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Propane in 2023: Bring What You Need || Volunteeripate How-Tos || Preparing for the 2023 Temple Burn || Covid Policy Clarification for 2023 || Burner Mobility in 2023 || Greeters Food Drive in 2023!! || Buying Firewood


This year, our propane refills will be provided by Crystal Flash. Please read this if you plan to burn a lot of propane on-site this year.

  • Crystal flash will not refill any propane tanks under 100 pounds. If you don’t plan to pack some 4-foot-tall propane tanks, then your only option is to bring enough smaller ones to last you the whole Burn.
  • If you want to refill your 100 lb. tanks, you need to open an account with Crystal Flash directly, ideally before you leave for the Burn. When you’re at Lucky Lake, have your account information ready when you go to them for a refill; you will need it.


Gardens are where people grow, right? We grow plants and we grow each other, man. If you have early entry, you can grow your bestie/partner/frenemy by making them your Early Entry +1, granting them the same entry time as you. That’s a new thing this year at volunteer.lakesoffire.org.

You can also fix typos in your legal name AND distribute Theme Camp Directed Tickets (if you still have some).

But HOW!?

It’s not that hard! Here, we’ll show you. Go check out the Volunteeripate How-To page and be sure to tell us what you need at info@lakesoffire.org.

(Please note, your legal name in Volunteeripate needs to match your government-issued, unexpired photo ID. Click here if you have questions about the Gate procedure.)


This Temple is a place to seek solace and peace. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come. This is a place to remember love, find release and rebirth.

This art piece will be burned on the Peninsula at 8 AM on Sunday, marking the start of Exodus.

If you have a temple offering, make sure you read the Prohibited Materials List on the Fire Art Safety Team’s department page. You will find the list is quite long, as the Temple Burn must also leave no trace, so please – think on your offering with care.


This spring the World Health Organization and the US federal government both called an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, GLEA updated our COVID-19 policy for Lakes of Fire. The short version is that we will not require proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter the Burn. We ask you to handle symptoms of illness like you would any other time.

As much as it sucks, please consider the welfare of the community and stay home if you are sick. On a related note, you can transfer a ticket right up until July 12th, 11:59 PM EST. That way if you do get sick you can help someone find their last-minute ticket.

The full COVID policy for 2023 is on our website.


Say hello to your Mobility Team. This year we’ve updated our program. Any time between now and July 13th, you can apply for Mobility and/or Handjob Assistance.

Mobility Assistance will:

  • Put you on our shuttle radar
  • Give you a flag to notify shuttles that you’d like a ride
  • Check in on you to see if you need to get anywhere (Ice? Firewood? Showers? Effigy? Your volunteer shift?)

The Handjob Crew will:

  • Help set up your personal camping gear
  • Help you tear it down

The “application” is just an opt-in: we don’t need to know why you’re asking for assistance, because it’s none of our business.

We noticed last year that folks were reluctant to sign up and ask for help. Just because someone might have it worse, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve help, and we want to help you have the best burn experience, without judgment.

We also received feedback that some folks who asked for help felt judged and questioned. We are committed to better training our Volunteers to be empathetic and judgement free. Not all challenges are visible, and it’s still none of our business.

We’re also here for you if something comes up at the event. Leaving the medical tent with a bandaged foot? Come on by and sign up for help.

All to say, if you wonder if you should sign up for assistance, the answer is yes.

Here’s the link: https://volunteer.lakesoffire.org/permit-apply?permit=10

-DMV & Mobility Team
“Let’s keep it moving”


We want to see your cans!

The “Greeter Station” and ONLY the Greeter Station will be accepting the food donations through the whole event up to 4 PM on Sunday. Last year we donated over 800 LBS to the New Era Food Pantry. Way to go Lakes of Fire! Let’s keep up the awesome momentum!


  • Unopened
  • Non-perishable
  • Cans are preferred
  • No glass please
  • Also welcome are unopened unused toiletries – shampoos, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant etc. are sorely needed.

Contact Greeters if you have any questions. Thanks loves!


Hello LOFers! This is EZ, your LOF DPW lead.

Some of you have inquired about bulk firewood. I have that information for you, but first let me tell you about our new “Firewood LNT” policy.

In the past, DPW & LNT has taken on the task of cleaning up leftover firewood. This is no longer the case. Beginning this year, each camp will be responsible for removing excess firewood from their space, and relocating it to Don’s woodshed, located behind his RV/office. The RV is located to your left, just as you exit the Pines entering the event, next to the ice machines.

Camps are also required to clean up all wood scraps. Failure to do so will result in a violation of the LOF LNT policy. This violation could jeopardize your chances for placement in 2024. Please include execution of this policy in your camp’s LNT process. Suggested tools: hand cart/wheelbarrow, rake, shovel.

Here are some ways to reduce your chance of having leftover firewood:

1. Don’t order so much dang wood! A cord of wood is a lot of wood!

cord is a neatly stacked pile of wood measuring 4 feet by 8 feet with each piece of wood 4 feet in length.

face cord has the same general measurements, but the depth of the pile is the length of the firewood logs, not 4 feet, i.e., 4 feet by 8 feet by 20 inches assuming each log is 20 inches long.

You can also choose to buy regular bundles of firewood. These will be for sale at Don’s RV/office.

2. Split order with your neighbors.

This will reduce your cost and the chance of having firewood leftover.

3. You WILL NOT burn as much firewood as you think!

Especially now that the event is in July. The nights will be much warmer. Also, fires cannot be left unattended. This policy alone is the reason why so much firewood is leftover.

4. If you sense you will have firewood leftover you can donate it to the effigy burn. Upon request, DPW will happily retrieve your firewood. This request will only be honored on Saturday July 15th, no later than 1pm.

5. Cover your wood pile! The reason is obvious.

Why are we implementing this new policy?

Well, every year the amount of leftover firewood has steadily increased. Last year a camp left at least an entire half cord on the site. In total DPW and LNT retrieve at a minimum of 3 full cords of firewood. That’s simply ridiculous. In the beginning it was an insignificant task for us. Now, it’s a task we have to work into our LNT plan in order to honor our contract with the landowner. The extra work load has become detrimental to both departments. The time has come for you to carry the load. Yes, pun intended.

Finally, the info you have been waiting for. Following is the contact information for the new firewood vendor:

Tom Steensma
“The Firewood Guy”

616 551 7089
Pricing: CASH ONLY

$200/cord + $30 delivery fee
$75/face cord + $30 delivery fee

Tom will begin accepting orders on July 10th.


Thunder shook the roof of the barn so violently that nails flew out of the rafters, landing all around us as we huddled against the storm. I could see the sky through the worn cracks of our little shelter getting darker and greener as the rain drenched everything, hammering harder than any tool, slicing keener than any saw. The booms came in time with searing white lightning that stained my closed eyes when I flinched at the force.

I held you so tightly.

The storm seemed to last forever.

But as suddenly as it started it began to recede. The storm moved on and left us behind. Fresh air rolled in like a gentle mist, and clean, clear light streaked down through the caving roof like a patient smile.

When we found the courage to open the door, we saw a world bathed in light. Overgrown.


And completely, utterly transformed.