COVID-19 Ticket Announcement and FAQ

2020 Cancellation Information

It is with great regret that the Lakes of Fire Board of Directors has determined that due to Covid-19, Lakes of Fire 2020 will not be held as planned in June. The Board currently expects that the next LOF event will be held at Lucky Lake in June 2021. We are offering ticket holders different options for existing tickets. We hope that this FAQ answers your questions about tickets for LOF20 and LOF21.

What are my options if I have a ticket that I purchased directly from Burner Tickets?

Most original ticket purchasers have three options:
  1) Hold on to your ticket. It will be honored for LOF21.
  2) Transfer the ticket.
  3) Ask for a refund (see below).

You must be the original purchaser of a ticket to receive a refund. A refund will be issued to the same credit card used to purchase the ticket.

Because low income discount tickets are not eligible for transfer, a LID ticket holder must either keep their ticket for LOF21 or request a refund.

What are my options if I have a ticket that I received via a transfer?

Transfer recipients have two options:
  1) Hold on to your ticket. It will be honored for LOF21.
  2) Transfer the ticket.

We will not issue refunds for transferred tickets, because we can only issue a refund to the original credit card, not the current ticket holder. Neither the original ticket purchaser nor the current ticket holder may request a refund for a transferred ticket.

What will happen to refunded tickets?

All refunded tickets will be placed into a new lottery pool. If you refund a ticket (including a volunteer ticket), the only way to get a ticket for LOF21 is by registering and participating in the ticket lottery for LOF21 or receiving a transfer ticket. The new 2021 lottery will require re-registration (and group selection if desired). Line positions in the LOF20 lottery will not carry over to the LOF21 lottery.

What if I ask for a refund for a volunteer ticket?

Once a refund is issued, you will not receive a new volunteer ticket offer for LOF21. You will have to register and participate in the ticket lottery for LOF21. If you refund your current volunteer appreciation ticket, it’s gone.

Will I have another chance to buy a volunteer ticket based on hours from LOF19?

No. All volunteer appreciation tickets from LOF19 have been distributed, and will not be re-offered in 2021.

How do I transfer my ticket?

A current ticket holder can transfer a ticket by logging in to their Burner Tickets account and selecting “My Events/Transfers”. A “Transfer” button will appear next to any ticket eligible for transfer. Click the button to begin the transfer process; you will need the email address of the recipient.

Reminder: LOF and Burner Tickets recommend that all transfer recipients accept the transfer first, then promptly pay the original ticket holder. If you send money without first receiving the ticket transfer email and are scammed, we cannot help you get your money back.

You can find people looking to purchase a transfer ticket in the Facebook Ticket Info & Exchange Group.

Is there a deadline to transfer tickets?

No. Transfers will remain available until LOF21.

OK, I do want a refund – how do I request one?

Once you ask for a refund, it is not reversible. You must receive a ticket offer (lottery, art ticket, etc.) or receive a transfer ticket to be able to participate in LOF21.

To request a refund:
1) Click this link.
2) Log in if prompted.
3) Burner Tickets will display your tickets. Any tickets that qualify for a refund will have a “Request Refund” button next to them. If your ticket does not qualify, the page will indicate the reason.
4) Click the “Request Refund” button.

If you do not see your ticket after logging in, please double-check you are signed into the correct account.

Refunds should be processed between 24-48 hours, and your refund should show up on the original card used to purchase the ticket in about 10-15 days (according to our payment processor, but it is often quicker).

Is there a deadline to request a refund?

Yes. All refunds must be requested by May 1, 2020. After May 1, you may only transfer your ticket to another participant.

What part of my purchase will be refunded?

The refund amount will be the actual ticket price plus fees – $126 for a full-price ticket, and $63 for a discounted ticket.

I made an art donation when purchasing my ticket, what happens?

Lakes of Fire and Burner Tickets are refunding the actual ticket purchase price, not separate art donations. We thank everyone for their contributions to some excellent art, and we’re sad everyone has to wait until 2021 to see it!

Anything Else?

We hope this FAQ will allow you to plan for Lakes of Fire 2021. If there is a ticketing issue this FAQ does not address, please email your question to tickets@lakesoffire.org.