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Lakes Letter- March 16th 2024

Lakes Letter- March 16th 2024

It's Finally Time!

Last month, we announced ticketing dates. This month, we want to ensure that you know how to do the thing! First, if you don’t have any volunteer shifts or have never been to Lakes you need to register for the 2024 event in Volunteeripate:

  1. Login into or create a volunteeripate account
  2. Select lakes of fire 2024 event
  3. Click register button

The current ticketing timeline:

  • Volunteer tickets are currently on sale until 11:59 ET on April 15, 2024 
  • General Lottery tickets go on sale April 20, 2024, and will be distributed in waves until all tickets have been claimed. You will only have a maximum of two weeks from the date of the email to purchase, so plan ahead.  The ticket price plus fees this year is $187.52 
  • Need-based ticket applications and directed theme camp applications have now closed
    • If you applied for a needs based ticket price reduction, these have been approved and you can view if you were approved under the permits/applications section in volunteeripate. The discount will automatically apply when you purchase your ticket. 
    • Directed theme camp ticketing decisions are still being made and hope to be finalized no later than March 25, 2024, with emails going out to those awarded. 

If you love art and want to see bigger art at Lakes of Fire, fear no more! There is still a donate button at the point of sale where you can choose to donate more money to the cause.

Lakes of Fire, our completely volunteer-run 501(c)(3) event, operates on a tight budget to keep it as accessible as possible — this year, holding ticket prices steady at 2023 levels despite facing rising inflation and costs. In facing these challenges, we ask for your support in our general budget so that we can continue to foster art, provide needs-based tickets, support local school art programs, and ensure smooth event operations. Your potentially tax-deductible donation*, no matter the size, is a crucial contribution to sustaining the spirit and community of Lakes of Fire. Thank you for considering a gift to help keep our unique flame burning.

Last Call for 2025 Theme Votes

You have until March 31, 2024 at 11:59 CST to get your votes on this form.   The top 10 themes will then go off to the leads for a final decision to be announced after this year’s event.

A Poem from the Effigy Department

This year, take the Ring of Fire to the Span of the Imagination!
It connects you in all sorts of ways
It was added to the aquarium to attract creatures
To the matter and the glow
Above the water and below.
Amidst the fire
And the flow
It’s a good way to get up, over, and down. And all the ways it isn’t these things will burn on Saturday

Volunteer shifts are now open!

Now that you all are good and excited for the event let’s talk about volunteering!

You can now subscribe to find out when your favorite department opens up their volunteer shifts in  Volunteeripate. 

  1. Log into Volunteeripate 
    1. Click on your account
  2. Click on the subscriptions button on the far right side of the screen3. Select the departments you would like to volunteer with at Lakes. You will receive an email when shifts open with those departments. 

Volunteer shifts will open at the leads’ discretion and be staggered through the ticketing cycle, so shifts will be available no matter when you get your ticket! The event dashboard also shows when departments are opening shifts. It will let you know what department has shifts opening soon and how many.

We hope these solutions help keep you informed so you don’t miss volunteering with your favorite department or getting a shift that works best for you. 

More ways to get involved

If you really really like volunteering or are just possibly looking to expand your skills then check out our website for different ways to get involved. We have three different pages all geared towards opportunities in the organization. A new feature on our website allows you to see all current openings that we have available. 

Don’t see a spot in your favorite department? 

Try clicking on the Get Involved tab to see a general interest form. Put your information down, and we will contact you when a spot becomes available! https://lakesoffire.org/the-event/get-involved/

Know before you go Section of the website

The countdown is 114 days until lakes, which gives you just enough time to explore the Know Before You Go pages on our website! This section has resources like the Survival Guide, Code of Conduct, and Ten Principles, all of which are really good to know… before you go.  

Mobility application

Everyone needs a little help sometimes and the mobility team is there to lend a hand.  However, it helps them to help you if they know before you go. 

What can the mobility team help you with? Here are just a few things you can get assistance with:

  • Put you on our shuttle radar
  • Give you a flag to notify shuttles that you’d like a ride

The Handjob Crew will:

  • Help set up your personal camping gear
  • Help you tear it down

 We ask that burners self-identify; no medical proof is asked for. If you need help, you know yourself better than we do. Fill out the mobility application, which is now live in Volunteeripate.    


Things are really starting to steadily heat up around here.. Unlike Michigan’s weather. Don’t forget to check the lakes letters while you’re busy replenishing that vitamin D. Make sure to log into volunteer.lakesoffire.org, and grab your ticket offer before it expires!