Lakes Letter – July


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Whew, what an amazing burn!

july01The Lakes Of Fire team hopes your experience at the Fabulous Contraption was as incredible for you as it was for all of us! We were so fortunate to have such wonderful contributions from every participant this year, even Mother Nature! The art projects, the Effigy, theme camps, individual gifts, EVERYTHING & EVERYONE that contributed, from the crustiest burner to the newbiest Newb, made it so easy for this Info_bot to say it was his best burn ever and hopes you felt the same.

This year, we had an unprecedented number of fire artists and fire effects, and people were safe and sane in their artistry.  Thank you for putting so much effort into this Fabulous Contraption we call Lakes of Fire. From our heart of hearts, we at Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc., want to thank you for being such a passionate, artistic, and loving community. We <3 you!

Please take a moment to thank the people who donated their party time to stand out in the sun and direct traffic, pick up moop, or otherwise contributed to the survival and success of the event. (more…)