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DMV Lead In Training

Date updated: 28 February 2024

Job title DMV&M Department Lead

Classification Voluntary non compensated 

Salary Non-profit volunteer not paid

Reports to Event Coordinator for <Our Cluster>

Summary/ Objective 

The Leads for DMV are responsible for all moving vehicles inside of the event. We register org and attendee vehicles, as well as manage the rental of golf carts. The leads also ensure drivers follow rules to ensure event safety. 

Essential Functions

  • DMV leads attend meetings on a monthly basis, as well as on site meetings during the event.
  • Coordinating with other teams for their staff cart needs pre-event.
  • Coordinating with finance and vendors to rent carts
  • Utilize the volunteer management platform to register all vehicles that will be within the event.
  • Answer questions from other team members and attendees in regards to art vehicles, staff carts and vehicles, and vehicle permitting.  
  • Receive, document, distribute and oversee Org golf carts during the event, returning the carts to the condition they were received in and ultimately returning them to the vendor.

Competencies Leveraged

  • Familiarity with Google Workspace and Drive applications 
  • Comfortable using technology to document cart conditions and maintain records
  • Organizational skills to build and execute fleet management plans
  • Communication skills for vendor relationships
  • Communication skills for interacting with other departments regarding their staff vehicles
  • Communication skills for interacting with attendees regarding their art/mutant vehicles

Supervisory responsibilities outlined

Cart Rental-  DMV leads will communicate with other leads/departments pre-event to ensure the appropriate number of golf carts are ordered. DMV leads will organize with a golf cart vendor pre-event to arrange for the delivery of carts used for event staffing needs.

DMV leads will make all attempts to arrive for the cart delivery. In the event both leads can not make it in time, they will make arrangements with the board and/or the landowner. 

DMV leads will manage the carts during the event. 

This includes: 

Initial cart assignment and facilitating changing departmental needs, including cart sharing between departments.

Facilitating the operation of the DMV gas depot and refueling of golf carts both at the depot and through the use of gas jockeys but the ultimate responsibility of refueling lies with the leads and other users.

DMV does NOT certify or license watercraft within the event.

DMV leads will also make all attempts to stay post-event for return of carts to the vendor. In the event both leads can not stay, they will make arrangements with the board and/or the landowner.

Mutant Vehicles- DMV leads will facilitate Mutant Vehicles. This includes pre-event registration, an onsite inspection to verify the vehicle meets all requirements, providing registration identification for each vehicle and management of all issues that arise with mutant vehicles.

Mobility- DMV leads will facilitate the operation of the Mobility team. The Mobility team manages the mobility shuttles and HandJob volunteers who assist other participants. This includes identifying new shuttle needs, organizing volunteers pre-event, management during the event of volunteers and overall ensuring the shuttle service is operational. 

General- DMV will also be responsible for establishing and enforcing rules that ensure that all vehicles (mutant or otherwise) are operated on the event site in a safe and sober manner.

Work environment

The DMV Leads will be responsible for year round communication within the Org. Prior to the event each year there will be time dedicated to updating the staff cart schedule and closing with a cart vendor. Onsite, the Leads receive the carts and stay through Exodus to ensure the carts are returned to the vendor in good condition.

Physical Demands

There is a lot of walking onsite, lifting various components (such as full gas caddies) and driving, which requires sobriety. 

Position type and expected hours of work

  • Part-time work- meeting time obligations during the off-season
  • Full-time work- onsite, shared with your co-lead
  • Travel to the event and annual Fall Leads retreat 

Required education and experience

  • There is no required education or experience.

Preferred education and experience

  • N/A