Fire Sale

A  Fire Sale has been held the last few years to sell tickets where last-minute refunds have been requested by a prior ticket holder.  While we can’t guarantee a Fire Sale will happen in 2018, it’s fairly likely one will occur.

A Fire Sale, if it happens, will start around June 1, 2018 (this is the cutoff date for purchases made in the main ticketing system).  All unsold tickets after June 1 will be made available via the Fire Sale as they come in, on a continuing basis, until we run out of time to process before the event. (REMINDER: After May 18th, you will only get a refund to your ticket if someone purchases that ticket, and that refund may happen after Lakes of Fire.) The Fire Sale is first come, first served, and there are no refunds or transfers for tickets purchased through the Fire Sale.

Since the date for guaranteed refunds is one week earlier than last year, more tickets may be sold through the regular ticketing system, meaning fewer would be available for the Fire sale. However, every year is different, and we can’t predict how many tickets will be available in the Fire Sale.