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The 2023 Post-Event Survey || 2023 Lost and Found || 2023 Volunteer Hours || Board Statement: Recordings at Lakes of Fire 2023


Wow, what an incredible burn! If you are like me, coming back to the default world and decomp has been a bit of a struggle. And so it is, with mixed feelings, that it is time for us at GLEA (or at least us at Team Info_Bot) to get back on our grind and do our part to complete the cycle. Let us know how your Burn went by filling out the Lakes of Fire Post-Event Survey.


Did you come home a little lighter this year? Misplace your favorite cup or sunglasses? Welding torch? Coveralls? We recommend two ways for you to find them: The GLEA Lost and Found, and our community Lost and Found Facebook group.

GLEA’s own Lost and Found is ready to help. We would love to reunite you with your things for the low, low cost of shipping. We’ll hang onto everybody’s stuff until November 1st – after that, you can assume they will be donated. Look for your lost things in the pictures we took of all your stuff. If you see it, email info@lakesoffire.com to arrange your rendezvous. Trust me, we don’t want it.

Theme camps and community members take unexpected items home, too. Whether you’re holding onto a mysterious jar of mayonnaise or you’re looking for it, go on down to our Lakes of Fire Lost and Found Facebook group and be loud. Extra points (points!) if you include pictures of the item in question.


Participation in 2023 was stunning. Y’all rocked my stripey socks with the volunteer hours you put in. It is truly amazing and we can not do this event without all of you showing up and helping. Thank you!

Not everyone is seeing their 2023 hours in Volunteeripate yet. The new system was an overall success, however many departments are still verifying hours and doing manual double-checks. We’re asking everyone to be patient and give us until the end of September. By then our ducks will be lined up neatly and your volunteer.lakesoffire.org dashboard will show your hours.

… If everything goes according to plan, that is. If by the beginning of October you log in and don’t see your hours, please email your department (or info@lakesoffire.org) and we’ll help you investigate.


The Board of Directors at Great Lakes Experimental Arts was alerted to two different recordings that violated our Code of Conduct. If you would like to stay in the loop on any updates to these topics, please reach out to info@lakesoffire.org.

First, during the event a video was posted to TikTok. It was a recording from a vehicle dashboard camera. The video was removed during or shortly after the Burn. We know the identity of the poster; it was an employee of a vendor, not a participant. We are in communication with the vendor and will be prepared to update the community if there is any change or resolution to our complaint with them. We have been clear with the company and the individual about our options for legal action and we are exploring them. Our vendors provide important services to the event but we need them to respect our terms. In the future we are looking at ways to maintain clear expectations of them and their employees, including the possibility of holding personal phones or searching vendor vehicles with Nosey Neighbors.

Second, at least one drone was seen over Lucky Lake on Saturday. From what our volunteers could tell, none of the drones were launched from inside the event. We are already planning ways to strengthen our protocols to respond to drones, including a no-fly geofencing perimeter and legally available countermeasures.

We take the care and trust our community puts in us very seriously. Any community volunteers experienced with drone operations and radio technology are invited to reach out to info@lakesoffire.org as we fully explore our options for Lakes of Fire 2024.


It’s hard to describe. It was just the best mayo I ever had, and I NEED it back. Lost and Found, can you help?