Lakes Letter – November


TOPICS: LIT Sales | Theme Selection Vote | Burn Date Announced | Submit your Effigy Design | Art Grants Expand

Low Income Ticket Sales

nov01We are proud to announce that Lakes of Fire will have a Low Income Ticket program this year! We will offer reduced ticket prices for up to 70 attendees who meet the LIT criteria. Some details are still being finalized, but here is what we can share now:

  • Your privacy is very important to us. Names will be removed from the selection process to foster a neutral, objective based selection system.
  • All applicants will be reviewed by a volunteer committee.
  • 70 tickets will be available through this program
  • LIT price is 50% of a full price ticket
  • LIT tickets must still go through the regular registration and ticket selection system.Selected participants will still need to register for the ticketing system and be selected in the random number drawing to attend. You will see the appropriate price automatically when you pay for your ticket.
  • If you already qualify for a Volunteer Appreciation ticket for 2016 (12+ hours volunteered for 2015) you may not apply. The discount for Volunteer Appreciation is the same as LIT tickets. LIT team volunteers also may not apply.
  • Applications and more info to come!

The team is seeking dedicated volunteers who would like to help us bring this program to life in order to help our fellow attendees make it home. Interested volunteers should contact Team Leader Beans. (more…)

Lakes Letter – September


We want YOU for the LoF Board!

sept01Fall is an amazing time of year for burners! Black Rock City closed up only a few weeks ago, Chicago & Michigan each held their Decomps days ago and the last Regionals of the year spark to life in the next few weeks.

All of these events are sublime and require many passionate & dedicated participants and volunteers. When it comes to volunteering, one of the most dedicated, challenging roles for these events is to be a member of the Board of Directors. The legal face for Lakes of Fire, Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. (G.L.E.A.), is seeking board members to replace Groot and Dirtball Dave, who are retiring with honor. Thanks for your hard work, guys!
They are also adding two more Board positions this year, making 7.

If you are interested in further details about the role of a Board Of Director member or you’d like to apply, please check out the Board’s New Member application.

Thank you and have a wonderful fall! (more…)

Lakes Letter – July


Photos of our burn | Theme Suggestions | Survey | LoF Community Group | Feedback

Whew, what an amazing burn!

july01The Lakes Of Fire team hopes your experience at the Fabulous Contraption was as incredible for you as it was for all of us! We were so fortunate to have such wonderful contributions from every participant this year, even Mother Nature! The art projects, the Effigy, theme camps, individual gifts, EVERYTHING & EVERYONE that contributed, from the crustiest burner to the newbiest Newb, made it so easy for this Info_bot to say it was his best burn ever and hopes you felt the same.

This year, we had an unprecedented number of fire artists and fire effects, and people were safe and sane in their artistry.  Thank you for putting so much effort into this Fabulous Contraption we call Lakes of Fire. From our heart of hearts, we at Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc., want to thank you for being such a passionate, artistic, and loving community. We <3 you!

Please take a moment to thank the people who donated their party time to stand out in the sun and direct traffic, pick up moop, or otherwise contributed to the survival and success of the event. (more…)