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Lakes Letter- June 25, 2024

Lakes Letter- June 25, 2024

Do You Need Propane?

Once again, the Crystal Flash team will provide delivery service for most of our propane needs.  Here is what you need to know: 

  • You must have an account set up with Crystal Flash before the event.
  • There will not be a charge for delivery this year
  • There is a $250 set up fee for tanks
  • Delieveries will be made daily from July 17-July 20 between 8am and 10am. 
  • Pre-delivery drop off will be July 15 or July 16
  • Only 40lb tanks an higher can be filled.  Driver can refuse any refill if he feels they are unsafe.  The 40lb tanks can be refilled onsite
  • If you bring 20lb tanks make sure you bring enough to get you through because there is no option for refills. 
  • Contact 231-744-1957 to set up your account and schedule delivery.  Please let them know you are with the Lakes of Fire event. 

What Where When

Did you put your events in the WWW portal?  No,  well, what are you waiting for?  You can put your events into the portal before the event to be included in the digital WWW.  So, while you may have missed the deadline for the printed version, you can still get the word out about anything cool you plan to do while at Lakes this year.  

In an effort to reduce cost and reduce paper waste this year we will not be providing as many printed versions of the WWW onsite.  We will provide a pdf version for anyone to print at home and we will be providing tri-folded maps that will be available at the Function Junction. 

We encourage you to check the digital WWW, which is available offline and has the most up-to-date information during the event.  We created video walkthroughs to show you how to utilize all of the amazing features our team has added to the application. 

If you like having something tangible to look at as you make your plans you can print out a copy of the map.  If you need a size that isn’t in the folder please reach to to info@lakesoffire.org

Do You Want to Have a Poofer?

If you plan to wow the rest of the participants with anything combustible, you must fill out the Flame Effects Form before June 30, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.

Check out the Flame Effect page for more details and to ensure that your plan follows our guidelines before you get on site. 

For questions and assistance filling out the form please email flameeffects@lakesoffire.org

Detroit Area Orientation

The Detroit Area Event Coordinators are throwing a Newbie Orientation for Lakes of Fire.
If you’ve never been and wonder how Lakes is different than a commercial festival, want to be prepared to have the best possible experience at the event, are interested in learning more about the Burning Man Culture, or just want to meet some new people – come on out! If you’ve been before and want to share your tips and tricks with new burners, you’re welcome to join as well!
Guest appearances probable by some department leads!
Toward the end, we’ll also talk about Burning Man itself if folks are interested… or we may break off into a separate group.
We didn’t get an alcohol permit, so no alcohol permitted! Bring your own snacks and drinks (and if you’re feeling generous, some to gift?)
Hazel Park Michigan
Green Acres Park Pavilion #2
Sunday, June 30th – 2pm

Welcome to Dere Kamp

The space, formerly known as “The Back 40,” has been renamed to Dere Kamp due to some trademarked concerns brought to the landowner’s attention in the past year. If you are unfamiliar with this space you can get details on a page dedicated to it. 

Along with a new name the area has also got a brand new look with more space available for those who would like to camp a little bit away from the lights and sounds of the main event. Check out the video for all your planning needs. 

New Porto Vendor

Theme camps: we have changed our porto company.
The new vendor is:
Janet Dodge
ACE 1 Porta Potties
231-721-ACE1 Direct Line
888-873-ACE1 Main Line
If you have any questions PLEASE contact me at dpw@lakeoffire.org

The Peninsula Wants YOU!

New this year – the Effigy Shift Lead volunteer shift!

Have you volunteered with Effigy before?  Do you need (or enjoy) a shift where you can sit down? Can you keep a cool head in case of an emergency?  We’ve got a shift for you!

What it is:

– Accessible! We provide a shade canopy, chair, table, and tech to do the job.

– You’ll be monitoring the peninsula area in case of emergencies, checking volunteers in and out for their effigy & temple shifts

– You will be responsible for radio comms during your shift – that means checking out a radio at nexus (bring your id!) before heading out to the peninsula, and returning it when your shift is done.

Have You Checked out "Your Account"

We all know how wonderful Volunteeripate is but did you know this is also the place to find important information about when you can arrive and when your volunteer shifts start?  It is all right there for you on the “Your Account” page just waiting for you to check it out.  Things you can do on this page of your account:

  • Find out the earliest you can get on site
  • Find all of your vounteer shifts
  • See your ticket QR code
  • Add a +1 for early entry if you are granted that
  • Check your birthday and legal name and make sure they are correct
  • Check your permits and waivers
  • Add or verify your minors
  • Manage your subscriptions to departments


Speaking of volunteer shifts there is a wonderful manual that the team of VDT.  If you are still struggling with how to sign up for shifts make sure you check it out.  

Fire Sale: Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 4:20 pm

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Everything must go!

Full Ticket Liquidation!

Factory Direct Pricing!

Brandudsalg! (since Raptor is in Copenhagen today)

The Lakes of Fire Ticketing Team is pleased to announce our legendary Fire Sale, officially known as the “Volunteeripate Server Load Testing and DDOS Exercise”, starting precisely at 4:20PM EASTERN TIME on Sunday June 30th and will run until the tickets are exhausted.  The Fire Sale is a special event where we get rid of any unsold tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.  That means you need to log in before the sale happens and be ready to go. Get your F5/Refresh Button mashin’ fingers ready!

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. If you don’t have a Volunteeripate account, sign up for one at https://volunteer.lakesoffire.org
  2. Sign the waiver if you haven’t.  You won’t be able to buy unless you’ve done this!
  3. Click on the “buy a ticket” link on the left hand side! 
  4. Start refreshing the buy a ticket page at exactly 4:20:00PM! If tickets are available, one will be locked to your account and you will have 20 minutes to complete the purchase. Unpurchased tickets will be offered to another participant, so no faffing about!
  5. You’ll know within a few seconds whether or not you’ve received a ticket.  At this point, you can stop refreshing till the original batch expires, 4:40:00pm.  You’ll know within a few seconds if you were successful. 
  6. This process will repeat every 20 minutes until you see a message stating that all tickets are gone.
  7. The Ticketing Team will be available in a Facebook Live Chat on the Lakes of Fire Facebook Page for questions and real-time updates.  


  • Do I have to have a Volunteeripate account to buy a ticket?
    • Yes.
  • Can I get a ticket for my child as part of this?
    • Yes. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to add your dependent minors. 
  • How much are tickets?
  • How many tickets are in the fire sale?
    • As of creation of this FAQ, 97.  That number may change slightly (in the direction of fewer tickets) before the event.
  • If I already have a ticket, can I buy another?
    • No.
  • Why are there unsold tickets?
    • This year, about 7 tickets weren’t purchased in the lottery.  We know, right?! Preposterous! The organization also holds back some tickets for art, critical needs, exchange programs with other global burns, etc.  If those tickets aren’t used by these programs, they end up in the fire sale.
  • Why is the ticketing team so damn handsome?
    • Aww, shucks.  <3 

Build a Wee Effigy

Do you want to build an Effigy? Make it out of wood!  Check out the Wee Effigy project on our web page to learn more.


There is a lot of information to try to remember before you arrive for the first time at Lakes of Fire, but not to worry we want to make it a little easier by putting the most important information into the Survival Guide.  This is updated regularly.  So make sure you take a look.      

If you are feeling stressed and don’t know where to find the answer you seek, and don’t feel like you know where to look.  Just reach out and send an email to Info_Bot and we will help get you the answers you need.