New Board Members

We know everyone’s super excited about tickets for 2018 – please expect a special Lakes Letter with information about ticketing coming soon.

Directed Theme Camp Ticket Sales

Direct Tickets for theme camps will return to Lakes of Fire in 2018 with some new twists to keep things interesting. While we will be offering the same number of tickets as last year (10% of total available tickets), there will be larger pools of tickets offered to fewer camps. Smaller theme camps might consider joining forces to create a really special space through combined talents and concepts. We are switching things up this year to encourage and reward interactivity, scope, and scale, so if you’d like to participate, bring your A+ game!

Tickets will be distributed by a jury of invested LoF departments – LNT, Placement and Sound, with two additional members. One spot is open for a community member to join up, if you are interested in helping… select the theme camps of tomorrow… make sure to apply by Sunday, January 28th!

Send your creative inspiration for the best, weirdest, flyest Theme Camp Lakes of Fire has ever seen on into the Directed Theme Camp Ticket application by Sunday, February 11th.

As with last year, we will be closely monitoring this program to ensure it promotes a better Lakes of Fire.


Lakes Letter – November 1, 2017

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Dates Announced | Choose the Theme for 2018 | LNT Moop Map | Board Members Needed!

Dates Announced

Photo: Christopher MoellerWe are very excited to announce that Lakes of Fire 2018 will be held Wednesday June 13 – Sunday June 17, 2018!
Theme, prices, ticketing criteria, and further details will come out as soon as we have them nailed down.

Don’t forget that we are accepting submissions for this year’s Effigy!

If you’re interested in building the effigy, please check out the details and submit an app!


Lakes Letter – August 3, 2017

Lakes Letter

TOPICS: Gratitude | Lakes of Fire 2017 Survey | Suggest a Theme for Lakes of Fire 2018 | Fire & Ice Photos


We at Info_bot want to thank you for creating an incredible experience for us all.

Whether you spent the last six months welding steel or you strapped on the construction-paper unicorn horn you made in the car on the way up, you made this burn unique and priceless.

Thank you!