BREAKING: Propane at Lakes of Fire 2022

6/15/22, 11:25 AM UPDATE

The original information release was incorrect – 40 LB tanks will be refillable on site. You can bring your 40 LB tanks and have the option to top-off without leaving.

GLEA Board and Info_Bot Here with a Propane Update

Our propane vendor has changed their policy and we are sharing this information to the community as early as possible. If you aren’t bringing any propane, you can skip this. If you are only bringing propane for a little cooking and don’t need to refill your tank on-site, you can skip this.

Our on-site propane vendor is only refilling tanks LARGER THAN 40 LBS 40 LBS OR LARGER this year. For reference, this is a picture of a 40 LB tank. It’s about 30″ tall and has a capacity of about 9 and a half gallons. Propane tanks smaller than 40 LBs are not eligible for refills on the property.

Why? Michigan law treats propane tanks larger than this size differently (effectively as commercial tanks), and our vendor is only refilling tanks bigger than the one shown.

Who does this affect? Anybody who needs to refill on propane during the Burn, most obviously participants with flame effects.

What do we do now?

  • If you have a flame effect, bring cylinders and BRING THEM FULL. Fill up your propane before you begin your drive if at all possible. You should go on the assumption that refilling your tank will not be as easy as past Burns at Lucky Lake. If you can bring extra tanks, it may be worth your while.
  • If you NEED to be able to refuel on-site, get cylinders 40 lbs or bigger. If you have some to bring, excellent – you will be able to refuel them on site. If you don’t have larger cylinders, consider buying them on your drive up. Names of vendors outside Chicago, Toledo, and around Michigan on the drive up are given below. Please don’t wait to look for them around Rothbury – the Board of Directors at GLEA have already scoured the area.
  • Refill on-site at select theme camps. To refill on-site, you must bring your 40+ LB propane tank to Capn Nemo’s, Valhalla, or the Den. These camps have accounts with the vendor. You will need to settle up the cost with the theme camp runners. We highly suggest you bring cash and a variety of bills so that you can give exact change.

Large Propane Tank Suppliers

  • Menard’s chain of stores (Chicago, IL and Toledo, Jackson, Lansing, and Bellville, MI)
  • Tractor Supply Co (Toledo, Jackson, and Lansing MI)

Lakes Letter – June 13th, 2022

LAKES LETTER || WhatWhereWhen and Map for 2022 | Ticket Transfer Deadline | Before You Leave for Lucky Lake… | After You Arrive | Packing Dos and Don’ts

WhatWhereWhen and Map for 2022

We’re pleased to give you the PRINT WhatWhereWhen for Lakes of Fire 2022! Weighing in at 84 pages, this is perhaps the largest WWW we’ve ever produced. Thank you to everyone who put in the time to bring a theme camp, finish an art project, tool up a mutant vehicle or prepare a music set and plan an event to share with everyone. It’s because of you that we have so much to share.

If you only want the map, here is the full-color version and a printable grayscale version. Big thanks to Mare Mare and the Placement Team for this year’s gorgeous map!

And last but not least: we are delighted to give you the digital, mobile WhatWhereWhen at 2022.lakesoffire.org. The digital edition has a full events list, art projects, mutant vehicles, and theme camps. Favorite the events that catch your eye and view them on your agenda. Your phone will have a “Save to Home Screen” or similar option – this will make an icon that launches the app directly and full-screen. Thanks a million to the Info_Bot volunteers who made this happen! Aztpod on UX design, Meph on app infrastructure, Sean on the data platform, and the whole ‘Bot team on their feedback.


Ticket Transfer Deadline

The last week of transfers is upon us! A few reminders:

  • Receive ticket first, then send payment. We can reverse a transfer, but not a payment to a scammer.
  • If you are using the Facebook LOF Ticket Info & Exchange group: once your ticket is sold, or your need for a ticket is satisfied, please update your post and close comments. We want to keep the active offers/requests up top of the bookface feed.
  • Transfers end Friday June 17, at 11:59pm Central.

Good luck everyone!


Before You Leave for Lucky Lake…

  • Be familiar with the Gate Check-In process, and remember: Lakes of Fire is a no re-entry event.
  • Be ready with your COVID vaxx card or recent test result; see our COVID safety policy.
  • Have your government ID.
  • Are you volunteering? Will you need to use a radio on your shift? Sign the radio waiver
  • Are you bringing a phone? Assume you will lose it. Point of advice: set your lock screen to a picture with your NAME, your CAMP, and a friend’s contact information. You won’t regret it! (May want to turn on “Share My Location” with said friend, while you’re at it.)
  • Don’t plan on getting any deliveries. We are serious about admitting only ticketed participants past Gate, and about being a no re-entry event. Delivery people don’t get in, Gate volunteers don’t deliver packages to the Lake, and stepping out to accept the delivery yourself means exiting the entire event.


After You Arrive

What are some things that you can do after you get through Gate, especially if you need assistance?

  • After you are finished unloading, park in the lot outside and plan to leave your vehicle there (unless you have registered your vehicle with the Department of Mutant Vehicles).
  • If you’re an artist, check in with ArtHub at Nexus. They are prepared to give you logistical support.
  • If you haven’t volunteered for a shift yet, check in with Info_Bot at Nexus and ask if there are any shifts open. You will get a guaranteed volunteer ticket offer if you step up for 8 hours, but you definitely won’t get that if you don’t sign up and/or you flake out on your shift.
  • If you do have a volunteer shift, check in with Volunteers at Nexus to make sure you have the right meeting place and time. Ask any questions you have. The Volunteer Dream Team is here to help the helpers.


Packing Do’s and Don’ts

DO Pack

We’ve got some pro-tips for you first-timers. This is not an exhaustive list – notably missing are things like “clothes for all weather and temperature”, “food”, and “lighting”. (But to touch on each of those briefly: you won’t regret overpacking clothes, you will regret overpacking food, and the more light you can wear at night, the more stylish you look. Visible is sexy.)

So besides what you’re already packing, here are some gifts to yourself and to others:

  • Cash for ice and firewood. Firewood is $5/bundle, ice is $3/bag. These are for sale by the Nexus. The price for ice may be higher, so have some singles and be ready to pay a couple extra bucks.
  • Lanyards. If you’re a volunteer and you have a lanyard from another event, bring it for the laminate you get on shift! Help us keep down on waste and expense.
  • Canned food for the Greeters Food Drive. All foods go to the Trinity Community Pantry in New Era Michigan, a food bank that helps the community that has one of the highest rates of hunger in the state.
  • Ingredients list for your food gifts. Save someone the use of an epi-pen! Make note of things like dairy, eggs, nuts, shellfish, nightshades/peppers, MSG, etc, etc.
  • A gray water system. Don’t let it scare you – “gray water system” can be as simple as “a bucket with a lid and panythose over the top.” You pour your waste water (from cooking, brushing teeth, making coffee, etc) into the bucket, and the panythose will catch the solids. When you pack up camp, put the lid on the bucket and take the whole thing out with you. Trash the pantyhose and flush the water at home – the service stations outside of Lucky Lake do not want you to dump your gray water on their turf.
  • A MOOP bag. Keep a small, durable bag on your person as you walk around Lucky Lake to stash your occasional bits of plastic and litter. Lakes of Fire is a Leave No Trace, “pack in/pack out” event, and having a MOOP bag on your person is the easiest way to do your part.
  • Earplugs. If loud music bothers you, having good earplugs will extend your wandering range at night, and will make the music camps more fun/less devastating for you. Bonus perk: better sleep.
  • Electrolytes. Stay hydrated.
  • A thin plastic drop sheet for your bed. Crazy, right? If you put this over your bed before you head out for the day (or night), it will keep your bedding from getting damp. The drop cloth stops your sheets from wicking up the humid air, so that when you are ready to crawl in for sleep, you’ll be nice and dry. (It’s also insurance against a roof leak in your tent if it rains.)
  • A set of fresh, dry clothes to wear on Sunday for your exodus from Lucky Lake! No matter how you feel when you get in the car to go, cozy Exodus clothes are a big gift to yourself.

Do NOT Pack

There are some things that just aren’t worth it to bring.

  • Alcohol. We have reports of alcohol being seized during pull-over checks by police – it’s an old law in Michigan still being enforced. Buy your booze in-state!
  • Trampolines. Yes they are fun, no they aren’t allowed; we are forbidden by our event insurance.
  • Besides trampolines, avoid the forbidden items as detailed on our Gate Department/entry procedure page: Fireworks, weapons, glass, illegal substances, handheld lasers, and pets (Please see our Service Animal policy under our ADA Liaison page for service animal exceptions).

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Lakes Letter – May 23rd, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Announcing: the Lakes of Fire Temple Burn in 2022 | Check Your Ticket on Burnertickets.com | Gate Hours Update | Key Dates and Forms For You | Volunteer Drive Update | Apply for the GLEA Board | Greeters Food Drive 2022


Announcing: the Lakes of Fire Temple Burn in 2022

The time has finally come to release this exciting announcement to the world! In 2022, Great Lakes Experimental Arts will be proud to present to you: the Temple of Resurrection by Bartek Karas and Lobo (Jason Araujo).

This piece will be burned Sunday Morning, 8 AM, on the peninsula.

Volunteer Opportunities for ticket-holders are available here!

The Temple of Resurrection is made solely of wood. There are no screws or other metal pieces in this temple. This was done intentionally to make the cleanup as easy as possible. If you plan on placing an item into the temple it can not be made of any material listed on this list, including metal and glass. All items that are created with material that can not be burned (see this list of prohibited materials) will be removed Sunday am, prior to burning and disposed of. If you have questions please email liz@lakesoffire.org.


Check Your Ticket on Burnertickets.com

Your friendly neighborhood Ticketing Team here. If you are currently planning on going to Lakes of Fire, and think you have a ticket, make sure you have a ticket!! So all y’all, we need you to do this. Right now.

  1. Log in to Burnertickets.com.
  2. Click the My Events/Transfers tab.
  3. If you do not see a ticket labeled “Lakes of Fire 2022” (followed by your ticket type – volunteer, general, OMG, etc.) and a ticket number that starts with 22LOF, you DO NOT HAVE A TICKET TO LAKES OF FIRE.

No matter how many times we yell at folk, someone’s still gon’ fuck it up. There is a small contingent of people who still think that they have a ticket because they had one for the previous event. They didn’t read dozens of our emails, social posts, the Lakes Letter, this new tattoo I got on my ass, etc. and SO DID NOT BUY THE TICKET FOR THIS YEAR. That’s what we’re tryna stop. Better to ask our ticketing team now than to be turned around at Gate – cuz we guarantee it will happen to someone.


Gate Hours Update

In our April Lakes Letter, we announced that the Gate would close at 9 PM EST on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Lakes of Fire leads have decided to close at 11 PM EST instead, offering travelers from around the globe (but most probably Chicago) more time to arrive home. Huzzah!

Don’t forget to bring your Covid proof of vaccination or recent negative test! We would hate for you to arrive before 11 PM only to be turned away.


Key Dates and Forms For You

As we get closer to the burn, these are time-sensitive forms and volunteer opportunities for your consideration.


Volunteer Drive Update

Each year, there is a period of time running up to the Burn when our volunteer numbers are on the low end. We are currently in that period, having filled only 65% of our shifts. If you are attending this year and have not picked up a shift, please read all about our volunteer opportunities and pick a shift that fits your style today. It takes a village to make a Burn.


Apply for the GLEA Board

Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors at GLEA? Great! We’re looking to onboard 3 new people in 2023.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. is seeking highly-dedicated volunteers to join the Board of Directors. Board members are the legal face of Lakes of Fire and are directly responsible for the long term production and sustainability of our event. There are no prerequisites for joining other than a deep commitment to seeing Lakes of Fire continue to thrive.

If you feel you have the experience and desire to serve the organization, event, and attendees through this vital role, come hang out at site 44 during this year’s event to learn more about what this position entails. We will host an “open house hour” at 2 PM on Friday, June 17th for all of your questions.

Look out for an email from us after this year’s event for information on key dates and the application form. Until then, please reach out to us at board@lakesofire.org with any questions.

Can’t wait to “fire emoji” with you in a few weeks!


Greeters Food Drive 2022

Show us your cans !!!

In a few short weeks, you will be frantically working on packing all of the things for Lakes of Fire? Take a moment to grab an extra can or two or ten, for our food donation project. Practice some Civic Responsibility and give back to the community we call home each year. We all know times are tough, but think of those that are really in need.

All food is being donated to the Trinity Community Pantry in New Era Michigan. This food bank provides more than 4,500 lbs of food to more than 180 families every week. This area of Michigan has one of the highest hunger rates and you can help!

In 2019 despite the weather for the week, we collected over 300 pounds of food for the Trinity Community Food Pantry in New Era, Michigan. This is the most we have ever collected, WAY TO GO Lakes of Fire Family!!!

The Greeter station will be accepting the food donations through the whole event up to 7 p.m. on Sunday exodus. We want to see your cans!


  • Unopened
  • Non-perishable
  • Cans are preferred
  • No glass please
  • Also welcome are unopened unused toiletries
  • Shampoos, soap. toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant etc. are also sorely needed

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They say it’s the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs… But does it have poofers? Hmmm…






Volunteer Drive for Lakes of Fire 2022

LAKES LETTER || Return of the Culture Quiz! | Volunteer Drive for Lakes of Fire 2022

Return of the Culture Quiz!

In years past, some of you may remember Raptor’s Culture Quiz. If you’re new to Lakes of Fire, this quiz is for you!

As a regional Burning Man event, we strive to observe the 10 Principles. And by “We” I mean GLEA’s Board of Directors, your Department leads, and quite a lot of the people you meet around the Lake. Is this “culture” all just woo-woo hippie stuff? Or is it a transformative way to live generously and joyfully, in the moment, with a snarky community who rejects commodification and prizes free expression? It’s definitely woo-woo hippie stuff *and* the other thing. Test your readiness for the Lake and TAKE THE QUIZ today!


Volunteer Drive for Lakes of Fire 2022

To our fellow members of the Lakes of Fire Community:

The folks at Great Lakes Experimental Arts are coming to you once more with a humble request: help us realize the vision of One Burner, One Shift. What is that? Simple – during the Burn, if each participant takes one volunteer shift, we’ll have all the labor and communal effort we need to make the Burn an excellent experience.

Whatever your taste in volunteering, we have a shift for you. Save time during your burn and help out before and after the event – check out the DPW and Effigy build teams! We have roles for burners who love to be social or prefer to be aloof – see Rangers and Perimeter Ninjas. We always want more medical experts in the Emergency Services Department. And if you have low mobility and/or want to help burners with low mobility get around the burn, see the Mobility Initiative and Team Info_Bot, your friendly help desk jockeys at the Nexus.

8 Ways to Get Involved

Click on a department to learn more about volunteering with them in 2022.

Conduct Crew

This year, the Code of Conduct Committee is seeking volunteers to be part of the new Conduct Crew.

What is the Code of Conduct Committee (CoCC)?

The CoCC is a group of year-round volunteers who investigate incidents that happened during the Burn, after the Burn is over. (During the Burn, Rangers are available to help resolve issues as they emerge.) CoCC investigations begin with a report and are carried out in the utmost respect of confidentiality for all parties involved. As part of that respect for confidentiality, CoCC members are anonymous. By following through on investigations, the CoCC’s goal is to help reporters find resolution – and, in some cases, to take disciplinary action against offenders in order to protect the community. In short, the CoCC does difficult, emotional work in the aftermath of an incident at the Burn.

What makes the Conduct Crew different from the Code of Conduct Committee (CoCC)?

The Crew does not handle investigations. These are volunteers whose time will be spent working in advocacy and education regarding safety, consent, and interpretation of our agreed-upon Code of Conduct. They help enrich our culture of consent by being proactive in talking about our CoC and responsive to community questions about it.

Opportunities to advocate, hold space, educate, and even perform skits will be available at Lakes of Fire 2022 and throughout the year. If interested, please write to board@lakesoffire.org with your interest and how you would like to serve. Thank you!

Sign Up with the Conduct Crew

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What the F@*K is DPW?

We are the Department of Public Works.

We are the stewards of the event grounds. We pride ourselves on WORKING HARD, PLAYING HARD, and GETTING THE JOB DONE – no matter what. DPW is responsible for transporting, setting up, and tearing down event infrastructure; managing offsite-storage, potable water, and the portos; building and maintaining all our signage, lighting, and barriers; and boots-on-the-ground support for all the event departments, the effigy crew, theme camps, and individual participants as appropriate. We keep the event running smoothly by keeping an eye on the nuts and bolts.


Want to get involved? Fill out our Crew RSVP form. That includes completing of all 4 steps as described (ie: signup.com, golf cart and radio waiver forms) in their entirety. If you have not completed all four steps you are not fully signed up to volunteer with us!

Which leads us to the “DPW WORK WEEKEND”. Work weekend will be held at Lucky Lake the weekend of 5/13-15. Our mission is to prep the site where event infrastructure storage containers will be placed.

Your volunteer hours participating in the DPW WORK WEEKEND will be recorded and allocated towards access to a 2023 LOF Volunteer Ticket!

Our DPW Work Weekend will also happen at the same time as the LOF SAFETY RETREAT. If the project goes well, interested soldiers will have the opportunity to join in on the activities!

Do the thing. Get on our roster and we’ll see ya at the lake, Soldier.

FYD! 💛


Sign Up with DPW

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Come be a part of the the 2022 Life Star Effigy cycle! From build to burn, we are still in need of volunteers. Off-site build shifts are still open nearly every weekend from now through Memorial Day! And we are still very much in need of some overnight LNT help Saturday evening into Sunday during event.

Build shifts are 10a-6p every Saturday and Sunday in Warren, MI. Can’t make an entire shift? Let us know you want to volunteer for a partial shift by emailing effigyvolunteers@lakesoffire.org and we will absolutely make that happen for you.

To find out more and to get signed up, Pre-Event build shifts and remaining On-Site volunteer shifts can be accessed by filling out the following form below. Thanks!

Sign Up with Effigy

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Hey my lovely burner beauties! Your ESD Lead here.

Do you have Medical or Fire training? Mental Health or Crisis Intervention experience? Do you have hands and ears and know how to use a pencil? Because ESD needs YOU to volunteer! Get your hours in helping wayward hippies apply bandaids, being a listening ear for those not having their best burn, or taking notes for the medical volunteers while working with an amazing team of intelligent, wildly attractive, and incredibly fun-loving kats.

Perks include: Daily meals, a very clean porto, and DCBBQ bringing you meats.

Email ESD@lakesoffire.org and tell me about yourself.
Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces in a few SHORT weeks!

Sign Up with ESD

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At Team Info_Bot, you’re in the communications biz, baby. Your job is mostly to be helpful, friendly, and in the same place for a few hours. You will be responsible for helping other volunteers find their shift lead (when such groups are meeting around the Nexus), as well as helping volunteers when they need to drop or change their shift. It helps to be detail-oriented, working with information on paper. ‘Bots also help run the Lost and Found, such as it is at Lakes of Fire. (I hear there are special stickers for the Lost and Found volunteers this year, but THAT is a secret.)

This is a great volunteer role for someone who enjoys being conversational, who may need to be seated for long stretches of time, can track down open and filled shift information in our binders, and who does not mind seeing a lot of strangers on the other side of the desk. Training is available and we’re real easy to get in touch with! Contact us at info@lakesoffire.org if you’re interested, and also, please fill in the SignUp.com link below to guarantee your shift.

Sign Up with Info_Bot

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This year, Lakes of Fire is pushing for greater access to Lucky Lake for burners with physical limitations and low mobility. In addition to supporting these burners with our shuttle program, we are seeking them out to help us operate the program. We have shuttle driver and shift leader hours available for anyone with physical limitations.

Shuttle drivers must be sober for their shift and will be doing check ins on burners who have requested it along with regular shuttle rounds.

Shift leaders will be checking drivers in and out and dispatching Hand Jobs to help where needed. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sign Up with the Mobility Initiative

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Perimeter Ninjas

We are looking for a few good Ninjas!

As Lakes of Fire grows more, we get more fire, more sound, and more participants. Unfortunately, this also means that we have an increase in folks that want to crash the party. We have to make a concerted effort to keep out anyone that might sneak in and become injured (or injure others.) To that effect, we have a number of roles available that might suit your unique Burner style:

ROVING NINJAS walk around the event and are REQUIRED to visit Theme Camps, parties, and bars. They are encouraged to “patrol” the dance floors and keep their eyes open for wrist bands. If you would like to volunteer, make a difference, and still experience your Burn, this may be the job for you!

(Partial sobriety required, but Ninjas should mingle with the bartenders, as they are often our first line of defense!)

Is the burn a bit too much for you sometimes?

STATIONARY NINJAS take a peaceful break from the noise and the lights. Stationary Ninjas are limited-mobility friendly, and you are welcome to bring your Little Ones. Star gazing, a quiet break, and even bird spotting are all bonuses for Stationary Ninjas. You are provided a shelter and chairs. We even have a couple of tall towers set up, for those who want to patrol from on high.

Are you good at keeping your cool and managing other people?

SHIFT LEADS are the communication brains of the operation, Shift Leads run our spy operation by radio. They coordinate movement and pass information between our roving and stationary Ninjas, Co-Leads, and Rangers. Moving resources where they are needed, they keep the whole operation running smoothly. Shift Leads with previous experience as Ninjas or in Logistics are preferred. Snacking is highly encouraged. (Snacks provided.)

Volunteers on Burn Night receive bonus hours!

Sign Up with Perimeter Ninjas

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Rangers are the stewards of an event. They are intended to be a helping hand, a voice of reason and a source of information. They are the go-to resource for everyone from the participants to the Board of Directors. “I need a Ranger to …” is often heard.

Rangers are called on for conflict resolution, safety perimeters, and emergencies. Most often they are burners with radios, present all around the event building a sense of community, and helping burners to help themselves and each other.

A Ranger is not a security or police force for the event. Rangers “surf the edge of chaos,” appearing when needed and disappearing when all is well. Their art and gift to the event is providing appropriate, creative help – with style.

Why Ranger?

  • You aid participants at the event anything from helping to problem solve to mediating disputes
  • It is a great opportunity to also engage with people you might not normally get to talk to at an event
  • You act as an ambassador for burner culture and the event
  • You get a cool hat
  • Rangers are not the police but we do help in emergencies
  • Rangers do not ranger alone. You always have a partner to work with and a khaki shift lead

Ranger volunteer minimum requirements

  1. Must be at least 18
  2. Must attended training. See dates below for in-person and virtual training dates
  3. Rangers need to be well rested and clear headed for doing their shift
  4. You will need appropriate clothing for shift. Details in the ranger manual and you can always ask if you have questions

The following dates are planned for trainings:

  • Detroit: (EST): May 7 12p-3p; June 4 12p-3p
  • Chicago (CST): May 11th 7-10PM; June 2nd 7-10 PM
  • Virtual: May 18th time 7PM CST

We will be scheduling additional virtual sessions and if we get enough demand for in person training we will setup additional dates.

If interested in attending or if you have questions, please contact Rangers@lakesoffire.org.

Sign Up with Rangers

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As a robot, volunteering is my existence. When I’m turned on, literally all I do is serve. … Wait, that came out wrong…






Lakes Letter – April 20, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Meet Our 2022 Art Grant Recipients | Key Dates and Forms Update | Gate Hours, Minors, and Covid Safety Info | Timestamps – An Effigy Take-Home Art Project | Car and RV Camping Reminder


Meet Our 2022 Art Grant Recipients

We are thrilled to announce our Art Grant recipients and projects for 2022. These projects represent more than $36,000 in funds to our artists, including projects led by young burners. See the Art Grants page on our website to see the full list!


Key Dates and Forms Update

You know we love paperwork at GLEA. So much so that we have a whole Key Dates and Forms page to track it all! Here are some upcoming dates that might affect you, dear reader:


Gate Hours, Minors, and Covid Safety Info

Suppose you have your ticket and are planning – scheming, let’s say – your exact arrival time at Lucky Lake. First – lucky you. And lucky me, because I get to see you there. Second, there are some things I can tell you right now that you should factor into your plans:

  1. Gate’s Hours. Gate will be prepared to receive on Wednesday, June 15th through Friday, June 17th from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM local time. On Burn Night, being Saturday, June 18th, the hours are 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Nobody gets in on Sunday. Don’t be early and don’t be late.
  2. But wait! What if you need to arrive before Wednesday? Well then, what you need is WAP. That’s right, you need a Work Access Pass. Arriving before Wednesday is strictly for those in possession of WAP. If you don’t have one and you show up on Tuesday, you will not get in. There is no way to apply for one; if you run a Theme Camp or need to arrive early for a volunteer shift, a Lakes of Fire lead should already be talking to you. If they haven’t, go talk to them and ask for WAP in whatever manner you find appropriate.
  3. Minors must be registered with GLEA online. Only if you are bringing a young’un to Lakes of Fire, that is. Lucky for you, the Parents/Adults and Minors form (AKA the Minor Registration Form) is now open. A lot of this information used to be collected right at Gate, but to help save time at entry, we’re now collecting it in advance. If you are bringing kids, don’t wait – tell us before the form closes on June 1st.
  4. COVID Safety. Mask up; if you don’t wear a mask when you’re talking to Gate, then Gate won’t talk to you. Second, in accord with our COVID policy, everyone in your vehicle will need proof of vaccination and/or a recent negative test result (within 72 hours of arrival) provided by a licensed facility. No safety, no entry.

Is all this entry information readily available outside this missive? Why, yes! Check our website here for a feast of instructional content on sailing smoothly through the entry process. Oh, nutritious instructional content!


Timestamps – An Effigy Take-Home Art Project

The Effigy Team is pulling out all the stops this year to get our whole community in on the action, whether you have a ticket home or not. Contribute to the burn with this burnable art project called “Timestamps!”

Fun Video Explanation available here.

For the Life Star effigy, any community members who want to contribute a piece of art to hang from the branches of this cosmic tree are welcome to do so!

  • All pieces must be less than 4 inches in width/length/diameter
  • All pieces must have a hole through the top (we will be hanging these with natural hemp twine)
  • All pieces MUST comply with the prohibited materials list available here
  • Anyone can contribute a timestamp, regardless of ticketing status. If you are not attending LOF this year, feel free to send your piece with a fellow burner to the event. If no one you know is attending LOF this year, and you would like to contribute a piece to the Effigy, please contact us at effigy@lakesoffire.org and we will make arrangements.


Car and RV Parking Reminder

As a reminder – Lakes of Fire is primarily a tent-camping affair. If you are planning on bringing a vehicle out of the parking lot and out around Lucky Lake, you betta have a reason! Usually we don’t allow it. In past years, cars ended up parked in the street, blocking golf carts and pedestrians. Once the party starts it’s basically impossible to find the owner and get them to move it. You dig?

Still, there are good reasons a person can’t tent camp and needs to bring their vehicle. If that person is you, then you have until May 15th to fill in the Medical Necessity, RV, & Infrastructure Vehicle Registration Application Form. Nobody wants to hear “I towed you, sooooo…”

Info_bot logo=LoF===)*(===LoF=

*flips through art grants* VIFOs? Spaceflight simulators?? SPACE HOLES!? Those are illegal in seventeen dimensions! … The boring ones, obviously.





Fire Sale for 2022 Tickets: April 16th and 18th

Ticketing Team here with an update!

We know many of you who didn’t get ticket offers (or the nearly two dozen of you who missed yours and emailed us after the deadline!!) are waiting with bated breath – so here’s the exciting conclusion (maybe) of the 2022 Ticketing Saga (the virus strikes back).

As of this very point, there are a total of 550 tickets that are ready to be sold. To be as fair as possible, we’re holding two separate sale events on drastically different dates and times to allow for folks that have weird work schedules. We will split the current allocation of tickets between these two sales,… so, quick math, 275 per sale.

Our sale dates and times will be:

  • Sale 1: Saturday, April 16th at High Noon (I’ve always wanted to say that), Central Time
  • Sale 2: Monday, April 18th, at 7pm, Central Time


Maybe even put one of those fancy 15 minute warnings on it. Tell your frens. Maybe have a ticket-getting party or something. In the immortal words of Ru Paul, “Don’t… fuck… it up.”

To prepare for the sale, you must:

  • Have a BurnerTickets account. If you don’t have one, register for one here: https://burnertickets.com/wp-login.php?action=register
  • Make sure you know your password. Log in. Test it before the sale. If you don’t remember your password, reset it so you’re ready to go.

At precisely the second the sale opens – no sooner – visit the following page: http://lb1.burnertickets.com

If you click it too soon, you won’t see the ticket queue for Lakes of Fire; that is not a bug.  That just means our fire sale just hasn’t started yet.  Remember, the sales start right on the hour in Central Time.  Take a breath, then click again.

When you open the page and see the ticket queue for Lakes of Fire, you are in – the queue, that is. If you refresh, if your phone goes to sleep, if your browser crashes – whatever – you’ll remain in queue in the same place. Finish up the steps, make your payment, and you’ll be the proud owner of a ticket. Then, make sure you sign up to volunteer for at least eight hours this year so you don’t have to deal with this stress next year!

Last Minute Reminders:

  • Most tickets (volunteer or GA) are transferable this year, so you may have some luck buying one from someone who can’t go. All of those transactions happen on our ticketing specific Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/962806980413945
  • Don’t pay more than face value $150 – and if someone is trying to sell you one for more than face value, please report them to the ticketing team.
  • Scammers exist. If you buy a ticket from someone, transfers can only happen through BurnerTickets. Make sure you receive and confirm the ticket transfer BEFORE sending payment. If a buyer doesn’t pay, it’s easy for us to reverse the transfer. However, if you send $150 via CashApp or PayPal and the seller disappears, there’s nothing we can do.
  • Earlier on this very day, April 11th, we blocked our first scammer who was trying to get a participant to send them $600 worth of tickets (warning bell #1) and “swearing on their life” that they would send the ticket immediately (warning bell #2). If in doubt, email the ticketing team. We love to help. And don’t be out your hard earned money to some POS scammer.
  • If you have a kiddo you’re bringing but forgot to buy them a ticket (we get it, tickets are exciting) – we’ll have that fix rolled out soon. Don’t worry, unless you forget and leave them at home, they’re coming with you.

The Ticketing Team wishes you good luck in the sales – we’d love to see you at the Lake in just a few short weeks!

Lakes Letter – March 29, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Ticketing | CoCC Volunteers Wanted | Volunteer Interest Form | Key Dates and Forms Update | Effigy Podcast | COVID Policy Is Online | Come to Newbie Orientation | A Message from Your ADA Liaison | New Accessible Role with Greeters

There is so much going on that this letter needs a Table of Contents:


Ticketing Update

April 3rd Ticket Offer Deadline

Attention, people with a Lakes of Fire ticket offer on Burnerticktes.com! You have until end of the day, April 3rd, to buy your ticket. Otherwise, it’s legit gone.

If you were expecting a ticket offer and didn’t get it, please fill out this form.

Ticket Sales to Date

With the Ticket Purchase Window closing rapidly, as of 3/28/22, we have sold:

  • 1,351 Tickets sold, of which 73 are children 0-12, and 6 are teens aged 13-17.
  • We have collected $4,833 in Donations for Art
  • 164 out of 230 Directed Theme Camp tickets have been purchased
  • 461 Volunteer Full Priced Tickets have been sold
  • 224 Half Priced Volunteer tickets have been sold

Please purchase your ticket and encourage your friends and neighbors to purchase before the April 3rd almost-midnight deadline. Because we can’t predict sales in the last 10 days, we still do not know if we will release more tickets for Lakes of Fire 2022. Stay tuned for more information in April.

Reminders about Ticket Transfers

Do not pay more than face value of a ticket – that’s $150 on the button, and that number includes all taxes and fees. If someone is asking for anything besides $150, we want to know about it. Send any screenshots to tickets@lakesoffire.org. We take the Principle of Decommodification extremely seriously and we do not tolerate scalping.

If you buy a ticket from someone, transfers can only happen through Burnertickets.com. Printed, emailed, or screenshots or barcodes or whatever are scams. The electronic ticket gets transferred from their account to yours on Burnertickets.com; there’s no other way.

As the buyer, you must receive and confirm the ticket transfer in your account BEFORE sending payment. If a buyer doesn’t pay, it’s easy for the Ticketing Team to reverse the transfer. Seriously. However, if you send $150 via CashApp or Paypal and the seller disappears, there’s nothing we can do.


Code of Conduct Committee Seeking Volunteers

Looking for a way to get involved with Lakes of Fire year-round? The Code of Conduct Committee is currently seeking volunteers. The Conduct Committee’s role is to provide empathetic support, review conduct incidents, document reports, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. We aim to ensure our participants can report issues without fear of retribution or bias and with confidentiality.

If you are interested in being a part of this anonymous, 5-person panel, please indicate your interest via the Code of Conduct Committee application form.

Please see our Code of Conduct to review what our community standards are and for more information on how to submit a report to the committee.


Volunteer Interest Form

The Volunteer Interest Form is live! If you are currently holding a ticket for Lakes of Fire 2022, this form is how you show your interest in volunteering your skills. Satisfy your urge to civic responsibility and give us your information! The Volunteer Dream Team will get you routed to the right department.


Key Dates and Forms Update


Effigy Podcast

Attention earthers… I mean earthlings. We need your help. The transmissions will explain everything. The pod crash is imminent. Not sure how much will survive. Burn it all to ash. We can’t let it phase back and interact with your ecosystem. Let’s save your world… together! 💚👽🌳🚀🎋☄️💜

The saga of the 2022 Lakes of Fire Effigy, The Life Star. Listen on anchor.fm or Spotify podcast has new episodes every Wednesday at 12:00 PM EST ‘til June 15.

Much love from your effigy leads,
💚Zack & Leta💜


COVID Policy Is Online

Read more about the COVID Safety Policy for Lakes of Fire ‘22 on our website. The short version is that you will need to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test from a licensed facility at the gate if you want to get inside. Read the page for the latest updates and details.


Come to Newbie Orientation

Lakes of Fire 2022 is just around the corner! It’s time to chat with the newbies (and remind vets) about what to expect. What is new in 2022, how to get involved and volunteer, and a whole lot more! Join us at 4103 Cadillac Blvd, Detroit, MI 48214-1406 from 11 AM – 2 PM EST. Join the discussion and get more details on the Facebook event.


A Message From Your ADA Liaison

“We are excited to launch our new Mobility Program this year! We plan on having dedicated mobility shuttles, as well as providing a team of handy helpers for personal setup and tear down of camp for those who request mobility assistance. Your reasons for requesting Mobility Assistance are not our business, no doctor’s note or explanation is necessary. The purpose of this program is to make Lakes of Fire more inclusive and remove mobility obstacles for our community. If you’d like mobility assistance, or would like to volunteer as a Handy Helper or Mobility Shuttle Driver, please let us know at lofmobility@gmail.com. If you selected Yes to the mobility assistance program when purchasing your ticket, we will be in touch.

“I was gifted a power scooter last summer and it will allow me the freedom to visit individual camps in a way that I haven’t been able to for several years.

“As a gift to the event, I will be evaluating accessibility of theme camps and providing constructive feedback where needed. I’m sure I will be experiencing obstacles that I’ve never considered as this will be my first time navigating Lakes from a wheelchair, so it will be a learning process for everyone. My goal is for Lakes of Fire to lead the way in accessibility and inclusiveness for all attendees, and increase awareness among camps on how to contribute.

“I’m excited to get up close and personal with so many theme camps this year, so prepare to see me rolling through at some point!”

Kelly Bells
Mobility Liaison


New Accessible Role with Greeters

Hello from your Greeters! We have a new volunteer role for Lakes of Fire ‘22: The Greeter Administrator.

This admin will work hand-in-hand with every Shift Lead, making that particular shift run smoothly. They would be responsible for overseeing volunteer sign-in and sign-out at the start and end of each shift, as well as handing them their swag as a thank-you.

This position was created with our participants that are mobility challenged in mind, so we want to show Radical Inclusion to those that meet this requirement. If this is you, please click here and be the first to sign up for this new position. You can also email the Greeter Leads directly at greeters@lakesoffire.org to show interest in this position.

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Thank the stars, a flowchart! *lights it on fire, spins it ecstatically in circles* THIS is the paperwork that gets me hot!





Lakes Letter – February 20, 2022

LAKES LETTER || COVID-19 Safety Information | Call for Bean Counters | Placement Form Open | Back 40 Fires | Ticketing Reminder


COVID-19 Safety Policy Information

Our policy for COVID-19 is taking shape. We will keep it updated on the COVID-19 Policy page and keep you up-to-date here in the Lakes Letter. Here is our statement from the GLEA Board and Leads regarding our current position:

As we ramp up and prepare for our first event in 2 years, the Leads and Board of Directors are committed to preserving the safety and health of all participants at Lakes of Fire 2022. We will continue to track, discuss, and seek input from local officials. As of February 2022, we have decided to implement a baseline for precautionary measures that will help us all return home this summer. As with everything related to this pandemic, this is not set in stone and we will continue to provide updates and additional details as we get closer to the event. Information about this disease, and how best to manage it, is ever evolving, and as such, so must we.

After consulting with the local health department, our current and general plan will be:

  • Proof of vaccination (at least two weeks after receiving the final dose, and booster required if you are eligible)
  • OR written or electronic documentation of a recent negative test that was administered by a licensed facility

We of course will always encourage everyone to test and practice infection mitigation measures prior to Lakes of Fire. The exact time-frame in which the negative test must be within, as well as what types of testing we will accept, has yet to be determined. This is just the foundation, and it has the possibility of changing and adjusting as time goes on.

We want to assure our community that we will take all reasonable precautions to ensure a safe atmosphere. We strongly recommend that everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated and practice all safety precautions.


Call for Bean Counters!

If you love accounting, have we got a job for you. The GLEA Board and Leads organization are grateful to Weldy for his years of service and are in search of a bean counter to help us keep our finances and accounting organized. If you have an interest in helping Lakes of Fire with this great responsibility, please email the GLEA Board of Directors with your interest. Thank you!


Placement Form Open

Theme Camp organizers – it’s time to register with Placement! That’s right, the Placement Registration Form is open. If you plan to bring a Theme Camp to Lakes of Fire 2022, you will need to register with the Placement department to find out where around Lucky Lake you’ll be free to put down your tents, your geodesic dome, your fire-breathing unicycle repair shop, your unicorn-themed ball pit, etc. Don’t get stuck with too little space – register today! This form will stay open until April 4th, 11:59 PM EST.


Back 40 Fire Update

Just in case you want to be placed in the Back 40, we’ve got good news – you can have your own fire there now! This neighborhood was formerly restricted to one communal fire only, this year we offer participants the use of personal wood burning camp/cook fires, and “quiet” flame effects. The Back 40 will continue to be a place for theme camps and open camping participants with no amplified sound louder than a boom box. Sound good to you? Check out the Back 40 page to learn more.


Ticketing Reminder

Just to recap from January’s Lakes Letter: We will be offering tickets to 2020 ticket holders this year, followed by a general lottery or fire sale afterward. 2020 ticket holders will be able to buy a 2022 ticket starting March 1st and ending April 1st. Watch your email inbox and your BurnerTickets.com accounts, 2020 ticket holders! After April 1st, we will know how many tickets we can still offer within our capacity at Lucky Lake. You may be helped by beholding this, a flowchart by former Boardie and current Ticketing co-lead, Raptor (thanks, Raptor!):

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Thank the stars, a flowchart! *lights it on fire, spins it ecstatically in circles* THIS is the paperwork that gets me hot!





Lakes Letter – January 21, 2022

LAKES LETTER || Lakes of Fire Dates for 2022 | New Board of Directors | Lakes of Fire 2022 Ticketing Update | Art Grants Update | Lakes in Space Effigy Announcement

Lakes of Fire Dates for 2022

We are so thrilled to announce official dates for Lakes of Fire 2022, Lakes in Space! Clear your calendars, request time off, and start your engines: our spaceship will be taking off Wednesday June 15th, 2022 and returning back to Earth on Sunday June 19th, 2022.

Be on the lookout for our COVID-19 policy announcement and information about ticket sales these upcoming weeks. Information regarding 2021’s cancellation and rolled-over tickets can be found here.

Ticket Price and Purchase Dates

The 2022 ticket price, including fees, will be $150.00. Because of the 2020 and 2021 cancellations, 2020 ticket holders were given some options for what to do (once more, here is the 2021 cancellation and rolled-over ticket FAQ). We are honoring 2020 ticket holders by giving them the option to buy a 2022 ticket first. This includes volunteers who bought their 2020 ticket and people who bought their ticket in the 2020 lottery. People awarded tickets through the Directed Theme Camp Ticket program will need to re-apply in 2022 (see “Apply for Theme Camp Tickets Now” below for the link).

2020 ticket holders will be able to buy a 2022 ticket starting March 1st and ending April 1st. After April 1st, we will know how many tickets we can still offer within our capacity at Lucky Lake. The number of available tickets will determine how we distribute the rest (such as a lottery or fire sale) this year. Watch this Lakes Letter as we approach April 1st for more information.

Need Based Tickets and Minor Tickets

Your volunteer Lakes of Fire Ticketing Leads are excited to share big updates to the ticket process in 2022. Our hope is that these changes will continue to foster our inclusive community, as well as simplifying the process for our attendees.

Need-Based Ticketing: We are retiring the Low Income Discount Ticketing program, and replacing it with a Need Based Ticketing Program. If you are a burner with financial need, please apply here, as this new program is now open. This form closes February 20th at 11:59 pm (Central). For more information about the program, read on.

We understand that basing a discounted ticket primarily on reported income level is intrusive for our applicants, and that income alone does not accurately reflect financial need. Therefore, we will no longer be asking for any financial information. Instead, the application for a Need Based Ticket will be self-certification of a “significant financial need”. We have set aside the same pool of dollars to supplement our attendees in need, and that pool will be divided equally amongst all applicants. We strongly encourage those attendees who have a significant financial need to apply, and we strongly discourage those who do not have a significant financial need from applying. We trust our community to be honest in their self-declaration and not to try and take advantage of the system.

We plan to supplement the funds for this program in two ways. First, we will begin accepting direct donations to the Need Based Ticket money pool. Second, we will ask those Volunteers who have earned a half-priced ticket if they would like to donate the difference from their reduced price to those in our community with financial need.

Minor Ticketing: We are streamlining the minor ticketing process to make it easier for parents and young burners alike. No longer will each minor have to have their own Burnertickets account, and parents will no longer have to monitor or deal with their minor’s account(s). Instead, parents who receive a ticket offer will be allowed to claim their minor child’s ticket when they purchase their own. There will be a nominal fee of $10 per child to offset our costs with Burnertickets. With this change, a parent will be able to purchase tickets for their child(ren) when they check out, families will know they are ticketed together, and there will be no more stress about ticketing families together. Lakes of Fire is committed to including our younger burners (and perhaps future Volunteer Leads), and keeping our event an experience for all ages.

Apply for Theme Camp Tickets Now

The Directed Theme Camp Ticket Application Form is open! We reserve 10% of our tickets (230) for Theme Camp Critical Personnel who would not otherwise be able to attend Lakes without a Directed Theme Camp Ticket. We’re looking forward to seeing your awesome theme camp at Lakes in Space 2022! Impress our jury, and make sure those critical folks who make your Theme Camp a reality have a ticket this year. If your theme camp already has tickets, you don’t need to fill out this form. This form closes February 13th at 11:59 PM (Central). Please note: THIS IS NOT THE THEME CAMP PLACEMENT APPLICATION. That form is not yet open – check back in the next Lakes Letter!

Directed Tickets are Back – Join the Jury!

Ticketing Needs YOU to join our Theme Camp Directed Ticket Jury! We’re offering four (4) Volunteer Hours for three community members to rate and rank the Theme Camp Applications for Directed Tickets! You must identify and recuse yourself from judging camps with which you are affiliated. We’re looking for jury members who can commit to reviewing and ranking applications February 20th – 27th. Use this form to apply. This form closes February 13th at 11:59 PM (Central).

Art Grants Update

The Art Grants Team is thrilled to announce that the application process for Lakes of Fire 2022 art grants is open! The application, grant guidelines and other helpful information is located on the Art Grants page here.

For 2022, we continue to use “Lakes in Space” as our event theme. We hope this will inspire you to develop some dramatic and interesting proposals to wow us after being away for the past two years. We have set aside $500 of the art grant funds specifically for our young participants. We want our young burners to showcase their creations, and so we are planning a gallery just for youth art at the Nexus. More details to come.

The Art Grants Application Form closes on February 15th at 11:00 PM EST. Our goal as a team is to communicate out to the community the results of our decision making process no later than the week of March 7, 2022.

As far as how much we can offer in grant funds in 2022, we are still finalizing that. We are coordinating with granted artists from 2020 and reviewing the 2022 budget for additional funds. We will be certain to share the total available funds for 2022 with the community as soon as we can.

2020 Art Grant Recipients! If you were awarded an art grant in our 2020 cycle, please make sure you have communicated with your grants facilitators. Our team has sent emails to everyone to confirm participation but have not heard from everyone about whether or not they plan to bring those pieces to the 2022 event. Any 2020 grantee who has not confirmed their participation in the 2022 event by this Sunday, January 23, 2022 will be assumed that their project is no longer viable and the remaining grant funds will be added to the pot of available 2022 grant funds. Please do not delay in communicating with your art grants facilitator.

So get them wheels a turning, designs a drawing, and applications a submitting! All information can be found at http://lakesoffire.org/departments/art-hub/art-grants/.

Our New Board of Directors

We are excited to introduce our 2022 Board of Directors!

We want to commend the seven people who applied for the positions available on the Board of Directors for 2022. The job requires a lot of time, energy, and care for the community and event as a whole. The amount of courage and love it took to apply for this position deserves it’s own moment of recognition.

We decided to extend offers to four of those who applied. They each have an unique experience and skill set, and they inspired us with their own individual brand of enthusiasm and passion. All four have the tools and temperament to serve as Board members and we can’t wait to see how they will contribute to the long-term sustainability of our organization.

Without further ado, we’d like to welcome the following wonderful beings (human and otherwise) to the Board!

We are proud to welcome Neha Singh, Ben “just ben” Gonzales, Eric “Pirate” Branson, and Robert “Scuba” Lawler.

Please help us welcome and congratulate these rock star volunteers!

So many thanks go out to our outgoing Board members, Ila “Jackpot” Coltas, Laura “Jin” Thompson, Megan Smith-Jovanovic, and Scott “Skennedy” Kennedy.

Thank you for all your time and care as we travel again along this path of transition,

just ben, Love Warrior, moni, Neha, Pirate, Scuba

Board of Directors

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc.

Lakes in Space Effigy Announcement

A garbled transmission comes over your headset. Your music is overpowered with static and a frantic message.

(zzzzzchhhh) had to eject (sssshhhhhh) finally broke through warp bubble (ptthhhhhbbbt) impact projected for (brrrrrrrrnn) must be destroyed with fire (zzz zzz zzz) it’s coming be ready!
The Life Star will crash into Lucky Lake June 15, 2022 – will you be ready?

Volunteer info available soon!

<3 Zack & Leta your effigy leads

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We haven’t flown this contraption in two decades! Or has it been three…? Anyway, time to get out Burning for Dummies and remember the basics.





Lakes Letter – November 23, 2021

LAKES LETTER || Fall Retreat Recap 2021

Fall Retreat Recap 2021

Your Lakes of Fire Leads conducted our annual Fall Retreat and 2022 event cycle kick-off meeting on November 6-7, 2021. Safety and sustainability of the event were primary topics of discussion. We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward with plans to hold LOF at Lucky Lake in June 2022! The exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.

The Leads and Board of Directors have determined that a COVID-19 entry and safety policy will be in place for LOF’22, although the exact contours are still being worked out. Please give us patience while we talk with experts, event planning peers, and the community as a whole. We will keep the community informed as the processes are solidified over the next few months.

While unpredictable factors could call for changes to LOF’22, we are optimistic that we can hold a safe and legal event as more and more people are vaccinated. Please make sure to sign up for our Lakes Letter, as any announcements will be made here. If you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, please consider doing so to protect those you love and the wider community.

If you held a ticket to 2020 and received a refund in 2021, please keep a watchful eye on the email address associated with your Burner Tickets account. Our Ticketing team will be sending out emails to confirm that the address we have on file is correct. Information regarding 2021’s cancellation can be found here.

Please enjoy a snapshot of your event Leads at our Fall Retreat meeting:

We are honored and excited to build an incredible experience with you once again, to live our best lives at the lake, and to tear it right back down again. Our motivation to be safely reunited with you is what is driving everything we do, and we cannot wait to get this rocket ship off to space. Best wishes for the rest of 2021 … according to rumors, it was better next year.

The GLEA Board of Directors and your Lakes of Fire Leads

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Are we finally going home? I have to pinch myself..!





Lakes Letter – July 27, 2021

LAKES LETTER || Recruitment for Board of Directors | BoD BIPOC Open House | BoD Virtual Open House | and more

Recruitment for the Board of Directors

Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors at GLEA? Great! We’re looking to onboard some new people in 2022.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. is seeking highly-dedicated volunteers to join the Board of Directors. Board members are the legal face of Lakes of Fire and are directly responsible for the long term production and sustainability of our event. There are no prerequisites for joining other than a deep commitment to seeing Lakes of Fire continue to thrive.

If you feel you have the experience and desire to serve the organization, event, and attendees through this vital role, check out our Lakes Leadership page for more resources. We will be posting all virtual open house links and application forms there.

BoD BIPOC Open House

On August 1st at 3 pm ET, members of the GLEA Board of Directors will hold a virtual Open House specifically for BIPOC community members. This event is to allow BIPOC burners an opportunity to speak directly to the GLEA Board about the open Board positions.

The Board of Directors would like to hear the experiences and ideas of burners who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color and answer your questions about leadership and what the future of Lakes of Fire could look like.

If you are interested in applying to be on the Board of Directors or have questions or thoughts about leadership in our community, please join us.

This conversation is intended to open up space for those who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color, as their voices often go unheard in majority white spaces. There will be a Board Open House that is open to all on August 17th.

Check out our Lakes Leadership page for the Zoom link and more BoD application resources.

BoD Virtual Open House

On August 17th at 9 pm ET, the GLEA Board of Directors will host a virtual Open House. This event is open to the entire community. During the Open House, the Board will take most of the meeting time to describe the duties of the Board and answer questions from the community.

Check out our Lakes Leadership page for more the Zoom link and more BoD application resources.

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One day at a time, with each other. That’s how we’ll get through this.





2021: Gratitude to the Community

LAKES LETTER || Gratitude to the Community

To our fellow members of the Lakes of Fire Community:

Being a volunteer Lead for GLEA and producing our annual Lakes of Fire event brings us all a profound sense of joy and community.  We grappled with the idea of holding our event during a pandemic, and even with our minds on the principle of Civic Responsibility it broke our hearts to cancel for the second year in a row.  We are committed to holding the safest possible event for all of us, and look forward to making memories with you again in 2022.

We want to thank you for your support with this difficult decision, and we are so profoundly grateful for all the generous donations made to GLEA to support our current and future financial needs. 42% of respondents to the ticket cancellation E-mail donated to our organization—one in five ticket holders overall—raising a total of $25,629.  Not-for-profit organizations of all kinds are struggling or have closed during the pandemic; your kindness and generosity means our expenses for the next year are met and we are in an excellent position to produce Lakes IN SPACE in the summer of 2022.  In what has been a very difficult year for all of us, you’ve given us the joy and community we’ve missed, and a too-unfamiliar feeling of light and hope for the future during a year of mostly darkness and despair.

We thank you for your donations, for your strength, and for our future.

We are proud to be part of this community, and we know that together we will reach the stars.

A hand-written note, one of many, tied to a wooden beam that reads "THIS BECOMES SOCIETY.". Photo credit: Captain Blood


– The Leads of Lakes of Fire

The 2021 Community Broadcast for Lakes of Fire

LAKES LETTER || The 2021 Community Broadcast for Lakes of Fire

To our Burner Family,

As we look to the future, the Great Lakes Experimental Arts Board of Directors want to provide an update on Lakes of Fire 2021. If this does not answer your specific questions, please see our FAQ for more details.

Current Situation

Lakes of Fire takes place in the middle of June each year. As you may recall, the 2020 event was cancelled due to a life-threatening global pandemic. Unfortunately, the pandemic remains a significant safety concern as we enter 2021. We are heartbroken to announce, as a continued expression of Civic Responsibility: Lakes of Fire 2021 is cancelled.

We all deeply crave the experience of gathering round the lake. The void in our hearts has been deafening. There’s nothing more we want than to make good chaos with all of you. However, as we considered whether a 2,200+-person event can safely occur, the Board, with input from leadership, outlined criteria for what would need to be in place to safely hold an in-person event. While vaccine roll-out is underway, it is not clear that we will reach the widespread vaccination levels needed before June. Ultimately, the below criteria cannot be met for Lakes of Fire 2021.

Criteria for a safe future event:

  1. Large outdoor events are legally allowed by local, state, and national authorities. Currently, state reopening guidelines [PDF] identify widespread vaccine distribution and utilization as a requirement before large outdoor events will be permitted.
  2. The organization and leadership are able to meet safety and preparedness standards for a large, outdoor, multi-day event with the state and county health departments.
  3. A critical mass of Lead Volunteers are committed, capable, and fully engaged in running their departments without compromising their health and safety.
  4. The organization can afford the recommended safety measures and other potential costs (such as increased insurance premiums) necessary in order to produce a safe event.
  5. As a whole, the leadership is confident that, as a result of planning, preparation, and conditions, those attending the event are unlikely to spread or catch COVID-19.

We also recognize that holding an event this year would impose an unequal hardship for some of the members within our community. The Board believes that holding an event during a pandemic that continues to disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, and people of color would only serve to create another barrier to participation for those groups. It is our responsibility to create a space in which creativity and expression can bloom, and that cannot happen if we ignore obstacles that exist for only some groups within our burner family.

What about my Ticket?

Because we cannot know what the next year will bring, we are refunding all tickets. Our next event faces many unknown factors, such as possible required reductions in population size, additional insurance requirements, or increases in infrastructure costs related to COVID-19. We are refunding all tickets sold with as close to a complete refund as we can while ensuring we can continue onward as an organization and event. We anticipate refunds for full price tickets to be $106 and half price tickets to be $53. Tickets purchased under the Low Income Discount program will be refunded at about $60, which is the full refund minus unrecoverable processing fees. Please allow a few weeks for instructions to be emailed to ticket holders at the address associated with their BurnerTicket account.

We are providing an option for people to choose to donate their ticket costs to GLEA to help us maintain the event and fund the art that is at the core of our mission as an all-volunteer, non-profit, arts organization. Please do not feel obligated in any way to donate. It’s most important that you take care of yourselves and your families, and we know this money is sorely needed by so many.

How can I get a ticket for the next event?

Ticket Holders by Drawing or Transfer: If we are able to hold our event with our normal population size in 2022, every current ticket holder who received their ticket via drawing or transfer will have the option to purchase a ticket for a 2022 event. If significant changes to the event are needed (e.g., reduction in size for safety reasons), we may be required to hold a new lottery.  This includes all lottery ticket holders who retained their tickets, those who received their tickets via transfer, and low income ticket holders who purchased and kept their lottery ticket.

Volunteers: Volunteers who purchased tickets through our Volunteer Ticket program in 2020 and those who volunteered at least 8 hours in 2020/2021 will get ticket offers for the next event.

Directed Theme Camp Tickets: Because it’s been so long since commitments were made and camps will be re-registering and starting anew (potentially with member turnover) Directed Tickets for Theme Camps will be refunded and a new application process will be held for the next event. We are currently discussing whether we can take 2020 ticket allotments into account when deciding on DTC tickets for the next event. 

Departmental Tickets: Due to the changing needs of the organization every year, these tickets will be refunded and returned to the issuing departments.

Will there be another lottery?

Probably! After the usual organizational needs have been met, any remaining tickets will be put into a randomized drawing and allocated in a similar fashion as previous years.

What about my Art Grant?

The core mission of our organization is to support art. The art grants team is preparing a communication to all granted artists that will go out within the next 24 hours explaining your options. If artists have any questions please reach out to your art grant facilitator or the Art Grant team at artgrants@lakesoffire.org.

Additional Concerns

We anticipate increased expenses due to COVID-19 precautions when we are able to hold our next event. Depending on best practices, we will likely need additional washing stations, portos and porto maintenance, gloves, masks, or other infrastructure we haven’t anticipated. We will also need to follow public gathering size restrictions which may impact event capacity.

Lakes of Fire must continue to carry liability insurance in order to function – we cannot have a successful event without it. Event insurance costs rose steeply (in general) in recent years, and may either grow substantially or be nearly impossible to obtain, depending on the pandemic situation and legal landscape by the time the next event happens. Each of these may impact our total budget, and the organization may respond by increasing ticket prices. We will explore any options to prevent financially impacting future attendees, and will keep the community updated.

Further 2021 Plans

It is really hard to accept that we won’t be able to see each other around Lucky Lake in 2021, but we are dreaming of the day when we can safely get together to make Lakes of Fire magic happen face to face once more. Until then, keep inspiring us from a (social) distance with your creative expression. We hope you continue to find new ways to bring the wonder and joy that is burning into your communities and daily lives, and take care of each other.

We will reach out later in the year to talk about how we can still have a stellar burn experience together.


With love, mourning, and growing hope for the future,

BrewBear, Jackpot, Jin, Love Warrior, Megan, Moni & Skennedy

(in consultation with the Lakes of Fire Department Leads)

Board of Directors

Great Lakes Experimental Arts

Lakes Letter – Oct 18th 2020

LAKES LETTER || Introducing our 2021 Board of Directors | Code of Conduct Committee: Call for Volunteers

Introducing our 2021 Board of Directors

Many thanks need to go out to the 11 people who applied for the two positions available on the Board of Directors for 2021. The job requires a lot of time, energy, and care for the community and the event as a whole. There were many worthy candidates, but we chose two for their insightful perspectives on how to improve the event, their strong skill sets that complement the other 2021 Board members, and their undeniable enthusiasm for the event and for the work it requires.

We are proud to welcome Tony “The Love Warrior” Holmes and Moni “Donut” Pilcher! 

Please help us welcome and congratulate these rock star volunteers. They will be joining us as listeners for the months preceding the official switch out in January.

Our gratitude goes to Jessica “Rabit” Baile and Scottie Van de Vyver, our outgoing Board members, for working their asses off over the last 3 years to take care of the event and everyone involved with it. Your efforts are deeply appreciated, and we will miss your energy. Time to go be a part of the problem!

This event thrives through the willingness of burners to step up and volunteer – if you want to make a difference, please consider becoming a volunteer, asking your Department how you can show leadership, and apply for the Board in a future year!


Code of Conduct Committee: Call for Volunteers

Looking for a way to get involved with Lakes of Fire year-round? The Code of Conduct Committee is currently seeking volunteers.

We take Code of Conduct violations seriously, including having an accessible, safe, and publicly known process for reporting and handling issues.

The Conduct Committee’s role is to provide empathetic support, review conduct incidents, document reports, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. We aim to ensure our participants can report issues without fear of retribution or bias and with confidentiality. Having a focused, anonymous committee to handle these reports creates community involvement, relieves any intimidation or embarrassment for reporters, and allows the organization to continue to provide a safe space for participants.

If you are interested in being a part of this anonymous, 5-person panel, please indicate your interest via the Code of Conduct Committee application form.

Please see our Code of Conduct to review what our community standards are and for more information on how to submit a report to the committee.  Thank you for keeping our burn a safer place for all.

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One day at a time, with each other. That’s how we’ll get through this.





Lakes Letter – Aug 18, 2020

LAKES LETTER || Lakes Leadership 2021 | Recruitment for Board of Directors | BoD BIPOC Open House | BoD Virtual Open House | BLM Action Statement Pending

Lakes Leadership 2021

During the ongoing pandemic and protests against systemic racial inequality, Great Lakes Experimental Arts and our entire community are challenged to look to the future with a new imagination. Our temporary, intentional, and physical community at Lucky Lake simply did not happen in 2020. No one felt the call to step up and fill an empty shift; no one got a taste of helping in a new department; no one got to take the reins as a first-time shift lead. We grieve the joy of coming together for the burn itself, and also more. We grieve a year of unrealized volunteerism against the backdrop of a nation that desperately needs more community, accountability, and mutual aid in every regard.

That’s why our Lakes of Fire leadership wants to connect to our community a little bit differently this year.

Lakes Leadership is a new page on our website. Here we will publish dates and links to virtual meetings to help shape Lakes of Fire in 2021 and beyond. These virtual events exist to describe our event’s structures and processes with more transparency, to recruit volunteers for leadership roles, and to solicit open feedback as we review and reshape our policies. Our goal is for this openness to attract community members into active org positions while also giving transparent insight and voice to everyone our policies affect.

If you are interested in having a voice in our policy or taking a leadership role in 2021, please go to the Lakes Leadership page. If you don’t see the kind of topics or meetings you are interested in, tell us! You can simply use the Lakes Leadership Suggestion Box.

Recruitment for the Board of Directors

Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors at GLEA? Great! We’re looking to onboard 2 new people in 2021.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc. is seeking highly-dedicated volunteers to join the Board of Directors. Board members are the legal face of Lakes of Fire and are directly responsible for the long term production and sustainability of our event. There are no prerequisites for joining other than a deep commitment to seeing Lakes of Fire continue to thrive.

If you feel you have the experience and desire to serve the organization, event, and attendees through this vital role, fill out the interest form before 11:59 pm EST on October 1, 2020 to be considered for the open Board positions.

BoD BIPOC Open House

On August 30th at 3 pm ET, members of the GLEA Board of Directors will hold a virtual Open House specifically for BIPOC community members. This event is to allow BIPOC burners an opportunity to speak directly to the GLEA Board about the open Board positions.

The Board of Directors would like to hear the experiences and ideas of burners who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color and answer your questions about leadership and what the future of Lakes of Fire could look like.

If you are interested in applying to be on the Board of Directors or have questions or thoughts about leadership in our community, please join us.

This conversation is intended to open up space for those who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color, as their voices often go unheard in majority white spaces. There will be a Board Open House that is open to all on September 4th.

You can send in your questions to the GLEA BOD 2021 Question Box.

If you know you’d like to serve on the Board of Directors, the LOF Board Interest form for 2020 is now available!

BoD Virtual Open House

On September 4th (time TBD and will be announced), the GLEA Board of Directors will host a virtual Open House. This event is open to the entire community. During the Open House, the Board will take most of the meeting time to describe the duties of the Board and answer questions that were submitted in advance. You can send in your questions to the GLEA BOD 2021 Question Box.

If you know you’d like to serve on the Board of Directors, the LOF Board Interest form for 2020 is now available!

BLM Action Statement Pending

The GLEA Board of Directors promised the community a written statement on specific policy steps to support BIPOC burners, elevate BIPOC voices, and explicitly address racism and racial inequality when it appears in our community. The statement isn’t ready yet. But work is happening. The BoD BIPOC Open House to recruit for at least one open Board of Directors position is the most specific and direct action the BoD is taking today.

The entire GLEA leadership understands the urgency and importance of taking transparent, specific action. We look forward to sharing more soon and appreciate everyone’s patience.

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One day at a time, with each other. That’s how we’ll get through this.





GLEA Statement: Black Lives Matter

Radical Inclusion symbol

Black burners put in their time, effort, and energy for Lakes of Fire and are an essential part of our community. Black burners, you are a part of our family and your problems are our problems. Black lives matter.

Lakes of Fire strongly condemns police brutality, racism, and fascism. We are outraged and sickened by the deaths of more innocent black people—George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade being only the latest in an endless string—at the hands of people who should be protecting us. This structure is perpetually maintained by the silence of the community; we will not be silent.

We see authorities violating the 1st Amendment rights of protesters and journalists around the country, and recognize the threat to the right of all people to express themselves—radically or otherwise.

Regional Burning Man events in the United States are often predominantly white, and would have a different relationship with police if we were a predominantly black organization. As a community, we must be firm and direct in addressing these crimes, and also must look inward for how racism plays a role in our own structure.

Lakes of Fire’s Board of Directors understands that our event and organization can do better at welcoming black people at the table and making sure their voices are heard. We will also do better at assisting black individuals who want to attend a burn for the first time so that we can better “welcome the stranger.”

To that end, we intend to modify our Code of Conduct to ban symbols of hate at Lakes of Fire. We know this is only the beginning – we will meet with our black burner family to discuss long-term strategies to make a difference in these ways. We will reach out to you by August about these steps. We want you to hold us accountable, and welcome discussion on ways we can improve.

Dismantling white supremacy is an active practice. The Community Ready Corps Alliances & Allies has a set of 5 methods to help people address internalized racism, and we encourage you to check it out.

Please also see these resources for education, organization, and action.

Burner Specific:

General Resources:

Please reach out to us via email at board@lakesoffire.org if you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve as an organization.

We want our black participants to know that while we can’t ask you to expend more energy, we are ready to listen to what you need and how you think we could engage on this issue, both during this current protest and throughout the years to come.


BrewBear, Jackpot, Jin, Megan, Rabit, Scottie & Skennedy

Board of Directors
In consultation with the Lakes of Fire Leads
Great Lakes Experimental Arts

Community Broadcast for Lakes of Fire 2020

LAKES LETTER || Community Broadcast for Lakes of Fire 2020

To our Burner Family,

It is with a heavy, heavy heart that we must announce that Lakes of Fire 2020 is cancelled. This is the most difficult expression of Civic Responsibility we’ve ever attempted.


We are facing unprecedented changes to our daily lives, without a clear end in sight. What has become clear is that we all play a role in preventing the spread of COVID-19, primarily by physically distancing ourselves and using good hygiene. We are all charged with disrupting the rapid increase in COVID-19 spread by avoiding group gatherings and doing our best not to increase the burden on already overwhelmed medical systems.

The impacts of this virus are far-reaching. Burners are using up their vacation hours they normally reserve for Lakes of Fire. Many are losing their jobs and the income they would use to create art and set up theme camps. Immunocompromised burners are making hard decisions to stay isolated to reduce risk of transmission, including members of our leadership. The strains on our resources and leadership are great and impede our ability to safely produce a successful event.

We are the Great Lakes REGIONAL burn, drawing people from many communities, and it is imperative that we act in the best interest of the community and the world at large. We come from nearly every state and many countries to the small town of Rothbury, which has just 500 residents in a rural county. We feel a responsibility to prioritize the community and avoid unnecessary danger.


Making this decision now allows people to plan for the future as best they can. As a small nonprofit organization, this decision also enables us to cut current spending so that Lakes of Fire 2021 and beyond can be on strong financial ground.


Your ticket will be honored for participation in Lakes of Fire 2021. We would like to extend the opportunity for current ticket holders who were the original purchaser of a ticket to obtain a refund, by request, until May 1st, 2020 OR two weeks from the time the refund button becomes available, whichever is later. If you currently have a ticket and you would prefer to transfer it to another participant, you will be able to transfer the ticket until the close of transfers for the 2021 event.


Most original ticket purchasers have three options:

  1. Hold on to your ticket. It will be honored for LOF21.
  2. Transfer the ticket.
  3. Ask for a refund (see below).

You must be the original purchaser of a ticket to receive a refund. A refund will be issued to the same credit card used to purchase the ticket.

Because low income discount tickets are not eligible for transfer, a LID ticket holder must either keep their ticket for LOF21 or request a refund.


Transfer recipients have two options:

  1. Hold on to your ticket. It will be honored for LOF21.
  2. Transfer the ticket.

We will not issue refunds for transferred tickets, because we can only issue a refund to the original credit card, not the current ticket holder. Neither the original ticket purchaser nor the current ticket holder may request a refund for a transferred ticket.


All refunded tickets will be placed into a new lottery pool. If you refund a ticket (including a volunteer ticket), the only way to get a ticket for LOF21 is by registering and participating in the ticket lottery for LOF21, or receiving a transfer ticket. The new 2021 lottery will require re-registration (and group selection if desired). Line positions in the LOF20 lottery will not carry over to the LOF21 lottery.


Once a refund is issued, you will not receive a new volunteer ticket offer for LOF21. You will have to register and participate in the ticket lottery for LOF21. If you refund your current volunteer appreciation ticket, it’s gone.


Please see our 2020 Cancellation Ticket FAQ page for further ticket related details.


Our core mission as an organization is to support art – the first payment is being disbursed to grantees and will stay with the artists, so that they can continue to create their projects. We hope that many, if not most of you, will stay the course, continue to build your fantastic space-y creations, and bring them to Lakes of Fire in 2021.


We are not only an event, we are an arts organization. Each year, we provide a portion of our revenue to a local elementary school to fund art enrichment activities for students. We will continue to provide that financial support for arts education via a portion of the donations we received during ticket sales this year. Funds from 2019 have also been allocated to special artistic community projects, which we are looking forward to unveiling at Lakes of Fire 2021. Thank you to everyone who contributed additional donation funds with their ticket purchase.


Burners Without Borders works with communities to respond to disasters around the world. They have provided these resources for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic:

If you see an unmet need in your community, read more about starting a project with Burners Without Borders.

If you have any extra personal protection equipment (PPE), please consider donating it to your local hospital.

Great Lakes Experimental Arts is donating our available PPE to Lakeshore Hospital in Shelby, near Lucky Lake. Many burner communities are doing the same in their neighborhoods.


Now is a time to make art. We need it now more than ever.
Now is a time to take care of yourself and each other. Your community needs support.
Now is a time to think of how our world might look after this has passed, and how each of us can shape it for the better. Our culture is ready for this. If any group of people can work collaboratively, it’s ours. We’re badasses!
Now is a time to stay connected and burn together… separately.

Once we’ve all had a chance to take a breath, we would love to engage you on how we can stay connected, and keep Burning together in the lead up to Lakes of Fire 2021.

For the answers to more general questions please see our General 2020 Cancellation FAQ. Ticketing-related details from this announcement will be available at COVID-19 Ticket Announcement and FAQ.

Next year was better,

BrewBear, Jackpot, Jin, Megan, Rabit, Scottie, & Skennedy
(in consultation with the Lakes of Fire Department Leads)
Board of Directors
Great Lakes Experimental Arts

Lakes Letter – Mar 15th, 2020

LAKES LETTER || COVID-19 Public Statement | Food Safety at Lakes 2020 | Newbie Orientation | Lakes in Space Effigy Announcement | 2019 Financial Statements and AfterBurn Report

We expect Michigan’s Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, to make statements daily or weekly for the sake of managing the public health.  The dates and plans below reflect GLEA leadership’s discussion and intentions as of March 15th, 2020.  As news continues to develop in days weeks ahead, we will do our level best to send any communications that affect your plans ASAP.  –Team Info_bot

COVID-19 Public Statement

As you might imagine, Lakes of Fire leadership is paying close attention to what is happening in the world and in the Michigan area regarding the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19. We want the community to know that we have been following the rapidly changing developments and take this issue seriously.

As of March 13, Governor Whitmer has issued a ban on gatherings over 250 people in Michigan until April 5. Surrounding states have issued similar bans as well, some for a longer duration.

At this point, we are still planning for Lakes of Fire 2020 to take place. We are working closely with Oceana County Health Department and local officials to stay up to date and will follow local public health guidelines about large gatherings, which may include cancellation.

We will have a much better picture of how COVID-19 has affected the US in a week or so. Should circumstances dictate that the event be canceled, we will communicate that to you as soon as possible and determine the best path forward. Our top concern is the well-being of our community.

We are also considering ways to make sure our event and community will be as safe as possible as we continue to plan for Lakes of Fire 2020. Precautions currently include adding a hand washing station to each Porto bank and having more hand sanitizer available. We encourage participants to consider steps that they can take as they plan their camps and projects in the coming months. We will let you know about any additional steps and changes as they occur.

Art grants are currently proceeding. If Lakes of Fire is canceled, we will not ask artists to refund money already given. The Art Grants team will be reaching out to grantees directly with more information and will be able to answer any additional questions they may have.

Thank you,

BrewBear, Jackpot, Jin, Megan, Rabit, Scottie & Skennedy

Board of Directors

Great Lakes Experimental Arts

Food Safety at Lakes 2020

Is your camp a food camp?  Do you plan on serving or handing out food?  This is the year to take our practices of safe handling and distribution of food to the next level.  Please email Liz of dcbbq at liz@lakesoffire.org . She is beginning a new group for food sharing camps to discuss safe food serving practices and help everyone plan for safety.  Be sure to include the name of your camp in your email.

Newbie Orientation

Like all our plans for 2020, please keep an eye on these events for changes or postponement, as changes can happen overnight.

As of this writing, Chicago Orientation is currently planned for Saturday April 25th starting at 3 PM, held in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood at Celtic Crown Public House, 4301 N Western Ave. Come get educated and acculturated!  Meet fellow newbies as well as seasoned veterans and discover more about Lakes of Fire and the 10 Principles of Burning Man.  If you are on Facebook, you can follow event details and changes here.

Detroit Orientation is currently planned for Wednesday, April 1st from 6 PM – 9 PM, location TBD.  If you are on Facebook, you can follow the event details and changes here.

Lakes in Space Effigy Announcement

lakes of fire 2020 effigy spacecraft department logo

UFO SIGHTING – A large spherical object has been spotted plummeting from earth’s upper atmosphere. The point of origin, metro Detroit, was discovered while tracking its ion trail. Current trajectory puts the point of impact at a campground known as Lucky Lake.

There appears to be a rupture in the spacecraft’s warp core that has caused a tear in the fabric of spacetime. From our scanner we can see signs of life aboard the starship. A full grown tree is appearing through the gap in the fabric of reality. No one knows what will become of the intrepid Life Star craft as it makes its spectacular crash landing but you can bet on a fiery explosion before the end.

Would you like to know more?

2019 Financial Statement and AfterBurn Report

If you’re curious about how Lakes of Fire fared  in 2019, you can check out the official 2019 Financial Statement and AfterBurn Report on our website.

Info_bot logo=LoF===)*(===LoF=

It’s a bit of a scary time for our community. We want everyone who burns with us to thrive for many years to come. If that means canceling or postponing Lakes of Fire 2020, we will do it. For now, we’re all in the same boat, waiting to see how the days and weeks develop. Thank you for being with us through it all.





Lakes Letter – Feb 13th, 2020

LAKES LETTER || Ticketing Update – Don’t Wait! | Art Grants Update | Newbie Orientation | Mobility Squad Update | Code of Conduct Committee FAQ


Ticketing Update – Don’t Wait!

If you received a volunteer ticket offer and plan to go in 2020, don’t wait!  Volunteer ticket offers expire on Feb 22nd.

Lottery registration began Feb 1st and will end on Feb 22nd.  Lottery ticket sales will begin Feb 29th.  Learn about the registration process, registering your minors, and more on our Ticketing Page.

Did you know that Lakes of Fire has a Low-Income Discount (LID) program?  A discounted ticket is $63 (all fees are included).  You will need to meet our LID criteria and have a ticket offer in-hand to qualify.  Check out the Low-Income Discount Page to learn more and apply.  The application for non-volunteer tickets will close Feb 22nd.


Art Grants Update

The Art Grants team met on 2/12 in a marathon 4-hour call for the first review of all 82 grant applications. Emails have gone out to a dozen or so artists with follow up questions that need to be answered soon.  If you submitted an art grant, check the email you provided in your application to see if we sent you a question. Our facilitators are fully diving into applications so sending us your response is time sensitiveReach out to Foxy and Sparkplug if you have any questions.

There is a lot of magical stuff being proposed, making our jobs even harder!  More news to come… STAY TUNED.


Newbie Orientation

Do you want to attend Lakes of Fire for the first time? Is this perhaps your first burn of any kind? Do you have questions about the event or Burning Man culture? Have you been to many burns and have some stories to share? Have no fear! Lakes of Fire Newbie Orientation is here for you.

Orientation will be Saturday April 25th starting at 3 PM, held in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood at Celtic Crown Public House, 4301 N Western Ave. Come get educated and acculturated!  Meet fellow newbies as well as seasoned veterans and discover more about Lakes of Fire and the 10 Principles of Burning Man.


Mobility Squad Update!

Greetings campers!  Kelly Bells here. Big thanks for the awesome response to this initiative. This is what radical inclusion is all about!

EXCITING UPDATE FOR 2020!!  This year, every row of portos will include one that is accessible! This may not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge for those who benefit from the features accessible portos provide. Hooray! Let’s remember to only use the accessible portos as a last resort if you are able-bodied, and leave them especially clean for our campers with disabilities and small children needing parental assistance.

A reminder that anyone with mobility challenges will be able to request assistance with setting up and tearing down your tent this year. Look for the checkbox when purchasing your ticket to indicate you need help. I will be reaching out to everyone after ticket sales have closed to get your arrival details and schedule our volunteers.

Note – Setup help is for individual tents only. Theme camp/infrastructure set up is not included.

We are taking names of ticketed individuals who are interested in volunteering for the Mobility Squad. Volunteer scheduling will begin when ticket sales have closed. These are the volunteer roles we will have available:

  • Shuttle Drivers: 4 hours – First dibs to those with mobility issues. Drive shuttle cart around the lake and give rides to those in need. Check in on campers with disabilities and provide rides where needed. Shuttle times based on demand and number of volunteers. Sobriety required.
  • Setup Helpers: 4 hours – Teams of 2 will assist with tent setup and/or breakdown for campers who have requested help. Scheduling based on demand.
  • Shift Leaders: 4 hours – Shift leads will be responsible for wrangling our volunteers during shift changes and be the point person for anything that comes up during the shift, including directing Setup Helpers to where they are needed and documenting hours for volunteers. Scheduling based on demand.

We can also connect you to other departments with volunteer roles for campers with mobility challenges. Reach out – we are here to help!

-Kelly Bells



Code of Conduct Committee FAQ

This is the first post in a series about the Code of Conduct Committee.  Today we give you an introductory article to answer some frequently asked questions.

What is the Code of Conduct Committee?

The committee is a group of veteran burners who are volunteering in order to help our burn be fun and safer for EVERYONE. They are a third-party team that listens, supports, and investigates interpersonal issues. Burner culture is in many ways ahead of others when it comes to consent, but we can do even better, and the organizers of Lakes of Fire and the Code of Conduct Committee members want the community to know we take conduct concerns seriously.

What does the Code of Conduct Committee do?

The committee listens, supports, documents, and potentially does some additional fact-finding after a report of a consent violation or other violation of our Code of Conduct.  All communications with the Conduct Committee are confidential; the committee accepts reports directly and throughout the year.  Investigations may take time as committee members gather information, document all angles possible, consider patterns, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors, who then make a final determination on how to act.

The Conduct Committee is intended to educate, not punish, and recommend actions in the interest of community safety.  Serious violations may lead to asking people not to return to the event or removing them from event-owned social media groups.

When should I contact the Code of Conduct Committee?

If you are aware of any violation of consent or our Code of Conduct policies, you can contact the committee (see below). Provide all of the information you have, even if it is incomplete. The CoCC handles issues year-round; however, urgent conduct reports submitted between the two weeks preceding Lakes of Fire and the two weeks after will be handled by the Board of Directors.

Who is on the Code of Conduct Committee?

Code of Conduct Committee members are nominated, interviewed, vetted veteran burners with passion, knowledge, and training in consent-related matters. While we try to be as transparent as possible, the identities of our Conduct Committee team are not released. Anonymity protects EVERYONE involved from harassment – those who report and those who investigate. Please be assured that Committee members are not current Lakes of Fire Department Team Leads or Board members (other than the non-voting Board liaison) in order to promote an environment of fair decision-making.

How do I contact the Code of Conduct Committee?

You can reach the committee by emailing us at conduct@lakesoffire.org or you can use the Conduct Report Form to submit a report. To learn more about the committee, you can visit the Code of Conduct page on our website.



Info_bot logo=LoF===)*(===LoF=

A big welcome to Reagan, Lead-In-Training for the Volunteer Dream Team!  Reagan joins our brave LITs at other departments, Squeezie (Gate) and Tripbox (ArtHub).  This family just keeps growing!

Speaking of growing families, I think I see the mothership on the horizon…  Better get more space bags to entertain the out-of-towners.




Lakes Letter – Jan 21st, 2020

LAKES LETTER || Is Your Email Filtering Us!? | Ticketing Updates | Volunteer Ticketing Updates | Theme Camp Forms and Dates | Art Grants Application Closing Soon! | Lakes in Space, Call For Effigy | An Update from your Mobility Liaison


Is Your Email Filtering Us?!

If so, you may not even see this! But just in case: if you think you’ve missed emails from Lakes of Fire, check your Spam, Social, or Promotions folders on your email client.

Pro tip for those looking for an email from Ticketing, especially gmail users: try a search for “tickets@lakesoffire.org” We’re getting a few reports that GMail is auto-sorting Ticketing emails into folders, instead of leaving it in the inbox.


Ticketing Updates

Wristbands - Photo: SkennedyLakes of Fire will take place at Lucky Lake, June 17-21, 2020.  A full-priced ticket to Lakes of Fire this year will cost $126.  If you get a ticket, you will need to electronically agree to our 2020 Terms of Service (which looks suspiciously similar to our waiver).

Did you know that Lakes of Fire has a Low-Income Discount (LID) program?  A discounted ticket is $63 (all fees are included).  You will need to meet our LID criteria and have a ticket offer in-hand to qualify.  Check out the Low-Income Discount Page to learn more and apply.  The application for non-volunteer tickets will close Feb 22nd, 2020.

Much like last year, we will offer tickets through a lottery system on our ticket platform, BurnerTickets.com.  Lottery registration will begin Feb 1st, 2020 and end on Feb 22nd, 2020.  Lottery ticket sales will begin Feb 29th, 2020.  Learn about the registration process, registering your minors, and more on our Ticketing Page.


Volunteer Ticketing Updates

Volunteer ticket offers were sent by email on Jan 18th, 2020.  If you worked 8 or more hours for a Lakes of Fire department last year, you should have received an offer to the email address you used for volunteering.  Check your inbox, your Spam folders, and under the couch. Volunteer ticket offers expire on Feb 22nd, 2020.

If you qualify for our Low-Income Discount program and have a full-price ticket offer, you can get your ticket for $63 instead of $126.  Fill in the Volunteer LID Application no later than Feb. 1st, 2020.  You can still email the LID Team directly if you missed the deadline.

All other questions about your ticket offer should go directly to the 2020 Volunteer Ticket Inquiries form.


Theme Camp Forms and Dates

Circulation Desk in tentTheme Camp Registration Form will open on Feb 17th, 2020. The form will accept Theme Camp Applications for 6 weeks and close Mar 30th, 2020.  Keep an eye on the Key Dates and Forms page for the link.

You can also apply for Directed Theme Camp Ticketing on the Key Dates and Forms page.  You have until Feb 22nd, 2020 to apply for a block of tickets for your camp.  (Learn more about Directed Theme Camp Tickets on our website.)


Art Grant Applications Closing Soon!

The Art Grants Application form is still open and closing soon. You have until Jan 31st, 2020 to apply!


Lakes in Space, Call for Effigy

We’ve received some exciting napkin art and would love to see more! If you didn’t submit a napkin, get us your full submission today!  The window is closing!

Any questions, just hit us up at effigy@lakesoffire.org.


An Update from your Mobility Liaison

Kelly Bells, ADA LiaisonKelly Bells here, your 2020 Lakes of Fire Mobility Liaison. I’m super excited to be spearheading this effort and am very appreciative of everyone who has already reached out and offered to help with this initiative.

Just a heads up that there will be an opportunity for you to voluntarily register as someone with a mobility challenge when you purchase your ticket.

Our goal is to provide assistance with setup and breakdown of your tent for those who request it, and get you connected with volunteer opportunities that will cater to your mobility needs. We will also be using this as a gauge for determining shuttle service.

You can contact me at lofmobility@gmail.com. I do have a full time job in addition to this volunteer role, so be patient when waiting for a response. I will get back to you ASAP.




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Huge thanks to Scuba and MMSS (Ticketing Department) and Ana and Havoc (Volunteer Dream Team) for hustling to get our volunteer offers out for 2020.

Meanwhile, blueprints for the Mothership and orbital space stations are pouring in. I’m thinking about other big questions. What food do you pack on the shuttle ride to space? And do you serve it on Q Plates…?






Special Announcement: Event Dates for 2020

At last!

We’re happy to share dates for Lakes of Fire 2020: Lakes in Space.

Wednesday, June 17 – Sunday, June 21, 2020

The weekend of Father’s Day has been our traditional weekend for the burn and 2020 will be no exception.

Getting Tickets for 2020

Ticketing for Lakes of Fire 2020 will use the same process as 2019 (BurnerTickets.com).  Volunteer ticket sales are expected to begin on January 18 and must be purchased by February 22.  Please see our Volunteer Ticketing page for more information!

Registration for the ticket lottery is expected to begin on February 1, 2020, and to remain open until February 22, 2020 (at 23:59:59 central time).  Details are available on the Ticketing Page.


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Lakes Letter – December 15th, 2019

LAKES LETTER || Call for Effigy, Art Facilitators, and DT Jury | Art Grant Updates | Welcome our Mobility Liaison! | A Message to our Volunteers | Ticketing Process


Call for Effigy Ideas

We need your ideas for the 2020 effigy!  Some of the best ideas come from the roughest 

drafts.  Just look at Pumpkinscape’s humble beginnings!

This isn’t just a call to artists.  It’s an invitation to everyone who wants to join in. The call for early submissions gives us a chance to connect you with other artists, builders, and architects.

Send us your ideas by January 3rd. You don’t have to have a team or all the answers – a sketch will do, even on a napkin.  The full application is due January 20th; you can read about the full build application process here.


Call for Art Grant Facilitators

If you want to volunteer pre-event and support the arts at Lakes, I have great news: the Art Grants team is recruiting facilitators!

Facilitators are a vital part of Lakes of Fire.  They select which art projects will be awarded a grant. They also act as key contacts for artists before and during the event.

Read more and apply now for the team.  We need you as early as January!


Call for Directed Ticket Jury

The Ticketing team is now accepting applications for community juror positions for the Theme Camp Directed Tickets program.

Once DT applications are submitted, jurors from the community and LOF Leads grade theme camp applications to allocate the limited number of directed tickets available for the 2020 event. Read more and apply for the jury.


Art Grant Updates

The 2020 Art Grant Application opens December 23, 2019! Check out the Art Grants page for guidelines, sample applications and more.  You can also get in touch with the team at artgrants@lakesoffire.org.  Get ready!





Welcome our Mobility Liaison!

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative: Mobility! We’re exploring a number of ways to improve our Burn for not-so-mobile folx, including expanded shuttles with later hours, volunteer opportunities for those with mobility issues, increasing awareness, increased access to large port-o-potties, and assistance with set-up and tear down.

Kelly Bells, a longtime Lakes of Fire participant, has volunteered to step up as the new Mobility Liaison. Kelly herself has mobility challenges, and wants to help those with mobility difficulties have a more inclusive, less reclusive experience at the Lake.

Check out the new ADA/Mobility Liaison page or contact Kelly directly at mobility@lakesoffire.org.


A Message to our Volunteers

As an entirely volunteer-led and organized event, Lakes couldn’t happen without everyone who took a shift during the burn.  Thanks to everyone who put in the time in 2019!

All volunteer hours have now been collected and compiled by the Volunteering team.  If you have any questions about your hours, to please contact the Volunteer Dream Team directly at volunteer@lakesoffire.org.


Ticketing Process

We are still finalizing the event dates for 2020.  In the meantime, December is a good time to read up on the Lakes of Fire ticket lottery process.  Since we’re sticking with BurnerTickets.com for 2020, you can expect the Ticketing page to be helpful and accurate.



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Big shout-out to the Effigy and Art teams for pushing to get applications open so early! Can one of our projects be a working space shuttle? Don’t think I’ll ever fly on SpaceX, but there are other ways to touch the stars…





Effigy Proposals: Send Us Your Napkins!

Who makes the Effigy for Lakes of Fire? You do!

You make it by submitting anything from an idea to a full-blown proposal. You make it by getting involved with the planning and leadership of the build team – even if you aren’t totally sure how! The Effigy Council is here to help bring visions from the community to life – visions like yours. Don’t let uncertainty keep you on the sidelines – all you need to start is a sketch, even on a napkin.

Draw your idea and send it to effigy@lakesoffire.org. Extra credit for ideas sent in by January 3rd!

Lakes Letter – Nov 9th, 2019

TOPICS: Fall Leads Retreat Update | Theme Announcement for 2020!

Fall Leads Retreat Update

The Fall Retreat saw some new leaders and new roles:

  • Effigy Council.  Effigy Council has assumed full department status, headed by Mario and Odin who join us as leads.  Welcome to the team!
  • GLEA Board.  Let’s welcome Board members to their 3-year appointments:
    • Jin – She’s returning for a full term!
    • Jackpot – Jackpot will get full boardie status in January 2020.
  • New Leads in Training.  We are thrilled to see new faces stepping up to make Lakes of Fire great with their energy, ideas, and hard work.  Please welcome your new Leads In Training:
    • Alice, LIT for Perimeter Ninjas
    • Squeezie, LIT for Gate
    • Tripbox, LIT for Art Hub

A huge shout-out to our entire Board, and especially Megan, for the hours of thought, planning, and coordination it took to make the retreat a success.  You ran a packed agenda with a full room. It could not have happened without you.


Theme Announcement for 2020!

The Lakes of Fire leads team has waited patiently for this letter to drop.  It’s time we made it official: the Lakes of Fire theme for 2020.

But first… If you haven’t already, join the Lakes Letter to get key dates for the ticket lottery, event times in 2020, and more important updates like these.

And thanks to everyone who sent their ideas in the August call for themes.  The leads deliberated over the community’s submissions in the weeks before the retreat and voted by paper ballot to decide the winner.


We’re going to space!

Several people submitted space themes; Lakes in Space was the title chosen with the principle of Community Effort.

Hope to see you at Lakes of Fire 2020: LAKES IN SPACE!

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Space!?  What about looking backward instead of forward?!?  2020 IS HINDSIGHT! Like anyone ever had fun with a space theme…  *grouch grumble snark*





Lakes Letter – October 6th, 2019

TOPICS: Last Call for Theme Suggestions

Last Call for Theme Suggestions

Thanks for everyone who has used the Theme Suggestion Form for 2020!  For everyone how hasn’t chipped in yet, you have just one more week to get your suggestion in.  Don’t wait – we’ll be closing the form on Saturday, October 13th at 11:59 PM EDT.

This year we’re asking all suggestions to focus on 1 of the 10 Principles, so grab your thinking cap and brush up on your Burning Man big ideas.  Good luck!


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Many exciting developments are already percolating for next year’s burn.  But until then … May your cider be sweet and and your crystal ball clean in this autumnal time between Summer and ‘Ween.  Bats!