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Mobility Manager

Date updated: 10 February 2024

Job title Mobility Manager 

Classification Voluntary non-compensated 

Salary Non-profit volunteer not paid

Reports to DMV Leads

Summary/ Objective 

Team DMV lends its authority to the Mobility Managers so they may take ownership of the Mobility team projects. The two driving functions of the Mobility team are the Mobility shuttles, which assist participants in getting around the event, and the The Handjob team, which teams up with participants who could use additional assistance with setting up and tearing down their campsites. Additionally, the Mobility team keeps an eye open for further opportunities to improve event accessibility.

Essential Functions

  • The Mobility Managers are expected to meet periodically with DMV Leads, and department meetings will be scheduled with reasonable notice.
  • Mobility Managers are expected to participate in group discussions within the organization’s Google Workspace.
  • The Mobility Managers take ownership of the Mobility Shuttles and Handjob program, which runs during the event. The Mobility Managers are responsible for ensuring a Pit Boss is on every shift and that the Mobility programs are running smoothly.


  • Familiarity with Google Drive, Documents, and Sheets will be helpful.
  • Pursuit of the ICS-100 certification is appreciated.
  • Capacity to fill necessary volunteer shifts (sometimes in the moment), lead a team of volunteers, and manage a small team of golf carts is required.
  • Time management and awareness are important to this role, assisting in a smooth-running mobility shuttle service.
  • Our team communicates primarily through the Google Workspace applications (gmail, chat, spaces and video meetings). During the event, communication is primarily face-to-face, or via radio.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • DMV’s Mobility Managers are responsible for the Pit Bosses who oversee the active shuttles, the Mobility Shuttle drivers who run the golf carts, and the Hand Job team members who assist attendees with their personal infrastructure.

Position type and expected hours of work

  • 4 – 10 hours a month outside of the event
  • Onsite 16 – 32+ hours