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Lakes Letter- May 15th, 2024

Lakes Letter- May 15th, 2024

GLEA Updates

Our board has been hard at work and have a few pieces of info they would like to share with you. 

GLEA History

2023 Garden of Wonder- After Burn Report

2024 Financial Report

If you have any questions about any of the information contained in these links please reach out to board@lakesoffire.org

Art Grants Update

Art Grants have been selected! 

ArtHub has dolled out $33,093.00! If you want to see what projects got what check out our 2024 Art Grant Recipients Page

Our hardworking ArtHub team has also provided some stats as to the locations of the applications and the grants! 

Mobility Updates

We are committed to supporting participants who have mobility issues at Lakes of Fire. Our goal is to make the event more accessible and provide a better experience for everyone. For more information about mobility check out our ADA & Mobility page on our website.

If you have a ticket and mobility challenges, we encourage you to self-identify and contact us via the Mobility & Handjob Assistance application

Our teams have marked volunteer shifts that are more accessible, and we invite you to join us if you want to help your community members.

If you want to help your fellow community members, we invite you to volunteer with us.  

We have a temple!

The Temple of Rain is a celebration of the beautiful and complex diversity that is emotional expression through tears. It invites people to reflect on, contemplate and release their most vulnerable selves in a place that is safe and without shame. 

Tears can be freeing, tears can cleanse and release. Tears can bring softness and healing. Tears can connect us on a most intimate level. As Charles Dickens once wrote:  “Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth overlying our hard hearts” 

Let it rain.

Please remember that all offerings left at the Temple need to be burnable objects. All objects that are made from non-burnable material (metal, plastic etc) will be removed from the Temple prior to burning on Sunday morning at 8am. If you have any questions, please email temple@lakesoffire.org

Ranger Training

Are you looking to volunteer with Rangers this year?  Make sure you check out the Ranger page for all of the upcoming dates for training.  

Even returning rangers need to attend a training session. So make sure to check out the dates and find one that works best for your schedule.  

Any questions please reach out to rangers@lakesoffire.org

GLEA Inc Finance Team

Are you someone who is highly organized and has a talent for keeping track of things? Do you also have a background in finance and would you like to contribute your skills to Lakes of Fire? 

If so, you may be interested in joining GLEA Inc.’s Finance Team! They currently have two open positions: The Keeper and Internal Auditor. Click on the job titles to find out more about each position and see if one of these roles is a good fit for you.

ESD On Site Jobs

Hey Lakes Medical Community!

Our Emergency Services Department (ESD) team is currently seeking volunteers to fill some important positions. If you’re interested in helping out, we’d love to have you! Here are the positions we need help with:

*NIMS IS-100 certification is required for all ESD volunteers

  1. Crisis Intervention Team
  2. Fire
  3. Medical
  4. Scribe
  5. Shift Lead

If you’d like to learn more about these positions check out our ESD Job Description page! If you are interested in signing up for any of these shifts please submit your certifications to mail to esd@lakesoffire.org and sign up for the shift you want in Volunteeripate as they open 

We’d be happy to have you on board! Thank you so much for considering volunteering with us and for your dedication to our community.

Safety Weekend

Safety weekend will take place June 1st & 2nd at Luck Lakes campground. We offer a range of classes that help our volunteers volunteer. We have classes for ESD, Rangers, FAST with more classes being added.  

Ticket admission is $25 per person. Meals are included if you have dietary preferences please pack food accordingly.

There are a limited number of tickets and are offered on a first come first serve basis. Please fill out the form to request a ticket offer.  If you have any questions please email esd@lakesoffire.org. 


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The info is coming in hot and fast from this point forward but if you have specific questions the best way to get answers is to email the department in charge.  You can find a list of department emails on the department leads page.