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Dates: So Close, Yet So Far | Art Grant Applications Due TODAY! | Effigy Applications Due January 22nd | Call for Finance Team Members


Maybe you’ve been looking forward to your first Lakes of Fire in 2023; maybe you’re a veteran who is used to taking off Father’s Day to come home to Lucky Lake. No matter where you’re coming from, you want to know when you will be back in Rothbury.

We are in the ides of January. This is an unusual delay for us at GLEA. And as a result we hope this announcement, if unusual, will help: We have almost-dates.

Out of respect for all the artists, theme camps, participants, sparkle-ponies, and other ne’er-do-wells we can’t wait to see again – you know, you – we’re deciding to share what we have with you about our event dates as transparently as we can.

As of today, GLEA is preparing to have Lakes of Fire: Garden of Wonder from July 12 to July 16.

And: Our agreement is still being finalized, so this is not the official date announcement.

Sharing this won’t help everybody, but it will help at least somebody in the community. It’s up to you to decide if you want to plan around those dates now for your own reasons or wait for the official word. Either way, we are not selling any tickets until the agreement is final.

We look forward to sharing that news with you very much.


Good morning beautiful people. Foxy here from Art Grants. TODAY is the day. Your last chance to submit your art grant application to our team for consideration for the 2023 event. There is no closing time since I am going to honor pretty much any US timezone. Get them in our email before I take my coffee tomorrow morning and you are good to go. At that point, I am going to sit down and close the public form.

So, don’t stress on midnight CST, EST, MST…whatever. It needs to be in our inbox by the morning. Don’t delay because our team starts working right away. Email your submission to artgrants@lakesoffire.org.

The Art Grant webpage with the application, list of do’s and don’ts and sample applications is at this linkIf you have sent us an application, make sure I responded to your email. If I did NOT, follow up with me. If I did not respond, a file has NOT been created and will not be considered. Email us with any questions.


The moment of truth approacheth. What effigy will burn at the center of this year’s Garden of Wonder?

To build an Effigy is truly a singular experience, and our goal is to put that power in the hands of new artists each year. Take it from Leta, who helped keep the dream of the 2022 Life Star Effigy alive: “This could be the idea that changes your life.” (Do you want to build your effigy with the help of those who waited out a pandemic and still built theirs? I know I would.)

Check out our Effigy Build Info and Application page – this is where we’ll publish the full application form and some pointers for filling it out. You have two more days – the application period closes at midnight on January 22nd. Whatever you’re growing for the garden, we can help it bloom, but only if you apply.

Contact effigy@lakesoffire.org if you have any questions about the process.


Are you good at (ac)counting? Do you know someone who enjoys crunching numbers in Excel? Do you have the skills to juggle money, artists, and timelines? Then we want you!

We have an opening in our organization for Financial Reporting. If you know someone, or you yourself are interested, please reach out, or have them reach out to us at board@lakesoffire.org. We are a volunteer run organization, and our success truly depends on the participation of you, our wonderful community members.

Qualifications: Knowledge of basic accounting procedures. Proficiency with Quickbooks, Excel, and Google Docs. Good communication skills. Availability for at least one LOF production cycle (1 year). You will be a member of a financial team who are responsible for preparing draft and final versions of our annual budget, and you will work with a variety of artists, Burners, and vendors – so having good soft skills will set you apart.

Please tell us about yourself. Feel free to forward any documents that may help us learn more about you, and any experience you have that may be beneficial to our organization. A resume is not mandatory but you are welcome to send one if you like.

Can’t wait to burn with you!

Board of Directors

Great Lakes Experimental Arts, Inc.


Ah yes, the depths of January, when the garden is asleep. When the Burn is a but a twinkle in the eye of a woodland nymph, and – oh, wait, no, here are some budding deadlines. Yep. Like crocuses. They’re all over the place. Wowsers, it’s time to get busy. No rest for the wicked!