Become a Leader

So You Wanna Help Run Lakes of Fire?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Lakes of Fire is the Burn organized by Great Lakes Experimental Arts, a 501(c)3 non-profit run entirely on volunteer power, community support, and tickets.

If you want to become a power-volunteer by helping the org directly, please read through these open positions. Then learn more about the history of GLEA and take a gander at the LOFers, our assembled department leads, to get a sense of the crew.

Emergency Services Department: Fire Safety Team

Posted: 2/26/2023. Apply Now.

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for ESD but didn’t know if you could?
We have two volunteer classifications for our Fire Team alone, Fire I and Fire II. We have spots available for both.

Fire I team members are those who have completed the Lakes of Fire: Fire 101 class and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System. Both classes are free and easy to complete. First Aid & CPR certifications are also a big bonus.

Fire II team members are individuals who hold firefighter certifications from the NFPA, a home state agency or Military.

Team members should be able to safely operate a golf cart as needed and be able to lift 50Lbs.

We want to meet you. For more information, contact Joel “LoveRhino” Eastlund at loverhino@lakesoffire.org.

Department of Mutant Vehicles: Mobility Manager

Posted: 3/19/2023. Apply Now.

The DMV Mobility Manager will oversee the operation of the Shuttle Program and the Mobility Assistance Program. Volunteers for this position need to be motivated to expand both programs with assistance from DMV and the ORG. Position includes work year-round. Time spent performing these duties applies to volunteer hours for Lakes of Fire. DMV Shift Leads report to the leads of DMV.

Up to two people will be considered for this position.

Shuttle Program

The shuttle program was started many years ago when the parking lot moved out of keyhole to its current location. Pines Road is the primary entrance and egress for the event and there were safety concerns that lead to the Shuttle Program. This program uses shuttles and services parking to alleviate foot traffic on Pines Road. This program will now service more people with the addition of the quiet camping space.

Mobility Assistance Program

Seeing a need in the community to assist those who are mobility challenged, a program was started in 2017. This program originally ran all available carts on burn night with the express purpose of helping those with mobility issues. It continues running shuttles on burn night and has expanded to other times when there are extra carts available. Shuttle drivers who have mobility issues are chosen with priority for this program.



  • Setup Signup.com shuttle shifts
  • Send reminder emails and respond to shuttle related emails
  • Work with DMV leads on expanding/creating new mobility programs

During Event

  • Manage shuttles
  • Manage Mobility volunteers


  • Collect, verify and submit volunteer hours
  • Respond to emails regarding volunteer hours

To Apply

Please submit your application via email to DMV@LakesofFire.org. Please provide your full name, phone number, relevant work history (Tell us about a time you organized a big group of people) and at least one reference from a current Lakes of Fire lead/bodoc, a previous lead/bodoc or a theme camp lead.

Gate: Shift Leads and Day Managers

Posted: 3/23/2023. Apply Now.

What’s a great way to get past that wrought-iron gate and into a Garden of Wonder? Already being behind it! Walk down this flowered path to the Gate department and see what you can do to help.

Shift Leads

We are looking for experienced volunteers to step up to the Shift Lead role. In 2023, the Shift Lead will be available to help all the other Gate volunteers, preparing them for success with materials, information, and direction. You will be a point of contact and backup for your shift’s volunteers when they need it. You will have backup, too – Shift Leaders work closely with the Gate Day Manager and the Gate Department leads. If you’re adaptable, good at listening, and can hold people to the rules, you’ll knock this out of the park.

Day Managers

While Shift Leads focus on keeping Gate moving smoothly to protocol, Day Managers oversee gate operations generally for an entire day. Day Managers are the ones who keep tabs on the day’s events as they unfold: observing, keeping GLEA leads up-to-date, and setting up the next Shift Lead for success when the previous one signs off. If it sounds like a lot, don’t worry; in 2023 Gate is eager to offer specific guidance and preparation for Day Managers. Flex your communication and lateral thinking skills to help GLEA leaders stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Gate.