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Lakes Letter- April 19th 2024

Lakes Letter- April 19th 2024


A haiku from Ticketing:

beneath coloured stones 

tickets wait for their new homes 

hurry, time bemoans

The volunteer and directed theme camp ticket window has closed and now we wait for 4/20… because that’s the day the lakes of fire 2024 ticket lottery opens! Yep you heard it here tell all your family and friends that there is a reason to celebrate on 4/20 at 4:20PM. You’ll want to check your email and maybe even your Volunteeripate account to see if you won! Ticket offers only last for 2 weeks so make sure you purchase before it expires. Once the first two weeks are up the unsold tickets go back into the lottery, as we get closer to the event the tickets will be released faster until they are sold out.

Another poem from Ticketing:

A treasure chest hidden with glee, In an aquarium for all to see.  Said, “Tickets inside, But they will soon hide, If not claimed, they’ll sink to the sea!”

There will be no “oops ticketing plz help?” after the deadline as the tickets will be gone. The ticketing team is here to help until that deadline, though, so if you need somethin? Reach out! tickets@lakesoffire.org

If you got a ticket and can’t make it anymore, you can always transfer your ticket. Ticket transfers begin on 4/20 at 4:20pm coincidently at the same time the lottery opens up… It’s like one department is making all the date calls here…

For radical transparency, there were:

  • 98 Theme Camp Distributed Offers (34%)
  • 268 Volunteer Hours Offers (21%)


Lakes of Fire Entrance Sign Application Open

ArtHub welcomes your Lakes of Fire Entrance Sign submissions for Lakes of Fire 2024! Please fill out the Welcome Sign Application to be considered for this project. 

We are proudly offering a $500 Honorarium for the creation of an Entrance sign for the 2024 event, “IMAGINARIUM AQUARIUM”! 

Sign must be: 

  • A minimum size of 8′ X 8′
  • Related to the theme for this years event 

Deadline for submissions is May 15th, 2024.

Placement Registration Form Now Open!

The LoF Placement Registration 2024 Form is now live! The form will be available from April 1st through May 1st at 11:59PM CT. If you got directed theme camp tickets you still need to register your camp. The form isn’t only for theme camps. Folks who need placement due to health or disability, or because they have funded art, or they have a honking big RV are all encouraged to use this form.

The Placement form ensures 

  • The placement department is aware of your theme camp 
  • Your theme camp gets placed for this event with consideration of camp needs
  • Allows us to place people based on needs
  • Allows us to account for RVs 
  • Plans for individual artists to be placed by their art if not at a theme camp

 Only you can prevent inconveniences! So plan ahead and fill out the form.

Art Project Registration for Lakes of Fire 2024

If you are bringing art to lakes of fire 2024 that needs special placement consideration please fill out this Art Project Registration Form. This is for any art that will need placement.  If your art project does happen to be on fire please fill out the FAST Flame Effect Registration Form, if it’s not supposed to be please go put it out. 

This helps the organization help you by:

  • Getting your art placed
  • Help with on-site logistics
  • Ensuring you are registered and approved for flame effects (if applicable) 

Deadline for submissions is May 15th, 2024

Volunteer Shift Opening Reminder

All departments will be opening their volunteer shifts based on their own unique need and schedule.  SOME departments will have SOME of their shifts opening on April 20th.  All departments will continue to roll out shift openings through June.  


The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to your favorite departments in Volunteeripate.  Or check out the dashboard to see when shifts are opening.

There are volunteer shifts that are noted with mobility designations. These shifts are designed for our participants that may have mobility issues. If you are not mobility challenged, please consider other volunteer opportunities and leave these mobility designated shifts accessible to those in our community that need them.
Mobility designated shifts are available in most departments and are not to be confused with the Mobility Shuttle volunteer shifts.

Your 2024 LOF Logo has gone to the Fishes!

We, the Swag Meisters, are ablaze with excitement to unveil the official 2024 event logo, designed by the visionary Matt Arnold! Get ready to rock this year’s theme with style!  

For more info on the logo check out our style guide



The time is drawing near, and you should be well underway making all the things at this point, be that plans, art, or just a way to avoid all the mayo-related nonsense. I, for one, am firmly working on that last one. 

Make sure to log into volunteer.lakesoffire.org, check for your ticket offer, and grab it before it expires!