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Lakes of Fire Dispatch Volunteer – Duties and Procedures

Lakes of Fire Volunteer Radio Dispatchers are key members of the first responder teams. As a dispatcher, you will be responsible for gathering and sharing information that you receive from ‘Call Boxes’ located at the campground.

To serve as an LOF Radio dispatcher, you need to stay calm in stressful situations and communicate clearly while under pressure. When the dispatcher receives a call, they relay the location of the call and information about its nature to the Khaki or Ranger of the Day.

Each dispatcher will have two (2) radios on them at all times. The dispatch handheld radio will receive the ‘Call Box’ transmissions and display the location of the ‘Call Box’ from which the call is being made. The second radio will alert the Khaki or Ranger of the Day of the incoming call.

It will not be your responsibility to determine the course of action while receiving urgent as well as nonurgent calls but to be able to do your best to understand the caller’s needs and relay that information to others.

When you receive the call, you will let the caller know that he/she/they are being heard and assure them that someone will meet them at the box where they are calling from.

Prerequisites for volunteering in this position:

HAM Radio Operator License OR Shift Lead Experience OR prior dispatch experience elsewhere OR email approval from radio lead