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Aqua Safety

Aqua Safety Position Description


The Aqua Safety role is a pivotal leadership position responsible for overseeing the Aqua Rangers team. This individual is responsible from start to finish for the water perimeter around the event’s effigy burn area. The role demands a unique blend of skills in leadership, operational planning, water safety, and communication. The Aqua Safety works closely with event leadership (FAST, Rangers, Effigy, ESD) and other teams to maintain a secure and efficient operation before, during, and after the event.

Key Qualifications

  • Leadership and Team Management: Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a team, with strong organizational and delegation skills.
  • Operational and Event Management: Experience in planning and executing setup and teardown operations for events, preferably with a focus on aquatic or outdoor settings.
  • Water Safety Expertise: Proficiency in water safety practices and protocols, first aid, or similar qualifications highly desirable.
  • Communication Proficiency: Skilled with radios, particularly in environments where standard communication devices are not permitted.
  • Problem-solving and Adaptability: Ability to quickly identify and address issues, adapt to changing circumstances, and make informed decisions under pressure.
  • Event Experience: Previous experience in managing or volunteering in rangers or ESD, with an understanding of safety and logistical considerations.



  • Recruitment: Work alongside Ranger recruiter to identify potential candidates to volunteer on the team. Help build the team.
  • Perimeter Setup: Lead the Aqua Rangers in establishing a flotation perimeter around the peninsula designated for the effigy burn. This involves planning and physical setup to ensure the perimeter is secure and effective.
  • Team Briefing: Conduct comprehensive briefings for the Aqua Rangers, outlining their duties, the operational plan, and safety protocols.

Event Burn Day

  • Perimeter Management: Oversee the enforcement of the water perimeter during Burn Night, ensuring no unauthorized breaches occur and maintaining constant vigilance for safety.
  • Emergency Response: Be prepared to coordinate and lead responses to any emergencies or unexpected situations within the perimeter.
  • Communication Coordination: Utilize Aqua Ranger-specific radios for all communications, ensuring clear, concise, and effective teamwork.

Post-Event “The Day after”

  • Equipment Retrieval: Direct the collection and return of all aqua perimeter equipment, overseeing its organization, inventory, and storage for future use.
  • Equipment Assessment: Evaluate the condition of all equipment, identifying items that need repair or replacement and notifying ranger leadership accordingly.

Safety and Compliance

  • Adherence to Protocols: Ensure all activities comply with event safety guidelines, including the prohibition of event radios on the water.
  • Safety Leadership: Champion water safety among the team, promoting best practices and ensuring adherence to all safety protocols.

Off Season

  • Documentation: Create documentation for activities such as setup and teardown as well as any sort of FAQs to help train new aqua volunteers.
  • Improvements: Be innovative on how aqua perimeter is set up. Bring new ideas to table for how to improve the aqua perimeter.
  • Must foster collaboration with other event leaders and teams, ensuring the Aqua Rangers’ operations are seamlessly integrated with the overall event safety and management strategies.


The Aqua Safety position is essential for the safety and success of the event, requiring a dedicated, skilled individual capable of managing complex logistical and safety challenges in an aquatic environment. This role is not just about leading a team but also about ensuring a memorable and secure experience for all event participants.